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    Like Quake? You'll love this (almost as much as pie)!

    Quote:Original post by Antheus In browser, they go completely unused. The $500 GPU burning 200W in today's machine is no better for the task than Tseng4000 VGA card was 20 years ago. 2D Hardware acceleration has been around since the early 90's, and todays 3D cards also accelerate 2D. Having 3.6Ghz GDDR5 on an 8Gbps bus is a lot different to having 45Mhz SGRAM on a 16Mhz bus, even for browsing...
  2. Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ I find that highly strange, considering that (A) I've used LoadCursor[Image] plenty of times in the past and AFAICT the cursor handle always gets cleaned up properly on module exit and (B) the DestroyCursor documentation explicitly states not to destroy the shared cursor handle obtained from LoadCursor[Image]. The offending function was LoadCursorFromFile(...) and I used many tools on my way to locating this GDI leak that verified that handles were being leaked. As soon as I added calls to DestroyCursor, the leaks went away. Find it as strange as you like, I'm just speaking of my personal experience of a very recent event. Quote:Have you filed a bug report with Microsoft to confirm this? No, because it isn't my job to do that. I just have to fix the bugs and make the games... If I had time I would write a minimal reproduction case and submit it to MS, but I don't.
  3. Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ Quote:Original post by trippytarka Don't trust MSDN either, it's not always right about which objects require cleaning up. That's a hell of a claim to be making, considering MSDN ought to be about as authoritative as it's possible to get. Do you have any specific examples of where MSDN's information is wrong? And, preferably, objective confirmation that it is wrong? http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms648380(v=VS.85).aspx#_win32_Creating_a_Cursor Quote:from above link... Before closing, you must use the DestroyCursor function to destroy any cursors you created with CreateCursor. It is not necessary to destroy cursors created by other functions. I recently had to fix some code that assumed this was true. On Windows Vista and XP (at least) you have to call DestroyCursor after loading cursors. I forget the specific call (LoadCursorFromFile maybe), but I can find out tomorrow. I'm not sure what you mean by objective confirmation. The code leaked GDI handles on two seperate machines (one vista, one xp) before I fixed it. That's confirmation enough for me. I have also found information in MSDN to be wrong in the past, although the quality of the library is otherwise excellent in my opinion.
  4. There are IBM Rational Purify (you can get a trial version) and BoundsChecker (I forget who it's by). I've not used it yet, but the windows 7 sdk comes with 'Application Verifier'. Another free tool not yet mentioned is DPus. Don't trust MSDN either, it's not always right about which objects require cleaning up.
  5. trippytarka

    GLSL weirdness bonanza

    Great :)
  6. trippytarka

    GLSL weirdness bonanza

    I have found that declaring variables which are not used causes undefined (as far as I can see) behaviour. Perhaps this is due to optimization...
  7. trippytarka

    Changing to OpenGL

    SDL can handle the 2D rendering for you, but doing it yourself in OpenGL would give you access to the hardware acceleration. SFML uses OpenGL for all it's 2D stuff IIRC, so you get HW acceleration out of the box.
  8. trippytarka

    Discussion: philosophy, us and the Universe

    Quote:Original post by owl *sigh* Answering the question using any rational definitions is like trying to make a scientific hypothesis on how many virgins await a martyr, or how hot hell is. The question comes from a belief system and is not meant to be taken literally. I'm not sure why you're sighing, since I have only tried to explain what the question is. Perhaps you have something more enlightening to say?
  9. trippytarka

    Discussion: philosophy, us and the Universe

    Quote:Original post by owl The question on if the Earth is flat was answered centuries before Christ, so from then on it would only be asked by extremmely ignorant people. The question on the tree falling is more a question on what reality really is. If something happens where nobody can witness it or any of it's consecuences, then it is the same to say that it didn't happen. It actually doesn't matter. I think you missed my point... the question has nothing to do with what reality really is. The answer is not important.
  10. trippytarka

    Discussion: philosophy, us and the Universe

    Quote:Original post by AndreTheGiant Ive always thought the tree falling in the woods thing was extremely stupid. The first time I heard it I was very young, and even then I knew it was dumb question. But I figured maybe theres something deep and profound about it that I wouldnt understand until I was older. Nope. Its still stupid. It all depends on how you define sound. If you define sound as the disturbance/vibration of air (or other medium), then yes the tree makes a sound. If you define sound as the vibrating of an eardrum which sends signals to a brain (which is the wrong definition, but some poeple probably use it), then no it doesnt make a sound. What am I missing? Nothing, I suspect. A much more interesting question for me is: how are people possibly so fascinated by that stupid question? The question is known as a 'koan'. The point is not in answering the question, it's about the state of mind brought about by thinking/meditating on it. When the question was first posed the knowledge of air compression, sound waves, inner-ear functionality would have been much more vague and rare, so while it may seem 'dumb' to you, that's just a temporal thing. The question 'Is the earth flat?' probably also sounds dumb to you, but it didn't to people who didn't already have the answer. What are you missing? The point, entirely... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C5%8Dan
  11. trippytarka

    I was sold an illegal copy of Cubase on eBay.

    http://pages.ebay.co.uk/ebaybuyerprotection/ Keep the item as evidence, but don't use it. Just get your money back and report the seller. If you didn't pay by card or paypal, I guess you probably lost your money.
  12. trippytarka

    Cannot reliably measure width of fonts

    It could be that you need to apply kerning values. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd144895(VS.85).aspx
  13. trippytarka

    Looking for a 3D model format

    What makes you think OBJ format does not support per-vertex normals?
  14. trippytarka

    Depth map error

    Quote:Original post by MZP Can I 'linearize' it somehow? Look at the equation in the section 'The Resolution of Z' in the link I posted. Rearrange the equation to find 'd'.
  15. trippytarka

    Depth map error

    The depth buffer is not linear... http://www.sjbaker.org/steve/omniv/love_your_z_buffer.html
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