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  1. i use the VTP tool process my plant texture, but it's no happen after process.... Does anyone use the tools to do same things???
  2. wpyax

    A Simple and Practical Approach to SSAO

    I use the light pre pass, and i have the depth buffer and normal buffer, but how can i get the all positions ? i mean that i have the ray of current pixel...how can i get other's position?
  3. I want to use the "HardwareShadowMap" on my work, and i read the paper from nvdia. there is a question, when i disable color write,and use clip() in the PS, what will happen? Is it have the double speed ??
  4. wpyax

    shadow map Randomized PCF

  5. I read the paper of Isidoro(Shadow Mapping:GPU-based Tips and Techniques), and the paper of gpu3. But I can't understand completely... Does there have a sample with source code(d3d9)??
  6. i create the depth and normal RT ,use the same size of back Buffer, when the size is non two of power, there is some alias。。。why? ps:I do the 0.5 offset..
  7. When i use the pix to debug,if i use a depthStencil texture, there's a error about createTexture(), why?
  8. wpyax

    shadow map

    Sorry,this's the picture Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. wpyax

    shadow map

    I study the directX's sample about shadow map. When i change the light type to direction(use the orth project), something is mistake, the picture is in here http://www.opengpu.org/viewthread.php?tid=3090&pid=21877&page=1&extra=#pid21877 How can i fix it?
  10. The shader is very different between materials,so the render state of shader change is very frequent。 is't bad?
  11. wpyax


    I need the “generating light-maps ”method, I think that rendering using light-maps is easy。。。
  12. wpyax


    where can i find some samples of lightMap ?(ps: d3d's sample is best) thank you.
  13. wpyax

    SH Lightmapping

    dynamic object??? how can do that? is it having any paper?
  14. which is better to set shader param? device->setShaderConstant or shader->setparamValue? and why?
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