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  1. CrazyButcher

    GLSL Basics

    you need to intialize all functions that are above OpenGL 1.1 or so.. GLee or GLEW make this easier for useage (google for them + opengl)
  2. http://lib3ds.sourceforge.net/ is your friend
  3. CrazyButcher

    Multipass Rendering [Resolved]

    glBlendFunc(GL_ONE,GL_ONE); glEnable(GL_BLEND); for additive blending the "material" color should be multiplied with the lighthing results
  4. CrazyButcher

    Stretching particles based on direction

    to get the rotation transform your direction to viewspace. normalize the 2dvector (say z axis is what your billboards normals are, so it can be ignored. I figure CyberFox meant the same with the projection). the normalized vector: vector.x = cosine of the rotation angle vector.y = sine of the angle you can use cos and sin and build a quick mini rotation matrix for the billboard corners. this is more numerical stable than using acos and such. eventually I would do this in a vertex program and feed cos/sin as vertex attrib for the billboards, but of course it works on good old cpu, too. One can see it working nicely in the new luxinia demo, which I submitted here as image of the day, too. rotated billboards
  5. CrazyButcher

    Multitexturing is a big Problem!

    get an opengl extension wrangler like GLEE or GLEW, makes it much easier to use gl extensions
  6. CrazyButcher

    Blitz Basic or c++

    you could use luxinia as well, its free and uses lua for programming the games.
  7. hello, if anyone knows if using shorts for normals is an accelerated vertex format for older ati cards (radeon 8500), please reply. the only info I found was for geforces and radeon 9600 series. unfortunately I dont have such a card to test it. thanks for your time
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