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  1. Reddit Addiction (A story)

    I'm not addicted to Reddit, but I do seem to have a problem regarding forums.  Instead of actually doing something with my life, I keep visiting the same old gaming forums repeatedly.  Hrmmmmm....
  2. Very nice of you to give away free copies, cheers! 
  3. XNA 4.0 Tutorial: Mario Clone

    I will check out those YouTube videos later.   And what's about MonoXNA and ANX? (It's not an ironic question: I'm working on a XNA Game and I will move to one of them in the future.)   I think they're all pretty similar in nature.  I would recommend Monogame.  It seems to be the most complete and has a stable release out.  It also supports the most platforms if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Sony and the PS4, I'm Impressed. Your Thoughts?

    I was very impressed.  I just may pick one up.  They did say they would be indie friendly as well.
  5. Serious Procrastination Problems!

    I put the pro in procrastination.  Most of mine seems to come from me being unmotivated.  You need to find out how to motivate yourself.
  6. Losing all items when your character die.

    Corpse runs were never fun.  But I guess it can add to the overall experience. 
  7. Who uses linux?

    I have to agree that installing Windows is not something for beginners though. Recently I installed Windows 7 three times on two different machines. So that is twice on one PC on the same day, as after installing some weird error came up that even the helpdesk didn't know how to fix, so the advice was to just wipe the harddrive and install again. On the second machine installing went fine, until installing some additional software (ironically with Microsofts own installer) failed because it had no access to write to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu. Right, Windows installer not having permission to add icons to the start menu, after a fresh install. Luckily there was a solution, involving either changing advanced user account control properties of a hidden folder (good luck for beginners) or entering a number of obscure command line commands (good luck for beginners). Installing Windows 8 luckily goes a lot faster, and except for the blue screen of death that showed every time you booted it up it worked perfectly. So in the end, out of four clean Windows installations, just one went correctly. And still some people claim Windows is easy....   I've installed Windows Vista, 7 and 8 multiple times over the past year on computers and VMs.  Not one problem aside from getting the correct ethernet driver from a vendor's site.
  8. What helps you be productive? (with everything)

    Damn I wish I knew how to be productive. Putting the pro in procrastinate for 10+ years now...
  9. CLOSED:Sprite Generator I made

    OK, works with Opera! DOES NOT work with latest version of FIREFOX (for me anyway), that is all... EDIT: and the download link seems to not be working at the moment, file not found (bandwidth?).
  10. CLOSED:Sprite Generator I made Saved\M_00_00_00_00_00_00_00.png (The system cannot find the path specified) at Method) at<init>(Unknown Source) at<init>(Unknown Source) at com.sun.imageio.spi.FileImageOutputStreamSpi.createOutputStreamInstance(Unknown Source) at javax.imageio.ImageIO.createImageOutputStream(Unknown Source) at javax.imageio.ImageIO.write(Unknown Source) at at SprCre.SaveBitmap( at SprCre.CheckTheMouse( at at Source) Exception in thread "Thread-12" java.lang.NullPointerException at javax.imageio.ImageIO.write(Unknown Source) at at SprCre.SaveBitmap( at SprCre.CheckTheMouse( at at Source)
  11. CLOSED:Sprite Generator I made

    Just downloaded the latest version of Firefox and having the same problem. I'll need to play around with some permissions or something maybe.
  12. CLOSED:Sprite Generator I made

    Sounds good, thanks for the info!
  13. CLOSED:Sprite Generator I made

    [quote name='Kamaloo' timestamp='1312555034' post='4845028'] i gets hanged when i try to save [/quote] Same, tried on Chrome and Internet Explorer. Otherwise, very nice utility. Iron out the bug and it shall be put to good use!
  14. and Internet Speed

    I pay for 30/10 and all I get is 28/9. /sadface =p
  15. Controversial Issues in the Programming/Game World

    Editorial: Is Resident Evil 5 Racist?[From IGN]