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  1. there's more than one way that :P can be interpreted. I personally would have read that as mocking. Tone is hard to get across online, so I prompted you to clarify
  2. Gaiiden

    Sony C#/.NET Component Set Analysis

    the article stated at the beginning C# analysis was a new feature, and then looked at C# code.   And it's not like I'm bumping off other articles to publish these ones.
  3. Gaiiden

    Sony C#/.NET Component Set Analysis

      Then you'll love the next one in the queue
  4. Gaiiden

    How to Create a Mobile Game on the Cheap

    There were a lot of links missing I added from your original article. Also, is there a reason you left out the section on using Google analytics?
  5. Gaiiden

    Brain Dead Simple Game States

    yea that's an old one - I forgot about it since I've not messed with publication dates for a long while as the system just updates to the proper time when I approve them. Why are you touching it though? If you're making edits you should just make the edits and hit the Update Article button. No reason to mess with the date/time
  6. Gaiiden

    Brain Dead Simple Game States

      for some reason an articles entire content is now forced between <p></p> tags, which can mess up the headers. I have no idea why for that either :P but at least good to know it's not resetting dates on its own too...
  7. Gaiiden

    Brain Dead Simple Game States

    I have no idea why this is scheduled to be published on Jan 05 2016 01:45 AM, in case anyone was wondering why it was approved but not yet on the main page
  8.   I've been using it on my iPhone for another community and it's been perfectly straight-forward and easy to use. I'm pretty easy to please tho but I haven't come up with any serious complaints yet
  9. yea when I click to edit I see <p> right at the start - so you're saying you aren't putting them there yourself? Are you taking the text out of the editor to use your own and pasting it back in?
  10. Well, I put in the time to get it cleaned up but it's back to just regular bold headings. I'm not sure how that happened because when I last looked at it when it was published it looked fine.   If you are using <p></p> anywhere take them out. You don't need them and they will cause the rest of the tags to break
  11. Gaiiden

    Favor Small Components in Unity

    I question the "in Unity" part of the title. Doesn't seem necessary at all
  12. If anyone is voting Unclear or Incomplete simply because these are videos please remove your vote. It's not acceptible to judge information based solely on its form of presentation. Now, if you've watched the videos and determined them to not adequately explain what they are meant to, that's a problem - but you should also be leaving detailed feedback in that instance.   I understand some people like written materials over video but that doesn't mean video is any less effective at delivering an informative experience
  13. what sort of outages did you notice? In and out? More than several minutes at a time? Site totally down or just slow?
  14. I'm not seeing any errors either from any of the tabs or filters under the latest Firefox (40.0.1). I do see the lack of recent news though. Unsure what is going on there, and Mike has not been around to look into it lately
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