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  1. Dinner

    Player Generated Weapon Designs

    Allot of very good points.   I might have a more in-depth look how dota does it with the skins, maybe reinventing a wheel here, it didn't occur to me until just now.   This just started from black desert having a lack of gear options, and trying to find an alternative that does not involve hiring a ton of artists, especially to give characters 1 of a kind appearance.
  2. Dinner

    Player Generated Weapon Designs

      Is this really a problem?   There are hundreds of potential problems that come to mind if such a system was put into a game in reality (which the penis sword problem just being #1 of them), the fact that beginners swords now could look awesome not being one of them to be honest.   If you afraid that the endgamers wouldn't like it: Given your game is popular enough, and the blacksmiths active enough, there would always be the one epic weapon that would actually look unique and epic... and the one trash beginner that would also look epic. It would give weapons another dimension other than stats... some players might choose a non-optimal weapon just because it doesn't look like the rusty beginners sword. Let me tell you, the beginners would be THRILLED not having to walk around in rags until level 30!   If you are afraid the whole thing would break the story or atmosphere of your game, then chuck player customization out of the window now. Its a fact most of your players, especially in online games, don't give a damn about your story. If you want to force them to roleplay, you should limit customization. If you want to give them the max ability to customize, let go of some control. Let them have their beginners sword of epicness, and their master epic weapon deceivingly looking like a rusty noob dagger thingy. If it will annoy some people, it will also amuse just as many others.   Thanks, I think in the end I dont care what everyone is running around in, and this is what I want the most to come from this is "Let them have their beginners sword of epicness, and their master epic weapon deceivingly looking like a rusty noob dagger thingy."   ?Appearance is only that, if someone wants to look like a flippish noble from day 1 with everything epic looking.. I don't mind.   I just need a good system, for avoiding the penis swords..
  3. Dinner

    Player Generated Weapon Designs

    Thanks for the replies, defiantly a tricky thing to try to add to a game.   I am not looking at a gear system based on throwaways, Id rather a player chooses a look, and that's the player, you see them and you know who it is, I want to make something where every player has that option to have a unique outfit/setup, I figure the best way to get all the art for it and closer to what the player wants, is to let them talk and bargain directly with the artists.   In terms of the artists, and human resources to review all the art, and see if it meets guidelines. Have a artist level, and goes up based on their artwork, constant good artwork within the rules, and they can move up levels, high leveled artists are not checked as often level 1 artists can't post items without it being checked by a staff member, before player voting level 2 artists is checked randomly, and then goes upto a player vote. level 3 artist is checked less regularly, and goes to player vote level 4 artist is checked rarely, does not need to be voted in. level 5 and the highest level, is the only one that can make individually crafted designs.   In terms of money, perhaps the cut taken by the game is reduced at each level, and if someone goes against the rules, they can be lowered in rank or banned. we now have level 5 artists that can make one of a kind looking items levels 4 or 5 can guarantee a design in game, since they don't need player votes   Using a reward system should in most cases stop bad entries before they make it into the game and can do damage.
  4. Dinner

    Player Generated Weapon Designs

        Volume is a good idea, I wonder if between that and poly count, would be enough to judge via an automated system..     I don't think the artist could decide how legendary their model is, since it goes back to the original problem, they create a highly detailed model, and say it can be used for any weapon regardless of weapon strength or materials used.   Happy for the artists to specify, if the model is single use, can be made in bulk, or sell the model outright the buyer can do as they want. looking after the artists rights would be a high priority.   Just realized, in terms of the artists specify if its legendary or not.. who species if its a sword or a bed.. you would hardly want player beds to be looking like a sword, lol.
  5. Hi,   For a theory based idea for a mmo crafting system, trying to allow player generated content into crafting.   When a blacksmith creates a weapon they can choose what type of model/skin to apply to fit that type of weapon. Vetoed artists (approved artists, if they supply penis swords, their permissions can be revoked), can charge real money for models of weapons, so a blacksmith might want a certain theme with their crafted item or someone might want a one of a kind weapon. (can be used for other crafting, swords is an example, but it could be anything from swords to furniture)   Now the issue is I wanted to talk about it, a blacksmith buys a highly detailed model, but they don't put it on one of a kind weapon, they instead put it on a basic sword, that they supply for a cheap rate to every new adventurers.   Now they brought the model, its theirs to do as they please with (assuming the artist has given permission.), so in that regard its okay but in terms of the game does it break it to much? potentially having every player walking around with legendary looking weapons.   One solution that just occurred to me, is checking how detailed the model is, applying a rating it to, and then the ingredients used have to have a higher rating then the model, or you can't apply it, and are stuck using a default model or another model you own that's rated lower.   Any suggestions for how this could work? or if you don't think it would work.
  6. Dinner

    Unloved colonization

    You want to stop them from just conquering every planet?   Perhaps an taking into account the ability to adapt to the environment, each planet they conquer changes them to adapt to the planets environment. if you conquer every type of planet you have no ability to specialize, benefits from one, would offset another, going from a ice planet to a lava one. if you only stick to cold frozen planets  you specialize and get more returns from those planets, stronger defense etc.   perhaps the ability to terraform if you do want them to be able to eventually control all the planets, or only build outposts and not permanent settlements so they don't gain or lose benefits, but still have territory   You could go as far as tie the environments into skills and tech and make some tech only available if you reached a certain requirement
  7. First of the tomb raider games I have actually played and beat.. Mostly because the controls are at a point where they are not a hindrance The graphics do help as well, that key I need actually looks like a key, and not a line on the ground, with all the other lines, I need to be standing in the exact spot to pick it up   graphics im hoping is hitting a peak, look at current consoles, while they are 'better' then the previous generation, the improvement isn't as substantial 4k resolution is not rushing everyone out, xboxone is 720p?   so hopefully they can start spending more on the other parts of the game, I like a challenge, I just don't want to fight poor controls and graphics to make the challenge.
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