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  1. Bitem2k

    Building Bsp/Octrees

    Cool, i will check that out. thanks
  2. Bitem2k

    Building Bsp/Octrees

    Im so very stuck, that im going to be forced to purchase many books! thanks for your help though.
  3. Bitem2k

    Building Bsp/Octrees

    Ok, Sorry to sound horrendously stupid here ( i have searched the internet long and hard for information on how to implement an octree ) so say i concentrate the objects vertex data into one list, what would the method that generates the octree look like? The way i understood it was that the octree is generated by an arranged list of polygons. If i just add the vertices on to the end of the list will this work? How does the algorithm know where to place the polygons in relation to the octree? Thank you very much for helping me out as im close to pulling my hair out!
  4. How would i go about turning multiple mesh loaded from xfiles into polygon soup? (i.e combine their vertex buffers) I wish to create an octree with the resulting poly list. Thanks in advance
  5. Bitem2k

    Building Bsp/Octrees

    Quote:Original post by head_hunter What you could do is merge all vertex lists into one and keep an extra list with object IDs. That way you can assign vertices to proper nodes (assuming you are building an octree) and still know to which object they belong. You should store the object IDs in the nodes as you will probably need them later on. That makes sence, but how would i go about creating the combined list? Thanks
  6. Quote:Original post by Amma Trust me, the mentioned suggestions don't work ... I think I've tried all vector/matrix conversations outthere. The problem is that the matrices hold scale information which cannot be demangled once it's in the matrix. Instead (and this is the answer I looked all around for!!) you should use the IGame API calls. There's plenty of information on it in the 3ds max SDK. You simply specify which API (OpenGL/DX/User) you want the coordinates to be in, and it's automatically computed for you! Im not to sure about his exact problem and im far,far far from being an expert, however the solution I posted was an answer that i recieved from someone for my particular problem. My problem was i needed to export camera locations from 3ds max into my game engine (dx9), and swapping the y and z values did indeed work, for atleast that problem.
  7. Bitem2k

    Building Bsp/Octrees

    Quote:Original post by 5MinuteGaming How are you storing the Polygon data or face data from the Vertex buffers. Hi thanks for replying. At the moment im stuck and cannot procede until i know what im doing (to save time later if i chose the wrong solution. As i stated before i intend to have multiple x files making up my world, but as of yet ive no idea how to implement it! Any ideas would be appreciated. thanks
  8. All you have to do is swap the Y and the Z position. (i.e) (X,Y,Z) = (X,Z,Y) Hope this helps
  9. Does anyone know how i would go about combining multiple Mesh's with multiple vertex buffers into a single bsp/oct tree? i.e My level consists of many different meshes, for instance walls, floor, tables etc. All the examples i have found on the net have wanted a single list of polygons to build the tree from. Thanks in advance.
  10. Bitem2k

    BSp trees

    Thanks for replying. Yeah i have allready looked at that but it doesnt help with my problem.
  11. Bitem2k

    BSp trees

    Here's my problem: Im writing a game engine and i wish to implement a bsp tree for collision detection and culling. My levels will consist of a number of .x file meshes that have been positioned in my level editior. Once i have all the mesh's loaded how do i add them to a bsp tree? all the examples i have seen, seem to require a list of polygons. If i retrieve the polygons from the vertex buffer of each mesh, how do i know where to put these in the tree? Thanks in advance.
  12. Bitem2k

    Scene Management/Collision Detection

    Thanks for the reply! Ok what you say about the material makes sense! however if i was using the tree for not just coll detection but also for frustrum culling, if all my data is in a vertex buffer would that mean that i would have to 'hand' draw the visible bits of mesh using directx's draw primitive method?
  13. Theres a few things that i still dont understand with regards to management of my scene; 1) When dividing my scene into some sort of tree (bsp octree,etc..) Where do i get the data from? Do i retrieve it from a vertex buffer? Or maybe i am meant to have a collection of object mesh's that i put into a tree? 2) once i have that data in a tree, when doing collisions on the level terrain how do i know which part of the terrain ive hit? (i.e wall floor hole)... If someone could explain the following to me i would appr. it greatly, as i am stumped! Thanks
  14. Sorry im not sure about the picking however there are many articles about this subject. Do a search on this forum and im sure u will find something usefull. U and V are simply texture coordinates, not actual world space coords. That is why they range from 0 to 1. You may think of U being X and V being Y. the texture is stretched across the surface of polygons/triangles using these coordinates. See The picture below. Hope this helps
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