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  1. GOAM

    I'm sad

    John, I'm so sorry for your loss. Love to all of you, especially Maggie. GOAM
  2. GOAM

    Two funny things

    Well, given that they seem to define "harm" as anything that prevents us from taking over the country and running it as we see fit," I view the list as "10 Programs We Must Not Let The Crazy Folk Destroy". GOAM
  3. GOAM

    August is here, and I get pwned

    Yup, you were. Hubby doesn't wear a Pompous Ass Hat (TM), but that's only because they don't make them big enough for his head. GOAM
  4. GOAM

    I'm all podcasted

    Just finished reading the open dialogue. What an absolutely tee-totally full-on raving rat-bastard loony. One of my favorite posts was: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/humanistfellowship-board/message/320 Only a forrbl (see above) would not see the logical inherent in his statement, to wit: If it's not necessary to vote when the feeling is unanimous, how do you know if it's unanimous without taking an effing vote? Also, what was his deal with posting files instead of e-mail? Those are still locked out, and I suspect that there is a great deal more looniness locked within. And the hell of it is, this pedantic forrbl is a teacher? Pity his poor students in Statistics for Psychology. They're teacher is likely to wind up being a psychology statistic if he doesn't seek help. GOAM
  5. GOAM

    I'm all podcasted

    Presentation in a nutshell: 1) hire only the most stable bohemian flakes that you can find, 2) promise that if they behave, they'll get their very own entry on IMDB 3) throw one HELL of a wrap party to make up for the weeks of deprivation. The second one is most effective if the bohemian flakes are also geeks.
  6. Dude, that was beautiful! GOAM <- amusement <.giggle>
  7. Heh, this could be fun. David, bavid, fo-favid, fa-fee-fi-fo favid DAVID! It's not fair. John's bigger'n me and he's got a stalker, and I got was this lousy t-shirt. GOAM
  8. GOAM

    Girls are puzzling

    Yup, "I meant to do that" sounds better than "I put my shorts on backward!"
  9. GOAM

    Flash 8 is gonna be big

    Oooh, blowing bubbles on the computer! I'm tempted to get an external mic for my Mac just for Dee to play with, but then I come to my senses. I will have to go look at it, though. It sounds seriously cool.
  10. GOAM

    Many things

    The Humanist page looks good. Roy G Biv is an old friend, and I always appreciate seeing him get work. Cute song; something I have to look forward to. It certainly beats the "how to pee and poo" song from Blue's Clues.
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