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  1. CRT shader

    Will it add anything to the game you've made or is it just a want? Unless you write it yourself, are you really learning anything and if you're not, what is the point? Are you planning on publishing this game for free or for profit or is it just a learning experience? If it's just for learning, then try writing it yourself, who cares if it's the most efficient or fastest, no one starts off perfect. If you want the feature and cannot move on to another project without it, start writing it.
  2. Creating a thread is rather expensive operation. You would have to look at the disassembly but I'm fairly sure there are allocations involved on the OS side of things. Maybe look into a job system where you dispatch off small jobs to a thread pool. Here is a GDC video and overview of how they multithreaded the Destiny engine:
  3. A) Task Manager is not reliable. I've watched my program use more and more memory while idling then drop 15mb in usage. And I was literally away from the computer for 10 minutes while I ran. B) Why do you have two message loops? One static in the header and one in the main.cpp file. C) I don't know D3D11 but I don't see where you're allocating anything repeatedly.
  4. Building my Own Server, Help

    What type of game are you wanting to make. That will be a big deciding factor. Generally the server verifies movements/shots taken by players to make sure no one is cheating and is a relay between players. Updating each client with the other clients positions (when its proper to do so), etc.
  5. How To Convert double To float

    I didn't read the whole thread so I hope this is helpful, it's for compressing floats to smaller values for binary size (64k challenges): http://www.ctrl-alt-test.fr/?p=535&t=1&cn=ZmxleGlibGVfcmVjc18y&refsrc=email&iid=917108eba91b4ac5b192f15dff44acca&uid=851659896739086336&nid=244+272699400 If not sorry for wasting your time.
  6. Remove Triangles from ogre mesh

    I'm not sure why you're using a dynamically allocated C array when you're using C++ which has a perfectly fine working and easier to work with array class (std::vector). I would move your code over to this and it will become a whole lot easier. Otherwise here is some code (the accepted answer has the green check mark next to it) on one way to remove your elements: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9246165/how-to-remove-elements-from-dynamically-allocated-array?noredirect=1&lq=1 Though, again, I would just translate your existing code to use std::vector<uint32_t> indices; If something needs access to the raw array pass in &indices[0]. And erase elements with indices.erase( indices.begin() + u1 );, etc.
  7. Remove Triangles from ogre mesh

    I don't know Ogre or your code. You don't show enough for me to deduce what you're doing. Is indices a std::vector of unsigned int's? What is the type of the u1, u2 and u3 variables? If indices is a vector, look up std::vector::erase.
  8. Remove Triangles from ogre mesh

    You just need to erase those indices (u1, u2, and u3) from your indices list and resubmit/update it on the GPU. You need to leave the vertices as they're still used by other indices no doubt, though you can verify this if you want to save that tiny bit of memory.
  9. For our friends down under...

    Well if it was working and making a profit, clearly there was something wrong there. I currently work for the federal government in Canada, but my job is being phased out so it can be privatized. Apparently spending 20 million more a year will save the taxpayers on my retirement salary (there is less than 10 of us). Because the 20-30 of us pull in a million a year or something. And that 20 million is only a guesstimate, in other provinces it was double the original estimate from the company.
  10. For our friends down under...

    I just came across this article, I'm sure most who work in the GameDev industry in Australia are already aware but figured I would post anyway. Good to know governments are fairly consistent in their uselessness the world over... http://www.innovationaus.com/2018/01/Govt-misses-own-games-deadline I feel bad for the studios left hanging though.
  11. We're going to need more information than that. You tried what? And what did you expect the outcome to be? What have you done to debug the issue? Etc... The more information the better.
  12. C++ buffer or vector issue

    Or simply put it as "it = items.erase(it);" Also, you don't need to use this->, I personally hate typing extra and making it harder to read the code but that is a personal thing.
  13. 3D DX8 - Texel to pixel mapping

    D3D9 was released Jan, 2003... I don't see anything standing out to me in your code snippet mind you. But honestly you need to drop support for this, it's not worth the time of day to maintain. If you release anything to the public you will have a maintenance nightmare on your hands. Mostly in the form of infected out of date OS support calls/complaints. And if you claim to support their OS they will ridicule your software on public forums and leaving negative reviews.
  14. Access native camera in unity 3d

    The website formatting messes up with Firefox, its left justified and looks like it should be centered.
  15. what is the appeal of fps games?

    There are plenty of FPS games that aim for ultra realistic weapons and physics which are quite popular also. Sniper series along with Arma comes to mind, with Arma having quite a large community. Having said that, I really enjoyed Doom (2016 version) while I typically prefer Arma 3 or realistic flight sims (DCS). But the appeal of the faster paced, less realistic FPS games, to me at least, was in the faster pace, twitch gaming seeing if I could beat my previous play through time and later in competition in online gaming (Counter-Strike). But what makes them fun? Depends on the intended market you're looking to appeal too, honestly. If we all liked the same games, there would be a tiny game dev segment
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