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    QQ: Why do so many people play the race card?

    Quote:Why do so many people play the race card? Makes 'em feel like they're doing something intellectual. Like correcting someone's spelling/grammar or voting. [Edited by - Zmurf on May 13, 2009 1:31:45 PM]
  2. I took a look at Yacc, Flex and Coco\r and I'm not quite sure that they would work for the language I want to compile. I also want to start from scratch.
  3. Jack Censhaw's series is absolutely brilliant, exactly what I'm looking for. I might also invest in that book because I'm sure this project will only increase my interest in compilers. Thanks guys.
  4. A year or so ago I developed this little esoteric programming language and wrote two interpreters for it, one in C and one in Python. Now I want to write a Compiler for it, but I'm struggling to find much helpful information on the interwebs about writing a compiler. (Maybe I'm just blind) Anyways, do you guys have any resources/suggestions to help get me started?
  5. Zmurf

    Why do we enjoy coding?

    Quote:Original post by Moe Quote:Original post by Mr Explody I code 'cause the ladies love it. Heh, this reminds me of a T-shirt I made a week ago... link to picture. For me, I think I enjoy coding for the same reason RivieraKid does - it's like lego, but there is absolulely no limitation on what you can do with it. I suppose the ultimate satisfaction could be gained from constructing your own computer from lego and then programming it.
  6. We recently bought a 1TB external HDD to store music and other files on. For weeks we've had no problems with it but recently, when I began to backup data on it in preperation for a reformat we began receiving a "Delayed Write Failed" message. Eventually it became impossible to store any new data on it, but fortunately I got all the data I needed on the drive. I plugged the drive in on my other computer to confirm it wasn't corrupt and it was fine. The drive ran perfectly on the other computer. So I figured a reformat would fix the issue along with all the other problems I was having, but lo and behold, the second I plugged the external HDD into my computer with a fresh install of Windows XP SP1, I got the exact same message again; "Delayed Write Failed". I've been unable to find any fixes on Google which work, so I'm hoping someone here will be able to crack this issue. It's driving me insane.
  7. Zmurf

    Halo 3 or Guitar Hero 3?

    I wasn't too impressed when I heard how they used the butchered version of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" as the final duel with Lou. I thought they did a pretty decent job of Free Bird on GH2 but this was just awfull.
  8. Zmurf

    Using commercial music in a video game

    Thanks guys that's pretty much the answer I expected. I'll check out what indie music developers there are and see what I can dig up.
  9. Ok I'm making a game right, and there are some Might Mighty BossTone songs that just perfectly match the gameplay. It's a fast paced platform game where you try to beat the level in the fastest time possible. The levels are non-linear and feature all sorts of obstacles. Anyways, when I finish the game I plan to have it at a quality where I can offer additional content for a nominal fee. If I was to include this commercial music as background tracks to the game, what could be the consequences of this, if any. I understand that the concept itself is illegal, but on a small scale (talking about selling the game for 3-5 bucks over paypal) could it cause very much harm? I was thinking about the case where some woman downloaded 25 songs and was charged $220k in damages. That makes me worry. Are there any alternitives, is there a way to license the music? or a loop hole or something? Anyways, just wanted some thoughts from people who may have experience with this sort of thing.
  10. Zmurf

    Are you a geek?

    I don't think Geek is an insulting term unless it is followed by the stereotypical, high-pitched, squeeling laugh ... you know the one. My dad does it all the time whenever I start talking about anything computer related.
  11. I see lightning outside and I'm wondering if I should unplug my laptop from the wall. It's an M1710 and I can't seem to find any information on whether or not it has a surge protector. Do modern laptops have protection against possible power surges? Should I unplug my laptop?
  12. Zmurf

    Play My Game

    This ran so fast on my computer. If I waited more than half a second before changing directions the snake thing would hit the sides. I still kept playing though, was so unexpectedly fun.
  13. Thanks, the interpreter is almost perfect. There's just one small bug I can't seem to find, but I don't think it's realted to this.
  14. Ah, I've got it. I checked out this website which steps through a Piet program. It showed the difference between the stack before and after the roll. add 10 100 108 108 3 3 3 2 rol 10 100 108 3 3 108 So looks like we were right the first time. It takes the first value and inserts it n deep and it repeats this roll number of times. I'm still just a little confused about what to do with a negative roll number. It says roll in the opposite direction, but what does that mean?
  15. So if the stack is 3 2 A B C D E F G H I J K it pops the first two values off (3 and 2) and then rolls the first value too a depth of 3 and does this four times. So the stack would look like this. A B C D E F G H I J K B C A E F G H I J K L C A B E F G H I J K L If I'm picturing this right, I should be able to apply this algorithm to confirm it. If it executes the program correctly, I'm home free. :D Edit: Also what does it mean by rolling in the opposite direction if the number of rolls is negative? Does this mean it buries the value starting from the end instead of the beginning? Edit 2: It almost sounds like it means that it moves the value on the top of the stack n places deep, and then increases the value of every spot above it by 1. [Edited by - Zmurf on October 19, 2007 3:52:24 AM]
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