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  1. Prinz Eugn

    i need help in unity

    I think iRyu is saying that you can have a game object which you move directly through your script, then attached to that game object is the ball game object that can spin freely. That way, you can move the ball around with a fixed reference frame (from the parent object) and have it (the ball object itself) spin.
  2. On the wing thing, I think that's still something that could be improved. I got bored after work and made a few mock-ups (top is the original):
  3. Well, that sort of depends on how detailed the other aircraft. It just needs to fit into the overall look. I think it's pretty good, it's simpler than the other jet you posted. I think having less "stuff" makes it fit the part of an advanced stealth fighter, but that being said it does seem a little plain to me. If you do want to add more detail, I would maybe add a dorsal spine, maybe add something under the exhaust, and maybe try some winglets. I see you had some panels by the cockpit and got rid of them... I dunno, I kind of liked them (would be better if they weren't outlined so much as slightly darker gray) EDIT: Added a quick mock-up of a dorsal spine and some more panel lines, and that thing near the cockpit.
  4. Just wanted to drop in and say I think it's looking great!
  5. Hi DeltaKshatriya, I saw this on the front page, sorry it's taken me a while to sit down and write this. I've only done "some" 3D modelling, but I've done a lot of fictional airplane design. Note that I naturally lean on realism when I design stuff, so that's how I tend to think about designs. First, it looks like a great start. I'm sorry if this seems overly critical. Creating art is a constant learning process and hopefully this helps. The overall impression for me is kind of retro-futuristic, like something that would be futuristic in a WW2 context. In fact it looks a lot like the Horten Ho 229, not sure if that's intentional. Other first impression is that it looks more like a bomber or a drone than a true fighter. The biggest reason for that is the really long wings that aren't swept back very much. Generally speaking, sharper the wing sweep, the faster something is, or at least looks. If you look at modern fighters, they almost all have delta or trapezoidal wings with much, much sharper sweep. Fighters also usually have more, bigger control surfaces proportionally. Maybe a canard up front could help? You mentioned issues with the cockpit... So I think the cockpit is way too far back. Generally they are much closer to the nose (so the pilot has some downward visibility). Moving it forward will also help with the fighter "look". They are also usually a little longer, too, proportionally. The curve of the nose looks off, too much like a flattened cylinder. It lacks geometrical complexity, like there aren't really compound curves. And it doesn't really look that, um, fierce? You could try adding chines ( see attached example), which are the edges on stealth aircraft that basically are the dividing line between radar waves being deflected up or down. They look pretty neat too, in my opinion, and would help "sell" it as a stealth fighter. Your panel lines look a little haphazard to me, you should take a look at some more real-world examples or even concept art. They usually are where parts connect, so having them floating in the middle looks kind of off. For example, check out the major panels on an F-22: More on the modelling side, the panel lines on the front fuselage (in front of the cockpit) look out of place, and a little too normal-mappy, like it's obvious they are not geometry. The tail looks a little goofy to me, it reminds me of a platypus. It might work better to cut it shorter, make it more angular, and maybe add some control surfaces, maybe even a V-tail or something. Note: If you want to get even more realistic, I would look into "planform alignment," or how on stealth aircraft the flight surface edges and panel lines are all designed to be parallel or perpendicular as much as possible. This is why panels on things like the B-2 and F-117 have that distinct diamond look, and I see you emulated that in the big panel lines on the back. Adding those jaggy edges to the nose cone specifically I think would be pretty neat to try. Some of the geometry/features don't seem well integrated into the overall "look." Namely, the engine pods look almost like an afterthought, and it looks like they pretty roughly clipping into the body of the aircraft. The panel lines on the wing seem to be like partly covered up, too, like they don't make sense. Not to get too much more into "realism" stuff, but the podded engines look very dated, since stealth aircraft try to "bury" their engines as much as possible. Regardless, the exhaust just coming out onto the fuselage looks very strange (like there should be scorch marks). The vents on top look out of place, too, also like they are stuck on, rather than part of the jet. Colors and stuff: The camo looks okay, but be careful trying to figure out camo too early in the design process. It tends to cover up things that look wrong (which is the whole point of camo), which can hurt the final design. When I draw planes, I always add camo last for this reason (and it's really easy to change compared to everything else). In this specific context, it might be better to stick with dark gray, or some other more subtle scheme. People will immediately jump to "stealth!" when they see dark gray or black, like the classic SR-71 (note the chines again): 0r0d noted the black areas, which is related to the overall color. Right now they are a little too constrasty, like they are drawing more attention than you really want (other than the cockpit, which should be a focal point). You might try experimenting with panels of subtely different colors or finishes/reflectivity (gloss, matte, flat), which you can kind of see in the F-22 photo above. Okay, so that's a lot and I'm going to stop... and I see you have a new one, too. I guess my overall would be there are quite a few things I would experiment with to make it look "stealthier" and optionally more "realistic" (realism may or may not be important to you).
  6. It looks pretty incomplete so far, so it's a little hard to comment too much. The terrain color is too saturated, meaning the green is way too bright. Even for a cartoony game, that color is too garish. Bright colors can be tricky because they can be hard to coordinate well. If you want to maintain a simpler look, I would take cues from similarly stylized games. For example, your screenshots remind me of Windlands. That style is entirely appropriate to me for a browser game. Not sure if this is a future feature, but it could use more variation in the terrain, like different biomes in Minecraft. Forests, deserts, plains, etc. You already have some coloration by altitude, so I would add a few more colors in addition to what you have. Placing trees in clumps in addition to randomly would be nice, too. Also, it took me a long time to notice the little people, I would definitely think about how to make them stand out more from the ground. Here is a quick photoshop example of some of the colors toned-down:   Here's another, made more "realistic," more terrain variation in this, and some forests, and some distance fog, plus muted colors.   Good luck!
  7. I'm pretty new to Unity dev myself, but it looks like maybe the ball does not get any velocity until you click (triggers GameStart), and you are setting the ball position to the paddle position in Start ( ) in Ball.cs. If your paddle is close enough to the LoseCollider (your thing below the screen), it may just trigger it right away.   EDIT: Sorry wrote this before, and didn't see your response above! Maybe try setting the ball position to some manual xyz (until GameStart) and see if it still triggers?
  8. Is there any contact info in the readme? I would contact the person if possible to simply ask permission. Worst case is they say no.   I think it's likely from what they wrote that they were simply worried about someone taking their art and claiming it as their own (shoving it into their own art pack), rather than someone actually using it as intended as a game sprite (or they wouldn't have released it in such a format). This is coming from someone who has slapped together sprite packs and handed them out like candy. I simply ask for a credit somewhere, and I'm afraid I didn't bend over backwards researching the licenses when I made mine so I can imagine there might be a gap between their intention and strictest interpretation of their wording.   Of course, their intention may have also been to release the resources for use in non-commercial games only, so I would really just see if you could their permission directly.   And if it really is Micky Mouse, you have a bigger problem to worry about, as Frob pointed out.
  9. Prinz Eugn

    So no one was impressed with E3?

    I'm plugged into the Halo fan community, nice to see some love for the Collection outside of it.
  10. Prinz Eugn

    naming my game

    To me it looks like it needs one of those one-word titles. It's a shame "Myst" is taken.... maybe "Mirk" or an old English derivative like "Myrke"? The Gloom? Dim?   Or that could be the main character, although to me it would make sense for his name to be some synonym for light, like something based off of luminous, like Lumino or Lume. Or flourescent, phosophorescent, lantern ("Lant"), etc. Torch is good, too. Having a "Y" at the end makes names sound more childish.
  11. Prinz Eugn

    The Total Beginner’s Guide to Better 2D Game Art

    One year anniversary! I will try to fix all the remaining typos this weekend.   Thank you all for the support!   EDIT: Fixed! Just comment if you have any more feedback, I'll be notified automagically.
  12. Simply put, the first screenshot looks like it comes from a game I would pay money for, the second one doesn't.   I think if you can't find the money/time to make your assets look acceptable in a project, you need to consider going a different route because honestly it drags the whole thing down. Two ways of doing that are by limiting yourself to existing royalty free art or cutting down the number of assets you need to a level where you can afford to buy them or polish them yourself. You could always try to find a useable easy style (ala South Park or the like). It doesn't matter so much if you're just doing this to practice, but if you're going to try to put it on the market it really matters.
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