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  1. i googled it and couldnt find a clear description of std::map or how it works. if any of you could take the time to enlighten me it would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.
  2. C plus noob

    Shader techniques

    google Panda DirectX Exporter
  3. C plus noob

    [DX9] Tutorials?

    thanks alot Blue, you seem to be the only one helping me on both my posts :D
  4. C plus noob

    MFC Tutorials

    thanks, any others?
  5. C plus noob

    [DX9] Tutorials?

    is there any really advanced tutorials out thre other than books for directx? and currently im looking for a C++ tutorial on making tetris although it would be awesome if i could find other sites for tutotorials on how to make full sample games
  6. C plus noob

    MFC Tutorials

    i cant seem to fins a site with any good MFC tutorials, any suggestions? im looking for sites with beginner to intermediate tutorials.
  7. im looking for good DX Books (DX 9) that teach you how to actually make games in DX and im also looking for adv DX techniques too thanx
  8. thanks any other sites anyone?
  9. is it $(CurrentConfig) to get whether its debug/release for vc++ Directorys? .. im trying to figure this out because i want the lib directory in vc++ to be like lib\$(CurrentConfig) so if its in Debug, it would be lib\Debug; Release: lib\Release etc.. but im not sure if $(CurrentConfig) is correct?
  10. C plus noob

    Very Simple Calculus Problem [High School]

    thanks i just found out that X is like a tool manipulating {X| can change the whole equation dramatically. thanks.
  11. Hey Guys, im trying to figure this out.. i know: {X | X e TR; -3 < X < 3} = (-3, 3) and that X | X e TR; means set X such that set X is a member of the set of real numbers and... but what is X? like how do you find X
  12. C plus noob

    Need palette help - please

    Click Here
  13. C plus noob

    Beginner in game programming pls help

    im just stating in my opinion, that OpenGL is the easier weay to learn, i do both. i couldnt do directx to start with i started OpenGL first and then moved onto DX. both are great, best of both worlds
  14. if anyone has bought this book, please tell me. does the sample applications run? it just says for methis program has encountored a problem and needs to close. thanks in advance
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