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  1. Well it's a MMORPG Server - so it's not your typical game. The server runs with about 1.0GB usage constantly on load.. and as actions are performed in the world the server obviously uses memory till the server saves locally to the HDD. So it has to cleanup about 400MB every collection - which takes about 3 seconds, which is way too long as causes the server to freeze for that time. My method uses manual collection every 6 hours, which uses a warning gump to let players know it's occurring. With this automatic system it's completely random and thus there no way to warn the players once it's happing - and they just think it's a lag issue, which obviously it's not. I can solve this problem just by somehow figuring out how to stop this automatic collection.. is this even possible.. ? - that's all I need to know.
  2. Hello, I've recently been using only .NET 1.1 (SP0) and handled the Memory myself via a script I wrote - which works very effectively. However when I upgraded to SP1 I noticed Garbage Collections were just taking place randomly with no warning, at first I thought I must of edited my script and made a mistake, then realised SP1 has some type of Automatic Collection. Is there anyway I can turn this off - As it's a nightmare as it's just completely random and unpredictable, and I need to GC.Collect at certain intervals to maintain stability of my application. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello, I'm running Windows 2003 Standard Server Edition. And when I installed 2003 SP1 it installed .NET Service Pack 1 . I've known this to fubar the software I've ran for ages, so never installed it. And when it was installed the software went fubar ( I expected) Now when I went to uninstall Windows 2003 SP1 it decided to leave the .NET SP1 patch it applied (..nice eh?) Now i'm screwed, as there seems to be no way to uninstall this service pack. I need my software to use just the original .NET 1.1. Can anyone help? I can't reinstall!! --Nick
  4. Hello, I'm currently running a very large piece of software that uses up to 2.0GB of Memory, on bootup it loads with 1.4GB average, and slowly goes up and up till eventually it's restarted every 24 hours. However recently as the server database has got bigger, there seems to be more frequent CPU spiking - I've been told this is because maybe the Garbage Collection is not configured to a optimal setting that it could be, and the Garbage Collection (GC) is actually causing the CPU spike (..which causes the database to freeze completely for 3-seconds). I'm currently using .NET Framework 1.1 (Not SP1) as when I run SP1 it seems to be even WORSE... the CPU Spikes and more and more often, which has me totally convinced it's a .NET problem with the GC changes. Does anyone have any clues, or any optimisations to the GC I could do with the .NET framework itself ? Thanks for any help you can offer. --Nick
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