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  1. DerekSaw

    Malaysia Programmer

    Hi all. It's been a while seeing fellows from the same land.
  2. DerekSaw


    Buddhism is just a name for a religion that is borrowed from "real Buddha's Teaching" with modification by various high rank human that they imagine themselves high above others. All the different branches of Buddhism make it no more different than Christian and its branches. IMO, calling it 'Buddha's Teaching' is better than 'Buddhism'. There's no mystery, mysticism, super natural or any kind unexplainable linked to it. It is just the way of understanding the intimacy of life. And Buddha's teaching do not promise anything to you after you have 'graduated'. Seeking for promises or a place after death is not what Buddha teaches. Science is through experiments; Buddha's Teaching is through experience. And Buddha doesn't teach whether god exist or not; He just teaches to search the answers within instead of without. And the fastest path to search within is to focus your mind (through mediation), breath management (through yoga) - you need healthy body & mind to gain focus. ;) As for reincarnation, though I neither can prove anything about it nor have experience with it, just think of it like a transformation/conversion of energy to the other type of energy. p/s: Buddha hear means Gautama the Buddha or Sakyamuni - He is the one that try to teach us the meaning of life as comprehensible as possible. $.02 [Edited by - DerekSaw on October 19, 2009 2:36:21 AM]
  3. DerekSaw

    "Inline" reference counting?

    Is your share_ptr alike (refcount) class are exception safe and exception neutral? The standard has spent lots of time developing & testing with these. How about yours?
  4. I did once because I don't like the way the boss did... then I was unemployed without securing any jobs beforehand. Lucky it just lasted for 3 weeks. Not going to try that again.
  5. DerekSaw

    VS2005 optimization problem

    Maybe in release build, somewhere in between throws an exception?
  6. DerekSaw

    Strange slowness, std::vector, MSVC++9

    Quote:Original post by Shannon Barber The actual iteration of a list is about 10~100 times slower than iterating a vector and that can overwhelm that actual work done. ... Also, since the memory of a vector is guaranteed contiguous it opens up a lot of optimizations that are not possible with list. If the deficiency of vector insertion shadows the inefficiency of list traversal significantly, why not list? Anyway the copy is expensive, considering (smart) pointer in vector?
  7. DerekSaw

    Strange slowness, std::vector, MSVC++9

    Isn't using list a better alternatives? Why bother with the vector? Afterall, IMO, you would be travelling from start to end of the list... a RenderList is a (not the OOP is_a) list right?
  8. Usually, int32 have a 4-byte align, int16 2-byte align, and int8 1-byte align. eg. char *c = ... int *p = (int*)c; Doing operations on *p or any *(p + n) results in undefined behavior, especially for ARM.
  9. DerekSaw

    Diablo 3 and the internet whiners

    Quote:Original post by _Sigma So yeah, just took a look at the before/afters and much as an asshole as this makes me feel, I actually *really* prefer the afters. They look so much better...Nice and Diablo-esq! Agreed. The afters' look more in line with Diablo-esq. And it is prettier & scarier.
  10. DerekSaw

    Dungeon Keeper

    Quote:Original post by VladR Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid There was this one level I could never get past, where they strip you of most of your spells including the castle spell, drop you in a world where you're immediately attacked by mana-draining genies, and there's a whole bunch of hidden triggers all over the world that spawn swarms of killer bees.Yeah, that one was tough. Took me 5-10 tries to do it and many times you died even after you played for more than hour an half, very close to killing all bees and getting a castle spell, but not quite there. My friend broke two keyboards over this level ;-) When game starts... pause! select accelerate, unpause, accelerate, go take castle spell, accelerate to some non bee place, pause!, select castle, deep breath, resume and deploy castle on genie (must NOT miss), genie die, got big mana, castle to level 3 immediately. p/s: genie will disappear when you are far enough, and for 2~3 seconds, they reappear near you. pp/s: I remembered I used the accelerate spell to run away. I'm not sure whether the accelerate spell has to be picked up or not...
  11. Quote:Original post by Promit That's entirely besides the point. You're criticizing a specific file manager, without knowing precisely what they're doing or why. My 1st guess is the file manager UI 'ListView' redraws (includes recalculation of scrollbar) for every insert of a file.
  12. DerekSaw

    I need a good RTS

    Quote:Original post by Random Blit I remember playing Empire Earth back in the day and loving it. It really felt like I was running my own country so to speak, and I could go about things however I wanted. I doubt the game is popular anymore, so i'm looking for something similar that has a lot of online players. Have any recomendations? Is Rise of nations still played? I remembered I played Empire Earth whole day (morning 'till evening) from Prehistorik Age to Atomic Age (the best age) LAN game 3 player vs 3 AI. We defend like hell and keep pounding one of the AI where when we are at atomic, one of them is on dark ages - nice to bully them. At later stage, the AI get to Nano age, but we still prefer atomic because of the sound effect (we hate laser pew pew pew), and pwned the AI with our low tech atomic units.
  13. DerekSaw

    DOS games... on actual DOS

    Well, for Creative cards, PnP compatible ones, you need run CTCM.EXE on C:\CTCM in which it will set the BLASTER environment, eg. "A220 I5 D1 H5 E620 T6", accordingly to the soundcard hardware PnP settings. I still has a SBAWE32 ISA PnP card with 8MB addon RAM. And there's also a CTCU.EXE if I remember correctly, to set the PnP configuration on older SB16 cards. As for high res (SVGA) mode, running UniVBE.exe before the game most likely will fix it. p/s: There's some utilities in C:\SB16, if I remember correctly, DIAGNOSE.EXE and MIXERSET.EXE which I always run them in AUTOEXEC.BAT right after CTCM.EXE. pp/s: I might still have backups to these files. I'll try search for them. ppp/s: Remember to set "ISA/PnP reserve" in the BIOS for IRQ5 and maybe IRQ7, DMA1 and DMA5 if possible.
  14. Use pointers when we need to make decision from NULL-ness. Use references when we want the caller to be responsible for passing valid parameters.
  15. DerekSaw

    Am I the oldest non staff member here?

    I miss Sabreman and BishopPass.
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