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  1. Come on guys, don't tell me nobody works in VS with DirectX... Maybe you work in VS 2003... I had the same problem in VS 2003 with DX SDK Oct 2005. If you know solution for that, please tell me...
  2. Hi all, I have a little troubles setting up my VS 2005. I installed DirectX SDK April 2006 and every time I search for something by pressing F1, it brings up DirectX Managed help. Is there a way to set it to use non-managed DirectX help files instead? Thanks in advance.
  3. ondy1985

    creating a simple game engine

    Quote:Original post by Fenryl ok, but what do you mean by "write a simple game" ? that i have to use an existing game engine (like Gamepy in python) ? oh, and why can't you just tell me what a game engine is? thx for your reply(s) -fenryl http://www.google.com/search?q=what+is+game+engine EDIT: Quote:Original post by www.google.com In computing, a game engine is the core software component of a video game. It typically handles rendering and other necessary technology, but might also handle additional tasks such as game AI, collision detection between game objects, etc. The most common element that a game engine provides is graphics rendering facilities (2D or 3D).
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