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  1. meatbeef

    prog executing extremely slowly

    What gfx card do you have? The code looks ok but the resolution you are trying to use is kind of high try using a lower res and switching to 16 bits may make a difference...
  2. meatbeef

    Need a little help on C++ Console graphics

    I don't know man, I think the best choice would probably be to use a graphics library(either allegro or DirectDraw would probably do the job nicely) and simulate a console window. And dealing with anything related to dos will probably make your life a living hell to my experience so...
  3. Quote:Original post by jflanglois It could be a driver issue. Have you installed drivers recently (possibly beta)? [edit]Inversely, have you not updated your drivers in a while?[/edit] Take a look at Q316434. It could also be an actual hardware problem. It could also be a memory problem (hardware). Run Memtest86+. jfl. This comp is about two months old, only thing I've replaced so far is the graphics card because I was using the on-board card which was pretty much crap. I replaced it with an nvidia GeForce 7800 GT, I take it maybe the card's drivers are the issue?
  4. Quote:Original post by bakery2k1 If your system is set to automatically restart on a "serious error", you can still retrieve what would have been on the blue screen. Look in the event log (Right-click My Computer, Manage, Event Viewer, System) for events marked "Type - Error", "Source - System Error", and you should be able to get an error code. Are there any of these events for you? What error codes do they have? I don't know because there are a bunch of errors in there, last one I have its this one Event ID: 1003 Category (102) Error code: 1000000a, parameter1 fffffffc, parameter2 000000ff, parameter3 00000001, parameter4 80540f9f. No clue what that means though :)
  5. Yes its the express one for c# and I'm using Windows XP. I will try disabling the Automatic restart option and post results later.
  6. I just downloaded it and I am able to use it but after a while it just resets my machine for no reason. It doesn't matter whether I'm writing code or playing around with the Form designer thingy it just resets my machine after a while using it. Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix this? It's very frostrating.
  7. meatbeef

    C strings quick question

    As far as I know the string is stored in the executable (in read-only memory) that's why you can access it but you can't change it directly...
  8. meatbeef

    Installing DirectX for VB *SOLVED*

    You have to install the managed version of directx if you haven't done so. It should give you the option somewhere in the SDK installation I believe...
  9. You can always use a c++ string and get a const char* through string::c_str() if you need it. It will prevent a lot of headaches in the future too probably... :)
  10. meatbeef

    writing an emulator?

    Alright so then the 2600 isn't simple to emulate eh, I don't know what gave me the idea it was :). Ok then I'll try to write a gameboy emulator instead hopefully when I get some free time. The Virtual Machine idea sounds interesting as well. Does anybody know of some open source gameboy emulators I can look at? And I wouldn't like to start off trying to emulate the snes I want to keep my sanity for now. [lol]
  11. meatbeef

    writing an emulator?

    alright thanks, @zero: Is only for the learning experience I don't care if I get it finished or not, just as long as I get it half working at least. I have some experience in programming c++ around 5+ years and have experience in some other languages as well, nothing special really :/ Again thank you, I appreciate the input.
  12. meatbeef

    writing an emulator?

    I'd like to try and write an emulator just for the learning experience. Something simple like an atari 2600 and maybe if I get it done try my hand at writing one for the snes. What are good sites to learn about the process of writing an emulator? It appears there's not much information on this (or at least I can't find anything on the subject).
  13. meatbeef

    console handles [c++]

    A handle is defined as a void* pointer so that's all that it is really. Could be anything, in short you just pass it around but you can't really use it for anything outside the scope of the functions that use it. Like the person above said its a very opaque type... o_O
  14. meatbeef

    Image Size in VB .Net

    Probably, the problem is DrawImage does some scaling I believe so the width and height of the image won't be the same when you draw it. This is so the image has the same size regardless of the resolution you have. Probably this will work Dim rect As New Rectangle(0, 0, 800, 600) e.Graphics.DrawImage(image, rect) Another problem is that the size of the form is 800x600 but counting the borders and stuff the drawing area will be a little smaller. SO just add a PictureBox object make it 800x600 and do your drawing there instead if you want the exact size
  15. meatbeef

    Yummm... New Game: AM' Fruit Frenzy

    Yes I got the same error it works if I add the file d3dx9_27.dll to the game directory. Nice, the player moves a little bit too fast though. The intro screen is a nice touch too =)
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