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  1. Something like this? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31064234/find-the-angle-between-two-vectors-from-an-arbitrary-origin Please say you're using vectors as that is what they're really for
  2. CrazyCdn


    Blizzard clearly (despite claiming otherwise) does not know their customers. The irony of naming the game Immortal when it's already dead I think was hilarious though. They did this to themselves though, with their tweets telling people they had a couple Diablo projects/announcements (forget which it was) for BlizzCon then a bit later telling people to tone down their excitement. Then you announce a mobile only game with features Diablo 3 players have been requested for years (poor Lord Fluffy no one knows who he is haha) in front of PC gamers was idiotic to say the least. I'm glad they got boo'ed. Maybe they'll wake up. Some people are saying new content is coming for Diablo 3 soon (don't hold your breath please), but I've not seen confirmation of that announcement.
  3. CrazyCdn

    Commonly Used Forms of Calculus

    It may have been faster 20 years ago, but I had read it was slower then using SSE, I didn't test the above, came from an SO Q/A from a few years ago and I took the test data at face value. I was more pointing out that the link you posted is from tech from like 1991, things have changed quite a bit since then
  4. CrazyCdn

    Commonly Used Forms of Calculus

    Wouldn't this be a lot faster these days? That one you quote is from the early 90s. float FastInvSqrt( const float number ) { return _mm_cvtss_f32( _mm_rsqrt_ss( _mm_set_ps1( number ) ) ); }
  5. Might I ask why you're supporting D3D9Ex? You shouldn't be supporting any Windows OS that only had D3D9 support anyways as Microsoft no longer supports them. Honestly D3D10 shouldn't be a target anymore either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DirectX#DirectX_9
  6. CrazyCdn

    understanding viewport opengl

    Then you're learning from a very, very old and outdated source. The glu.h has been depreciated for a very long time now. Also, you posted this is C++ so why is your tutorial using stdlib.h? Try learning modern OpenGL if you're going to learn OpenGL: https://learnopengl.com
  7. CrazyCdn

    Visual Studio Add Reference to Project

    Unless this is some university/college course I would highly recommend against this as a means of learning C/C++. There are literally hundreds of online tutorials which are FAR superior to learn from and will be far less frustrating.
  8. CrazyCdn

    rotating using trig functions

    Link to the previous discussion where this likely should be discussed anyway instead of in a new topic on the same subject would be helpful to see what has been done already. I also agree with @Lactose, you've been told how to compose "questions" before, it's not difficult in the least either. Also, comment your code! What have you done to debug it? What does that code even do? What is your problem? What is not happening? Extracting information from you is much like getting blood from a rock.
  9. CrazyCdn

    Requesting a code review

    I think he was referring to beginners in the field of game dev. Which I would agree with, fixed time steps do a lot to help them learn. UE4 is NOT a beginner project nor something you should compare to pong 😉
  10. You just did. We don't like to change the topic to solved etc as people might still have things to add to it that could be helpful to someone else later. Glad you got it worked out though!
  11. @Fulcrum.013 You really don't have that voice in the back of your head that tells you when enough is enough do you? When a moderator AND an administrator both tell you to stop, you just keep on pushing it. No sense a ban might be in your near future? Most people have those spider senses but apparently with your amazing degree you didn't do well in that course 😉 That or you are one amazing troll just out to get this thread closed. Either way, enjoy!
  12. Well the components typically are only data. So the system that does work on them (however you do that, like an Update() function) will also have the Create( const std::uint64_t entity_id, const std::string&& data ) function which will extract the data from the string you pass in (typically the whole json block you're concerned about). That's what I meant anyway. YMMV
  13. Honestly C# and C++ are fairly similar. The concepts should transfer fairly easily from one to the other. C++ just doesn't have reflection built in.
  14. You could also pass all the json data onto each component generation system and let it parse out it's data itself if you want to go very simple. So every component system gets the json data and scans it for any related components it handles. Wastes a little processing time but super simple to implement too.
  15. For me, my entity is just an ID and a bitset of each component(s) it has, set to 1. When I create an entity from data I pass it to the factory class. Each component system (that does work on the component(s), creates, updates, destroys, etc) registers itself with the factory. I pass the data on to the general factory which parses the data and passes on the requested data to each component system to initialize that component with. I'm a C/C++ programmer so no idea what Java's reflection system does but you should be able to implement something similar to what I described quite easily. Especially with text (json) data. <rant>Though I hate json/xml and just create my own format. No need for a bloated library of features I will never use and took me about an hour to code up and test/verify</rant>.
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