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  1. Hidden variables

    In your example carnival game, I think it would play out very differently if the scoring mechanism were not hidden, to when it is; and to me, it is interesting to explore what those differences might be.
  2. Hidden variables

    Thats certainly a strange thing to say, a game with hidden variables would not simulate the player as being a blind deaf leper, in fact, all games use hidden variables to one extent or another.
  3. Hidden variables

    So essentially, discovery does not rate highly in gameplay terms. Interesting.
  4. hit'n'recover tactic in RPGs

    Oh, just to clarify, none of your party members are dead outside of combat, ever. To hit a game over screen in those games, you must lose the entire party *in one battle*.
  5. hit'n'recover tactic in RPGs

    Some Japanese RPG's do not feature healing, resurrection and recovery outside of their battle engines at all (Enchanted Arms and the Last Remnant both autoheal all of your party if you survive a battle). This changes the gameplay in that each combat must be capable of wiping your party out in one go to be challenging and shifts the focus in the battle to tactics to minimise or eliminate this from happening.
  6. Hidden variables

    What if the goat shrine hid its variables (specific effect) but instead had given a general description? And lastly, what if the information was not available online, for example, if the game randomised everything so no two games were ever the same?
  7. Hidden variables

    I don't, its a thought experiment: what would happen in a game, if they were hidden. Its sometimes useful to turn things on their heads, to better understand them and see things from a different perspective.
  8. Hidden variables

    No that's interesting. So players will attempt to find some other metric to measure it against, like cost. Which could be defeated if cost is related to how common the item is rather than how effective and could lead to odd choices as a consequence. An interesting thought. Counting hits to kill would likely be the most reliable method, in the absence of an objective game engined explicit rating system and outside information, I agree.
  9. Hidden variables

    Regardless, I'm not asking if its a good or bad idea. I'm asking what effect it might have on the player, in-game. How might she behave differently, having variables hidden from her, by the game?
  10. Hidden variables

    It's folly to think you can stop players looking things up online; their behaviour out of the game itself is not under your control, whatever you do.
  11. Hidden variables

    Thanks for the comments guys. I'm less interested in ways of making hiding variables work, than the effect it might have on the gameplay itself. I suspect it may change how a player approaches and plays the game - given two identical games, one which hides information from the player and one which does not.
  12. Otreum's right and for me at least, the strategy would lead to the game having a longer lifespan.
  13. Hidden variables

    In most roleplaying games, damage inflicted is shown on the hit and if it isn't, it can often be toggled on so it is. Even in pen and paper table top RPG's, the player usually rolls a dice and sees how much damage was inflicted. My question is this.. if you hide this information from a player, so she has to infer it for a weapon through trying it and / or common sense or a description, how might this change the gameplay?
  14. Quote:you'll actually be more likely to find a quality game that you like in 10 years ...only if you like the same thing as everyone else and your yardstick for quality doesn't involve innovation.
  15. Quote:Oh, but rage is the spice of life! I think you'll find it is variety, my friend, but perhaps you are being ironic ;) Back on topic: I believe that games designers need a wakeup call; pandering to the masses was never what games design was about and it is driving its long time fans away. This is what I am concerned about. We seem to have lost touch with this. When Cliffy B recently stated that the industry does not value its visionaries, it would appear to be further evidence of this in action. If the money men are pulling the creative strings then this whole thing will collapse. This is beginning to happen *as never before*.
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