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    dont speak too soon, I havent been able to bring myself to tell my parents the results yet! I failed all subjects (dismally) except the actual programming bit - computer science 1B. Got offered enough hours at work to move out as well, so I probably will anyway, whether im kicked out or not, but for now, nothing can get me down, cos this party is gonna go OFF!
  2. gav86


    wow the site looks all new and modern! cool. Eh well didnt do too great at uni, theres this huge (and i mean HUGE) party comin up this weekend and i can't think about anything other than how awesome its gonna be, last year's was the best night of my life, no doubt. Anyway I'll keep posting here randomly even though im not devving any game.
  3. gav86

    EA AI contest

    what program is it exactly they are using? It sounds almost identical to a program we used in our university course called "robocode" where user-programmed tanks fight each other (head to head or in teams) http://robocode.sourceforge.net/
  4. gav86

    maya 7 PLE problems

    Thanks. . . the strangest thing is, I have installed maya 7 PLE once before a few weeks ago, and it worked fine!!
  5. gav86

    maya 7 PLE problems

    Everything is restored to default setting, nearclip & farclip is set correctly. Here is a screenshot of what I see in the viewports after hitting "F" for each one: What I can see
  6. gav86

    2D into 3D Model

    i recently got a program demo on a 3DWorld Mag disc, It could do this, you had to set up flags/corners, links between the pictures etc. . . so its not great. . and like was mentioned before - curved surfaces are a problem.
  7. gav86

    maya 7 PLE problems

    Hi, it cant be a driver issue (I dont think!) because i got one of the viewports to work by accident - so now I just have the other 3 to go (top, side, front)- If one is working, then it must be some setting or something that is individual for each viewport if my reasoning is correct. When i press "F", the viewports do the usual zooming in/centering, and during this process I CAN see whatever I should be able to, but then once the centering/zooming process is complete its dissappears again
  8. gav86

    maya 7 PLE problems

    well i just installed maya 7 PLE, and for some reason all my viewports show up "blank" (ie you cant see anything in them, however if you do a preview render of the viewport, you CAN see what you should be able to in the preview) I managed to get one of the viewports working, but I don't know how! Please help! Thanks..
  9. gav86

    Do I give up?

    I have previous exams, (a few of them) my problem is more I have no clue where to start except with maybe the first 1 or 2 questions. . . So . . umm :| yeh eek. That'll learn me for always coasting through school. Things used to come intuitively to me, but now its a bit more complicated and my learning skills are poo
  10. gav86

    Game artist's preference?

    thanks, - I have played around with a very old version of 3ds max (3.1) and also the latest maya PLE (7), but I found maya to be really strange/un-intuitive compared to max. - Is the latest version of max similar? Also, is there a "learning edition" of 3ds max? I dont exactly want to go forking out large sums of money just to try it
  11. gav86

    Do I give up?

    Well .. I think this is it.. I've been studying 16hours over the last 2 days, and I havent been able to learn anything from my maths subjects. (Exam is in 4 days time and due to my performance during the semester ill need about 70% to pass) So . . as dire as it sounds, I'm starting to make plans after I dropout of university..Because it seems pretty certain, and I already failed last year. First thing is I will get kicked out of home.. Before this happens I'll need to get a new computer... cos I doubt i'll be able to save enough $$ once im out. I need to decide what to do next: - Ive been told by alot of people that maths is imperative to be a programmer - I dont personally see it this way, but how would I know? Id love to keep teaching myself to program. . But I wouldnt be able to teach myself the maths.. The other option I have (which i would like to do ALMOST as much) would be to get into 3d modelling/animation . .. Anyone got some tips for me on working as a game artist? I honestly have no clue about this industry, ie; how hard it is to get into (id assume quite hard?), also - is formal training valued in 3d art professions? I would think it would be almost entirely portfolio based, but once again, what would I know? Anyway, any help appreciated!
  12. gav86

    Making animating a breeze...

    I honestly dont think an "instant 2d to 3D" program is possible - 1)It has no idea what is behind/on the other side of the bits drawn 2)it doesnt know how "round" something is - ie how does it tell the difference between a 2D drawing of a circle and a 2D drawing of a sphere? You could always try using 3d software and toonshaders to achieve your desired animation.
  13. gav86

    *cry* *sulk* *tantrum*

    Not a clue! some kind of fractally-looking glob of madness . .. . I just didnt have a suitable avatar to use so I sized it down and there you have it...
  14. gav86

    beginner, college..

    My CS labs are done on Macs . . .and unix in later years windows XP?! I bet you had two-button mice as well! It really depends if you want to program the game mechanics or create the imagery - If you're good at computers you shouldnt have any trouble with picking up 3D programs (probably artistic skill necessary too. . . :P) If you're thinking of going for programming, make sure you can handle alot of maths... I'm finding out i'm just not cut for it because of this.
  15. gav86

    Game artist's preference?

    Sorry for asking this question (its probably been asked a million times before, but I despise "search" functions on forums!) Anyway, as far as 3D game modelling/animation is concerned (rather than really high-res photoreal stuff), which is/are the most popular software package(s)? Thanks.
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