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  1. Thanks, can you paste your Cube ShadowMap shader code here or post to martin.spamhole[at] ?
  2. Quote:Original post by Schrompf You can also simply offset your sampling vector by a a set of constant vectors. In every direction at least one of these offsets is useless as it's mostly parallel to the base vector, thus making no difference in brightness. But overall it works good enough and it doesn't cost as much pixelshader performance as other, more "correct" methods. Works fine here with 4 or 8 samples. That's the way I make it. I do 6 more samples to "every direction", but shadow edges are still blocky, see picture. How to make cubemap filtering similar to these in ShadowMap sample in DX SDK?
  3. How to do it ... or is another method how to filter cube shadowmaps?
  4. JoystickX

    Fastest sort for particles...

    anyway look here
  5. JoystickX

    to keyframed animation

  6. hello, how to properly convert ID3DXAnimationSet object to ID3DXKeyframedAnimationSet ?
  7. If I use QueryInterface than program crashes on calling UnregisterAnimation() with animation index higher than 0 if (SUCCEEDED (pAnimController->GetAnimationSetByName (szAnimSetName, &pAnimSet))) { if (SUCCEEDED(pAnimSet->QueryInterface (IID_ID3DXKeyframedAnimationSet, (LPVOID*)&pKeyFramedAnimSet))) { UINT dwNumAnimations = pKeyFramedAnimSet->GetNumAnimations (); for (UINT i=0; i<dwNumAnimations; i++) HRESULT hr = pKeyFramedAnimSet->UnregisterAnimation (i); } pAnimSet->Release (); }
  8. it possible? [Edited by - JoystickX on June 2, 2007 12:35:12 PM]
  9. We use X models and ID3DXAnimationController interface to control animations. How to use one animation to animate bone(s) X and another animation to animate bone(s) Y at same time? Problem is that animation A affects bones from animation B. Although A by itself not move with B-bones, when A and B play together bones moves are jerky. Thanks for answers
  10. JoystickX

    Skybox using a cubemap

    Use shaders... //////////////////////////////// struct VS_INPUT { float4 Position : POSITION0; }; struct VS_OUTPUT { float4 Position : POSITION0; float3 Tex3 : TEXCOORD0; }; //////////////////////////////// VS_OUTPUT vs_main (VS_INPUT IN) { VS_OUTPUT OUT; OUT.Position = mul (IN.Position, mul (matWorld, matViewProjection)); OUT.Tex3 = IN.Position; return OUT; } float4 ps_main (VS_OUTPUT IN) : COLOR0 { return texCUBE (skyCubeTexture, IN.Tex3); }
  11. Is it possible to deliver textures field from application to HLSL shader? Something like texture2D Textures[4];
  12. JoystickX

    Exporting multiple animations

    At the Animation Tab use buttons to slice one long 3DSMax animation onto multiple small x-animations.
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