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  1. dimovich

    Alternative Forums

    I wonder, what alternative game development forums are there? It is good when you can compare :).
  2. dimovich

    Netrix - Tetris Reloaded

    Netrix is unique in its own way. It is the only available tetris clone with programmable bots. The source code is polished enough so you can use it in your own projects. This is an OpenSource project, so any help is appreciated... [Edited by - dimovich on July 18, 2006 12:22:51 PM]
  3. dimovich

    Netrix - Tetris Reloaded

    I want to present you a somewhat functional version of Netrix, the best Tetris clone out there. Here are some of its features: * 1-player game type. * 2-player game type playable on a local computer against a human or against a computer opponent. * User-modifiable bots using NetrixC built-in scripting language. * Games can be recorded. * Lots of user-modifiable maps to play on. * Extremely small footprint (less than 100k). * Beautiful eye-candy graphics effects. * Console for fast and advanced settings configuration. * Flexible configuration system to help you tweak the game the way you want. * Simple and relaxing interface. You can download the binaries or the source code. The game is released under the GPL license. I'm looking forward to your comments. [Edited by - dimovich on July 18, 2006 3:15:03 PM]
  4. dimovich

    Netrix - Tetris Reloaded

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster Is your game supporting user customize-able interface? (like backgraound color, block color - different color for each type of blocks still is the best way to go, in my opinion) Yes. You can configure everything the way you want. Take a look at the manual in doc/manual.html. But for short, to change the background color to pink for example, you will write in "netrix.cfg": set SpaceColor 191 0 191 (those numbers are RGB components). Regarding multicolor figures, they will certainly be in some later revision. Thanks for your comment!
  5. I have the frontbuffer with a completely drawn scene. I want to update only a small part of the scene without redrawing the entire scene from scratch... I guess I could do that by copying the frontbuffer to backbuffer and updating only the necessary scene part. Still, I don't know how to copy the frontbuffer to backbuffer... Any help would be appreciated!
  6. What do you exactly mean by "flipping" ? Is it SwapBuffers() ? It'll be great if you would post some example code on how to do this...
  7. Why buy a book when you can download tons of books from p2p networks?
  8. dimovich

    Free Graphics Assets

    I'm developing a 2D adventure game but I don't have any graphics assets. Does anyone know of any web-resource with free graphics resources for games ? Thanks,
  9. dimovich

    Tetris AI Algorithms

    Damn, what a great feeling :)... My bot managed to score 80k completed lines. And it is a simple, 1-piece algorithm, whith no advanced stuff in it.
  10. I'm developing a tetris clone that provides the option to play against a computer. The bots are written in a C-like scripting language so that anyone could modify the bot AI. Currently there is only one bot available, and it is rather dumb. I would like to ask if anybody knows of any clever tetris AI algorithms that could do some more advanced stuff. Thanks.
  11. dimovich

    Tetris AI Algorithms

    I'll take my chance and show you what I've done so far. The game is ~60% complete. I haven't written any manual on the built-in scripting language... I'll do this later. I hope this is helpful. Here is the link: http://p4p.skynet.md/files/359/netrix_gd.zip
  12. dimovich

    Article editors

    A good editor would be "Nvu". I liked it.
  13. dimovich

    Article editors

    I'm planning to write some articles and would like to ask if anybody knows of some good HTML editors. I'm rather novice to HTML and it would be great if I had to write only the text and provide the images for the editor to render the article. Thanks.
  14. dimovich

    Tetris AI Algorithms

    Thanks for your advices. You really gave me some clever ideas. My current bot uses this formula: merit = rowsEliminated; merit += -1*cellsOccupied; merit += -5*holesShadowed; merit += -4*pileHeight; There are some minor issues with it but overal it does fine. The NN ideas seems interesting. Bastard Tetris looks promising :). My project is open source. After I release it I hope there will be enough people willing to write their own Tetris AI. [Edited by - dimovich on May 5, 2006 3:10:12 AM]
  15. dimovich

    Article editors

    Thanks for your advices.
  16. I'm writting a game under Win32, and have a console window. You can enter commands, change various options from it in "realtime" :) The console window is composed of 2 edit boxes. One for the input line, and the other for the command history. The later one is a multi-line, read-only edit box. My question: how can I add new lines of text to the command history to the bottom (not to the top), and have it automatically scroll vertically. (Well, like in a IRC chat :) ) Thanks!
  17. I've found the solution in the Quake3 source code (win_syscon.c). HWND hWndEdit; //command history edit box handle TCHAR *szBuff; //command history text buffer ... //Scroll down to the last line SendMessage( hWndEdit, EM_LINESCROLL, 0, 0xffff ); //Put the caret in view SendMessage( hWndEdit, EM_SCROLLCARET, 0, 0 ); //Insert text at the end SendMessage( hWndEdit, EM_REPLACESEL, 0, (LPARAM)szBuff ); And yadango, thanks for your advice with SeriousSam SDK. I've found a lot of useful code there.
  18. Quote:Original post by vovansim It depends on what you are using for the UI library. Is it MFC? Or some other library? The specific answer will depend on that. I'm using pure Win32.
  19. I have a dialog box. This dialog box contains a "SysIPAddress32" control. I'm developing on a WinXP box, and everything runs fine. But when I tested my application on a Win2k box, the dialog box was not shown. I've done a little debugging and found out that my dialog box procedure recieves the messages in this order: WM_SETFONT, WM_DESTROY... Boundschecker reports that Windows could not find an appropriate window class for my control... I tried replacing the IP Address box with a simple edit box and the dialog is displayed just fine, but this is not a long term solution to the problem... Can someone help me with this problem ?
  20. I have an application that uses OpenGL as graphics API. I have multiple rendering contexts that are attached to different windows. Before drawing to any of the windows, I call wglMakeCurrent to set the current rendering context... The question is: after drawing to a specific window, should I call wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ), or it is OK to leave the current rendering context attached to the last window ? The point is that wglMakeCurrent is time expensive, and I don't want to call it that often.
  21. Thanks! It works now! :) (me feels so stupid)
  22. dimovich

    wglMakeCurrent details

    Thanks for the advice... But it seems that things will become way much more complicated with multithreading... The point is that my application works just fine... Everything is drawn nicely. But this could be just a simple illusion anyway.
  23. Hi there! How to intercept a win32 "static" child window's paint message ? I.e. I want Windows to call _my_ function when a portion of my window needs to be re-painted. Thanks!
  24. dimovich

    What is the meaning of life?

    I could be really happy if the "Matrix" ideas were true. I.e. the idea that we are in some kind of program. Don't forget that the kernel of our lifes are the random events.
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