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  1. Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers.
  2. Look into Path.GetDirectory or Path.GetFilename you can use some .Trim functions to pretty much do whatever you need. (System.IO.Path) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.io.path.aspx Or you can use AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory to get the directory of which your exe was launched from.
  3. I have just released version 3.1 of InteliShade .. This Visual Studio Add-in gives you HLSL Shader Highlighting and Find Completion Support. Check my Forums on my site for Support related items. InteliShade v3.1 Download Thanks and Enjoy.
  4. k00k

    XNA - should I use the Game class?

    Your game can def. use the base Game class they provide. What you can do is create 2 abstract classes so you can work with the Game Component Collection of the Game class. One for objects that need to be rendered and updated and one for objects that just need to be updated such as input, sound, ect. so for instance : your first abstract class could be called VisualObject which would inherit DrawableGameComponent which will give you some nice features pre-built for you. your second abstract class could be called UpdatableObject which would inherit just the GameComponent class. so if you create an entity class for your game that needs to be renderered you would create that and inherit your VisualObject class and then simply add it to your Game.Components class and let XNA handle all the update and draw calls. Now of course if you see that you need to extend the DrawableGameComponent or GameComponent classes more or you want to setup a custom Scene Graph of some sort for rendering and updating your objects then you would of course want to inherit the appropriate Interfaces and handle all that for you. But sence your new to XNA I would suggest just working with the framework as they provide it to you until you get a little more familure with it.
  5. One thing you can do is when generating your Vertex Buffer also create a <T> Collection or some sort of Array to hold Bounding Boxes for each vert position. then you can leave your vertex buffer in place and on mouse down loop thru that collection/array and do an Intersect test against that BB. Its pretty quick due to no lock/unlock on your actual VB array. If you need to do anything to the vertices then of course you may want to also store an index of the vert with the Bounding Box data so you can quickly lock the VB jump to that index alter it as you would and unlock and continue rendering.
  6. In maya have you created the UV's correctly? Usually this is a sign that your UV texture coords are incorrect. Also is their any reason you are not using autodesk's fbx?
  7. Quote: Thanks for the ideas, I have a question about laptops. If I manage to obtain one, can anyone provide list of places, that you can charge Laptop battery? (If such places exist?) In Soviet Russia battery's charge YOU!
  8. Nope I have never seen any issues with that. I use this extensively with XNA which actually compiles it so im surprised that you got that. If you can try the new version and see if that continues to do that to you? Also if it does post on my sites forums and attach the actual file that is doing it so I can have a look. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. I have released a new version of InteliShade that now works with either 2005 and 2008 standard and up of Visual Studio. Their is no requirement for 2008 to be installed like the previous version. Sorry about that. What this basically gives you is Highlighting, Find Completions, Quick Info and Code Folding when writting HLSL Shaders inside Visual Studio's Environment. InteliShade Beta v3.0
  10. k00k

    Animation on XNA

    If you are willing to spend 60$ and spend a few hours watching some training material I highly suggest you take a look at Digital Tutors - Pipeline Development with Maya and XNA altho geared for Maya the same principles apply to Max/XSI/ect .. They do a great job with this and also show you how to build a decent Animation Player for playing back the keyframe animation clips you do inside your modeling application. Hopefully this helps.
  11. InteliShade is a visual studio 2005/2008 Standard/Professional/Team-Suite Add-on that add's code outlining/folding, syntax highlighting, quick info, auto completion and find completions for the HLSL Language. Its still beta and im working to get this thing to a major release but it really needs to be beat up a bit first. InteliShade Home Page Give it a go and please read the release notes as at the moment their is some additional steps to use this when you only have 2005 visual studio installed. Thanks and enjoy.
  12. Thanks for testing it out hope it works out well for you.
  13. I have been working on a project here and there and would like to share it with all of you. I have written an Add-On for Visual Studio 2005 Standard and Up (Does not work with Express due to the fact that you cannot load 3rd party add-ons with Express). Basically I'm still working through most of the HLSL Languages Grammar so don't expect a complete package just yet. I am now at Beta 1.1 so if you would like to test it out journey on over to InteliShade.net and get yourself going with this. I will be adding support for Intellisense, Code Folding, Code Formatting, Built in Shader Templates as well as the ability to add your own Shaders to the template collection and possibly also give you the ability to have a render preview window right inside vs.net. Hopefully you can use this and would love to hear what you guys think either here or in my forums. Thanks
  14. Look up on DoFactory.com "Abstract Factory Pattern" for more information on this design pattern. it is sweet for doing such things like this.
  15. k00k

    Splitting Apart Mesh Subsets

    You may want to have a look at this tutorial it may shed some light on what your trying to get done. http://www.mdxinfo.com/resources.php look at the "Splitting a mesh into separate buffers per subset" Tutorial. Hope that helps ya.
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