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    Find vector normal to line segment

    Thanks a lot for the explanations!
  2. Hello folks, I googled around and I yet can't find a way to get this done. Suppose I have a line segment going from (x1,y1,z1) to (x2,y2,z2). How do I calculate the normal vector perpendicular to this line? Thanks for any help.
  3. Alessandro

    STL C++: iterator issue

    Thanks a lot for all the precious hints! Changed the XCode build setting as suggested by jwezorek and using lambda functions.
  4. Alessandro

    STL C++: iterator issue

    Hi Chris, can't do that since I need to compile on XCode too...
  5. Alessandro

    STL C++: iterator issue

    I think I sorted it out: struct findNodeUUID2 { findNodeUUID2(int i) : id(i) { } bool operator()(const MyItem *obj) { return (obj->test==id); } int id; };
  6. Hi folks,   I'm trying to search a std::vector declared like this: std::vector<MyItem*> myNodeContainer; where MyItem is looking like this: class MyItem :public QGraphicsItem { public: MyItem(QString QwNodeType, QString iQwFamilyType); int testID; ... Now, I've built a function to search the testID: struct findNodeUUID2 { findNodeUUID2(int i) : id(i) { } bool operator()(const MyItem* &obj) { return (obj->testID==id); } int id; }; and I try to search like this: std::vector<MyItem*>::iterator findNodeIterator; findNodeIterator=std::find_if(myNodeContainer.begin(),myNodeContainer.end(), findNodeUUID2(1234) ); Linker errors as follows:   stl_algo.h.... No matching function for call to object of type 'findNodeUUID2'   What am I doing wrong? I suppose I'm using pointers the wrong way? Thanks for any suggestion    
  7. Hello K_J_M, some time ago you posted a link to some source code about catmull-rom spline computation. Unfortunately the link is not valid anymore. Any chance to get it somehow? Thanks
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