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  1. Help with frustum-culling.

    What exactly do you need help with? What have you done so far?
  2. I prefer to initialize in the struct/class itself. It's easier for users of it to see what the default values are. struct Vec2f { // Functions... // Default initalize: float x = 0.0f; float y = 0.0f; }; Just like @jpetrie said, this will initialize in the same place as in the constructor and at the same time, but I feel it's more self documenting and just plain easier to read (instead of having to look at a constructor that might be coded in a .cpp file).
  3. @frob knows what he is talking about, I would listen to his experience. You seem obsessed with game objects rendering themselves, but even in small games this is highly inefficient and a poor design, which can lead to bad behaviors as a programmer which are difficult to change later. You become limited very quickly with what you can do with objects rendering themselves honestly (from past experience here too which required a complete rewrite of the game and it's underlying rendering tech...). If each object renders itself you loose the ability to batch render, which is something very good for efficiency which is always good. Otherwise you're wasting GPU/CPU power/cycles for zero benefit other then your perceived one which doesn't actually exist. Even simple games can benefit from stateless rendering systems, see these couple articles and the ones they reference also: http://realtimecollisiondetection.net/blog/?p=86 This is a 3 part series, the links are at the bottom of this article: https://blog.molecular-matters.com/2014/11/06/stateless-layered-multi-threaded-rendering-part-1/ A texture atlas and a sprite sheet are check alike honestly. They both tightly pack other images/textures and you need to know where they are from data files. I honestly create the largest texture I can (on the GPU) that is a bit bigger then I need to load all my textures/images/sprites do I have zero requirements to change my working texture. Only the shader needs to change then. This is what I use, templated for the data being sent to keep type safety.
  4. Creating a custom window UI on windows10

    Why did you post it on pinterest? I don't have an account nor do I want to make one or even give them access to my facebook information. Post it on a free image hosting site. Picpaste.com even gives images a time limit they can be viewed if you're worried about that.
  5. How to protect yourself and your game?

    Hiring in your country is likely the best idea and have them sign NDA's written by a local lawyer who is aware of federal laws in your country also. This would be my non-legal advise. Seek a lawyers assistance in the matter. It will be cheaper over time then finding out we may have given you poor information in an online forum.
  6. Software for multiple dialog options?

    You'll need some sort of exporter/converter to get it into a format the engine uses. You don't say what engine you're using for your game, that is the most important thing you left out I feel.
  7. Might have been a bug in 2013 that was fixed for 2015/17. VS 2013 didn't fully support C++11 features. I don't even think 2017 is fully compliant yet. Though they're close from what I read. Any reason you need to test this on a 4 year old compiler? Just curious.
  8. Blank

    Actually it kept you on the latest content page longer as it's being bumped Also, clearly there were things to point out that you seemingly haven't thought of. This was meant with the best intentions, regardless of how you took them. I offered you questions to ask yourself. Kickstarter is sorta dead for indie devs. A lot of people in the dev scene know this and might take a project solely focused on it less serious or bypass it. Since you're able to edit your post you could update it to say "seeking crowd sourced funding..." Also, most people are thankful for critiques as they give you the chance to improve. Apparently, you're not one of them. So again, I wish you the best of luck with your project.
  9. Blank

    It was not passive aggressive. I was actually attempting to be helpful in giving you a realistic idea of what is going on with Kickstarter right now. Guess I should have mentioned there are other crowd sources that are doing better apparently, like Fig. Sorry for trying to be helpful I guess?
  10. Blank

    Have you looked at the success of Kickstarter campaigns lately for unknown devs? The odds are not great, unless you're going for a few thousand dollars and even then they're kinda slim. If you have something playable you can record from you might have a bit more of a chance. You say you have a team of programmers but they're not listed on the site. Unless you mean the modders?... Anyway, best of luck to you!
  11. Info on the project will likely help you a bit.  Concept art, short video of game play even using crappy place holder art.  Story overview, ideas, etc.
  12. My question, why are you locking threads to do only one thing?  Instead use them to do tasks.  Like all threads do physics work now.  Then the next thing.  Your render thread is likely idle a lot of the time as all we do now a days is push commands onto the cards.  Make a few extra for lower priority things like loading in the background or waiting on other data, etc.  When your game gets on a 8 core CPU it will be wasting a lot of cycles it could be using for faster simulation speeds *shrugs*. <rant> Anytime I see a C in front of a class name I die a little on the inside.  In this day and age there is no use for it.  Intellisense is everywhere, and it just makes things harder and slower to read honestly. </rant>
  13.   You can technically leave the camera at 0,0,0 and move everything around it too.  At the end of the day the results are the same.  Just saying :)
  14. Working on 1st RPG, how to handle quests etc.

    How did you get enemies into your pacman like game?  How did you spawn and move asteroids in your asteroids like game?  There are literally a plethora of ways to do it.  Most will work.  Honestly just code.  If you have to rip it out later all the better as a learning experience.  You honestly learn the least from looking at other peoples solutions compared to writing your own and realizing it's wrong.  You're still at the learning stage, take advantage of learn all you can from your own mistakes.