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  1. What makes an RTS great?

    Hi. I guess I'm late to join the conversation. But as a lover of RTS games, and being involved in creating a small RTS game a few years ago, I must write my two cents about the subject.   Any progresses in your reasearch Dan? I would like to know if you already got some direction on wich features to include or major game mecanics.   I think that for a RTS game be great we should split the campaign mode and those skirmich battles. Will be focusing in the latter the most.   First I must mention that the ideas that I will drop would work better in a slower paced game. In fact, I don't like to rush, I'm a turtle player :).   <> What do you think about limited ammo? This would require carefull planning of attacks, and would also require a supply chain, wich in turn would be a nice thing to exploit. If the enemy can't supply additional ammo in the battlefield, he is done... Would it be too annoying?   <> I think I would like to "see" a true planning mode. I would like to create a group of paths assigned to several squads, with the hability to sincronize arrival in time, the formation of the squad, add also the possibility to specify triggers that will put those plans in pratice, in the end a bunch of commands delibered in the exact order at the precise time. I think this would put the focus in the planning, and squad manage. Thogheter with longer engagement times would reduce the need for fast, obscene, clicking.   <> I really like the possibility to creat fake buildings. Dan you should develop the ideas int the post 68. I like the idea to create traps, and ambushes. It will add to the longevity of the game.   <> We need better AI!! Really. I hate that the AI is soo little creative. It tends too rush and after 30 mins, is no longer able to keep up the pace. Both campanign mode and skirmich battle against the CPU would benefit hugely from improved AI.   Sorry for the long post and misspellings.