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    MDX Problems

    Quote:Original post by Demirug This sounds like MDX2 code. Unfortunately MDX2 never made it out of the BETA status. The old runtimes that were part of earlier SDKs are time bombed months ago. To make your code run again you need to rewrite it to use MDX1, XNA Framework or one of the open source DirectX wrappers. ok this sucks but well..what can you do ;) thanks for the info!
  2. Hello, i have a VS2003 Solution that contains MDX code and i am not able to compile it using the current (August07) DirectX SDK. Is the namespace Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.Generics still available ? The problem is that the GraphicsBuffer<T> class is not available anymore... Is there a way to compile MDX code ? The current DirectX SDK release contains a debug (v2.0) library for managed DirectX code but i am not able to add a reference to it in VS2003/VS2005.. Can anybody tell me more about this ? b
  3. Quote:Original post by Antheus Hmm, web applications follow different rules. While there have been articles discussing HTTP protocol behaviour at maximum load and various request processing strategies, they aren't applicable to real-time gaming. All web application frameworks are build around modularity. To support more users, you add more hardware. And that's it. Keep in mind that Runescape or Flash games aren't web games. They just happen to run in a browser. But building game-ish scalable environments is a completely different thing. If you're sure about terminology, then all you need to look at is enterprise application development, load balancing and similar topics at one thousands of sites which discuss it. Almost all of it is open source as well. Apache offers just about everything you could need, with MySQL serving as one of simplest back-ends. The only game that is truly a web application I can think of right now is Kingdom of Loathing. True. I haven't put it very well in my initial post. My question is directed towards games using a dedicated client. Just like WoW and the likes. Thanks for your reply so far, i will look into these topics! greets, b
  4. Quote:Original post by jochen Googling for IO completion ports might render some interesting info on that, also afair there have been some good articles on MMOG and alike in Game Programming Gems 5/6. Jochen thanks !!
  5. Hi, can anybody recommend links/books/papers about the operation of this type of games or large scale web-applications ? With "operating" i mean the technical side of web applications like games with a high amount of concurrent users (bandwith consumption, scaling, etc..). Any feedback is highly appreciated! regards, b
  6. b3rnd

    XNA Texture Problem

    Quote:Original post by remigius IIRC XNA Game Studio Express will become officially supported on Vista with the upcoming update. Since Vista supports DX9 which XNA uses however, I doubt this is the cause of your problem. Unless you consistently run into this problem when deploying on Vista, I'd investigate some other possibilities. Did you already try running the application with D3D in debug mode (see my sig)? Maybe that'll shed some light on what might be going wrong. Other than that I can only offer some guesses, like not using the backbuffer in your MRT setup but to render to 2 custom RTs instead. You can render the result on the 1st RT to the backbuffer relatively efficiently using a SpriteBatch and it just might help solve your problem (I'm betting on a surface format conflict between the 'Vector4' RT and the typical 'Color' backbuffer). This 'intermediate step' may seem a bit redundant, but going from the SpaceWar sample code it's good practice and it's actually quite an elegant way to handle multiple backbuffer sizes. Well, hope this does help :) thanks i will try that (+ debugmode)
  7. b3rnd

    XNA Texture Problem

    Quote:Original post by remigius Edited, hadn't noticed you actually wanted to use MRTs [smile] You have to output your pixel shader results to the appropriate output semantics, typically COLOR0 (equivalent to the normal COLOR) to COLOR3. Everything written to each COLOR# register in the pixel shader will go to the #th render target. The BasicEffect only outputs to COLOR0 afaik, so any additional targets will be empty. So in order to use MRTs, you'll probably need to write your own pixel shader or adapt the BasicEffect to output to the other semantics as well. At least that's how I did it, please let me know if there's an easier way. As for how XNA handles MRTs, as far as I know there isn't anything special about that. The only thing I heard is that they're not supported on the XBox360 just yet. Has anything changed with that? i probably should have mentioned that i use a custom shader ;) out float4 oColor : COLOR0 out float4 oColor2 : COLOR1 it should be alright because on another machine (similar setup) the texture is not empty. now that you mention that the xbox360 does not support MRT's, that is what i found about the RenderTarget2D.GetTexture() method on msdn: >Platforms >Xbox 360, Windows XP SP2 is it possible that this method is not supported on vista yet ? thanks for your time guys !
  8. hi, i have a strange problem when rendering to a second rendertarget and creating a texture from it. i can not post the entire code to a code-site like pastebin, but here are the interesting code parts: *** >> creating my rendertarget renderTarget2 = new RenderTarget2D(device, device.PresentationParameters.BackBufferWidth, device.PresentationParameters.BackBufferHeight, 1, SurfaceFormat.Vector4); >>set the new rendertarget device.SetRenderTarget(1, renderTarget2); >>render code goes here .. >>resolve rendertarget device.ResolveRenderTarget(1); >>unset rendertarget device.SetRenderTarget(1, null); >>create texture from rendertarget2 Texture2D tex = renderTarget2.GetTexture(); *** so far so good..the problem is, the texture is empty. if i do not render to the backbuffer everything is fine, but as soon as it try to render to a new rendertarget -> empty texture. the code runs on vista, gpu is nvidia go 6200 (ps model 3.0). does anybody have an idea ?
  9. hi, i have been reading alot about shadowmapping/stencil shadows lately. There is still one thing that i dont understand. What are transparent shadows ? Where can i see transparent shadows in action ? How can i implement it ? b
  10. Hi, does anybody know papers, websites, books, articles, sourcecode about joining/merging meshes ? thanks
  11. @DrEvil, yes, thats exactly what i do at the moment. I try to produce as much as possible (with decent quality) to create a little portfolio. @eelke_folmer, french is not realy common here ;) but i have also thought about staying in europe.. thing is, i am also interested in the country/lifestyle in the usa - that's why i would realy like to spend a few years there. But hey, maybe this changes until i am finished. You never know.. thanks for the replies so far!
  12. Hey, i am a student of computer science and i will have a BS degree in about 3 months. After that i plan to continue my studies for 2 more terms to get a masters degree (software engineering with focus on computer graphics (real-time graphics)). I know that it's realy difficult to get a decent job in the game industry. The competition is hard! I guess every studio gets probably hundreds of resumes per month, so only the best of the best with alot of experience will get the jobs. When i have finished my studies, i plan to go to the usa for a few years to gain experience. I am not only interested to work in the game sector, any rewarding (not especially in terms of money) job in the computer graphics field is interesting for me. Can you give me any advices for my plans ? What can i do to increase my chances for a good job (i dont have any experience in the PROFESSIONAL gaming industry, but i have already worked on 2D/3D engines, networking, i am not dumb ;) and i consider myself as a pretty good programmer. Sure, i still have a lot to learn, but life is a constant learning process anyways). Any feedback is appreciated! -bernd
  13. Quote:Original post by Elig Four words: Render Lights Before Camera. The thing is, when setting the light position to a vector, that vector does not get transformed by the modelview matrix/etc. upon input. Meaning that, you're world can be rotated in any direction, however your light is still at a location relative to the camera. If you input before, the light is rotated correctly. cool, i will try that out tonight. sorry for the late reply - have internet problems at the moment. b
  14. ok, shadercode updated. Now it also compiles on my radeon (9800pro). The lighting problem is the same! feedback is welcome, i am realy lost here b
  15. Quote:Original post by eviltwigflipper That pixel shader in that demo compiles with errors. Can you post the shader your using? If its exactlly in that demo the pixel shader doesn't compile. strange, it works in my nvidia card. are you using ati hardware ? i will check it again. i think there is a problem with my camera
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