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  1. Didn't play it, but it looks good. You should link to the video in here too.
  2. CrazyCdn

    Switch between two views in opengl

    You've really not given us enough information. What is the GUI, is it OpenGL based? Win32 menu based? Are the cameras just switching? So it's not the context that are changing just where the cameras are pointing? Or are the cameras rendering to two different viewports on the screen? Have you tried, instead of having two views, just making one and switching which camera is active in that? Also, these forums have source posting ability, it makes a post a lot neater, it's the <> icon. // Note: Only one view, just switch camera's: if(option){ view.Activate(camera1); } else { camera2.SetModelViewMatrix(pangolin::ModelViewLookAt(camDistFromCenter, 5, camDistFromCenter, 0, 0, 0, pangolin::AxisY)); view.Activate(camera2); }
  3. These are game development forums. Not game support forums. Though someone might be able to help you, you're far more likely to get help on the official Blizzard forums for Starcraft 2 (or even on reddits starcraft 2 group).
  4. CrazyCdn

    Fantasy MMORPG in Development

    I didn't read over your second very large post but skimmed it and noticed you have intelligence and wisdom. Now I've not played a ton of RPGs (more an FPS/survival guy) but are those not the same thing? Wouldn't cunning or something steal related be better? Again, this is not my forte but thought I would mention it. And like @Gnollrunner pointed out, so few people steal ideas, they're a dime a dozen as everyone has their own, people might get inspired by a subset of one of your ideas, but helping others is the point of these forums Now, on to reality, as I'm sure you know a 3D MMO takes dozens upon dozens (Triple A easily into the few hundreds) to make and years upon years. Even a 2D is a many year project with a not so small team. Best of luck in your endeavors though!
  5. CrazyCdn

    hex grid

    For over a decade people on these forums have been helping you. They've made suggestions to help you ask better questions. You flat out ignore anything and everything they say. You never stick with a project to completion. You just jump from one thing to the next, posting code (incomplete at that) with little to no context and often without questions. Leaving us to guess you need help with something. Then when you're given answers/help/suggestions you again ignore it and start a new project. After a decade it seems you've not learned anything and it's likely because you are either trolling us or you jump from project to project before you actually solve and learn anything. Copying and pasting code is NOT how you learn to program. Running into problems, researching them, asking for help and actually trying out their solutions is though (rinse and repeat until the original problem/issue is solved btw).
  6. No more so then most other languages. There are rules, once you learn the rules and the major functions you're set. But again, is this for a hobby? Because if it's for experience for future work you're barking up the wrong tree. And if you're going to learn assembly, at least learn modern assembly, not 16bit. I've not really read all your replies here and it's your time to absolutely waste of course, but I fear that is just what you're doing. If you need help you might be waiting days or weeks for replies to questions.
  7. There really is no transition from MSDOS graphics programming to anything modern (say 2005 onwards being "modern"). You'd be FAR better off just learning modern day graphics programming. You will really get no usable knowledge from learning 16bit MSDOS coding at all, in any modern realm of coding. You're free to do whatever you want, but realize it's likely just a play project with no real world application.
  8. CrazyCdn

    c# clearing images

    Post your calculator code for review. Best way to stop bad habits is to have your code reviewed by senior eyes and listen to the recommendations.
  9. @VoxycDev Eventually people will make WindowsBox, but without a ton of effort plain win32 programs written for Windows 95 will still technically compile (with security checks turned off) and run in Windows 10. They are 100% backwards compatible on that front I'm pretty sure. Only DirectX wise has things been depreciated.
  10. CrazyCdn

    Following enemy CSFML

    What you're wanting to research is Boid's, this is a general overview of some of the different things you can do with them: http://www.kfish.org/boids/pseudocode.html
  11. I don't want to be mean, but it's 2019, not 1993. There are plenty of free IDE's/compilers (hell Microsofts is free now) these days and tons of free online resources that will provide you actual skills and knowledge. What is your actual motivation here?
  12. CrazyCdn

    NVidia GeForce Experience

    You waited less then 6 hours before posting that? You can go days without a reply on here, or stackoverflow. You have to have the right person with the right knowledge come by, see your post and reply. It's a forum not text messaging 😉 This code is for laptops for the most part and will not bring up the GeForce options the OP was asking about. I can attest from first hand knowledge Though it did work on my laptop as my engine was defaulting to the Intel GPU not the nVidia GPU. So handy code to have anyway.
  13. And you said you're trying to render 25 models. How dense is their meshes (poly count), how big are the textures?
  14. And can you for sure say nothing else will ever need access to an entities velocity? Or it's position? If it might, does it make sense to go through your Strategy System? Or a Position & Velocity system? But to be honest with you, I don't see ECS doubling your speed. Maybe 5-10% upgrade with good threading. What are your system specs?
  15. GLUT was last updated in 2001. Why are you using OpenGL/GLUT from the late 90s? None of the knowledge you learn will transfer to anything remotely modern.
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