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  1. jamesw

    Spore Impressions

    Great read!
  2. jamesw

    Working With Unicode in the Windows API

    I wish I had read this article when I was new to windows programming, it would have saved me a lot of hair pulling. Thanks MJP!
  3. Any chance you could post the results too? (now that you've gotten me interested =)
  4. jamesw

    AMD RV670 GPU's. Surprised?

    I'd have to go with an Nvidia card even if it is less value than an ATI card just for the developer tools. Not having PerfHUD would be like having my right arm in a sling and trying to program.
  5. jamesw

    Yay to getting up at 7am on a Sunday

    Holy crap dude, you bet I'll buy the book.
  6. jamesw

    Going away for a while

    Are you going to be in a vegetative state for 6 weeks?!? If so I might just have to pull the plug. Congratulations on your job, where is it located that you are moving to?
  7. jamesw

    It's coming.. !

    Focus! Focus!
  8. I think it would also be a good idea to have a section on manually generating textures, like how to use dynamic textures but mainly how to lock a texture and fill it with system memory. That can be tricky because of the pitch variable that is not explained at all in the docs. Another suggestion that I see you partly already doing is to organize things under headings so that people can find what they're looking for quickly. Most people will just look for a specific topic and not read through the whole thing. For this topic I think the headings should be: D3D #23: Texture creating/loading enumeration and checking Introduction Creating Limitations Usage D3DX support
  9. Very good article, keep it up. You might want to specify what you mean by 'modern hardware'. If someone reads this in 2 years when D3D10 hardware is modern, they might get confused.
  10. jamesw

    I wanna make a terrain engine

    Quote:One thing I did notice is that the classic reflect/refract effect on the water is not obvious if at all visible. Yet EVERY terrain renderer these days seems to favour the liquid-glass like effect.... Yeah, I'm definately guilty of that. I know I should blur the reflection too, I'm just not willing to use the extra fill rate. The Typhoon tech demo is the first I've seen to blur the reflection.
  11. jamesw

    Transition phase

    Those are really breathtaking. Keep it up!
  12. jamesw

    Initial results...

    Why can't you use queries? I have a 6800 GT with retail drivers (84.21) and I use the VERTEXSTATS (only works in d3d debug) and OCCLUSION queries. I haven't tried any of the other ones though, are those what you don't have support for?
  13. jamesw

    It's amazing what a GPU can do in 63ms

    Those charts are really useful in understanding the flow of the scene. At first I thought the one without pictures was showing too many intermediate steps but once I saw the one with pictures I saw the incredible value of seeing those intermediate results. Did you make the charts in visio? They're very professional. Maybe you could show a rendering of the pots or something to catch people's attention, put that as the image of the day and then link to the good stuff. By the way are you going to release this app? Will it be part of a future DX SDK? Quote:Don't care how lame the technology is by comparison to todays stuff - the storyline/gameplay is solid 24ct gold. Haha, that's what keeps me playing starcraft 8 years after it came out.
  14. jamesw

    Busy busy busy

    1901 eh? Maybe I should rate you down and bring you out of the clouds. jk!!! If you rated me down i would be below 1000 =)
  15. jamesw

    Busy busy busy

    Oh okay, I wasn't counting rendering the actual plane as its own pass since its only rendered once and its not the whole scene. In DX9 you can combine the refraction and main passes with only minor artifacts by using Tiago Sousa's technique in GPU gems 2. That's pretty awesome that a geometry shader will allow you to combine the main and reflection passes. Then the D3D10 version will only use one scene pass by my way of counting.
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