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  1. Mr_Goodwrench120

    does anyone know a good basic language

    I would listen to the smart anti C++ guy :) there will always be despute about what language is the best and which is the worst. I still recommend you to pick a language, and find some tutorials to start you off... Good luck programming buddy :)
  2. Mr_Goodwrench120

    does anyone know a good basic language

    Yes, I definitely agree with GDKnight. You need a solid basis and C# would give it to you. My advice is go to the nearest Half-Price Books store, or any bookstore and find a good book for beginners, you dont have to buy it, just read it at the store if you need to. Then go home and find a few tutorials, for example this site: http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial.html and try some of those exersizes. Then move to more difficult material.
  3. Mr_Goodwrench120

    does anyone know a good basic language

    Why not just buy a C++ book for beginners, might as well start learning C++.
  4. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Beginners Unite!

    Yes you would definitely need to make sure that you have everything linked correctly.
  5. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Beginners Unite!

    Ok, i would like to clear something up, Please do not join the forums to critique us, we are trying to do everything possible in order to get things moving. If you think that you want an opportunity to make a game then join up and we will put you to work. If you are looking at the forums for finished games and sample code you will not find it because all the code is in our posession and you will get the code upon joining the forum and being assigned. As soon as the manpower is up to full we will explain the project and issue the completed skeleton code to all Project 1 teams, then assign work. My job is simply to get enough active members to get started... Looking forward to some positive replys, Thank you and welcome.
  6. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Beginners Unite!

    First of all we need to build up a structure of dedicated programmers, not necesarely experienced programmers, but we need active members. When everyone joins the forums and checks in, we can start on the project. Everyone will be given a task to do, and we try to put inexperienced programmers with experienced ones so that there is a chance to learn. If you have questions ask me on AIM. MrGoodwrench120 is my AIM handle. Thank you and i am looking forward to your reply's.
  7. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Beginners Unite!

    We are going to make Project 1: RoadKill into a 2d game first, we have a running skeleton code, and we are planning to take it 3d in the future with OpenGL or DirectX, leaning towards OpenGL...
  8. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Beginners Unite!

    Its time for the beginners to unite again, please visit our site we are ready to get things going, anyone with experience is welcome, also complete noobies are welcome too... we are willing to learn from eachother and teach people who are willing to learn from us. Our website is http://phpbb88.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=beginnersunite read over the forums and look over the projects, we will begin when we have enough active members to make the programming teams. AIM is recommended because we get most work done in real time chat. Thanks for your time, hope to see you there... Oh and we might be remodeling the forums because of the monochromatic look to it. Welcome to the team =)
  9. Mr_Goodwrench120

    GUI for a noob

    If you are going to learn OpenGL you might as well make 3D graphics in your game.
  10. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Please Point Me In The Right Direction

    Cal3d looks cool but I dont know how to create models in cal3d, you probably know way more then me about making games so i will download it and mess around with it, thanks bro!
  11. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Please Point Me In The Right Direction

    You are the man!!! http://lib3ds.sourceforge.net/ this looks like the site to go, if interested check it out!
  12. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Please Point Me In The Right Direction

    Thanks guys, I now have a question about 3DS MAX, I used it for a while and am pretty good at making models and animating them... so can I import the .3ds files with animations and textures that are assigned to them into OpenGL format, or do I have to draw and animate them using OpenGL? Because I took your advice and went to the later tutorials and it takes several lines of code to make a cube. I dont want to know how long it would take me to make a person or a table using OpenGL. I know all the coordinates for all vertecies are in the .3ds file so do I have to convert them somehow, how does that work?? any suggestions??
  13. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Please Point Me In The Right Direction

    Thanks, I bought a book "Beginning OpenGL", and will read it when it is delivered... But should I gain on C++ knowlege or just dive into OpenGL?
  14. I recently started learning OpenGL, I have had some previous experience with C++ but nothing too serious... When I got to NeHe's tutorials I got really confused, can anyone tell me where I should start learning it, I mean the tutorials are good and all but i dont understand every bit of code that goes into making the window let alone texture mapping and all the cool stuff. So should I learn C++ more extencively or is OpenGL just hard to understand? Also I am good at making and animating models in 3DS MAX, can you import them into OpenGL, animations and all?, thanks for the help...
  15. Mr_Goodwrench120

    Need program opinion!

    From my understanding C++ and OpenGL are the industry standards, i wouldnt waste my time learning lesser programs, i think that it will be better on you if you started learning those right away, you will need C++ knowlege first, so you can visit the articles section, under resourses on the top blue bar, or hit barnes and noble and buy some books. Start easy, dont try to make half life 2... good luck
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