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  1. BlackRyder

    OpenGL and visual studio 2005

    is there a way to use it cross platform without using any of the above such as glut or other window system ? isn't it what openGL all about a cross platform? i need to write my classes so there is a samll amount of change when i move to another platform... the graphic engine doesnt need to know that he is running under windows if he use openGL... right ?
  2. BlackRyder

    OpenGL and visual studio 2005

    Does anyone knows why the openGL header files (gl.h , glu.h) doenst compile under visual studio 2005 unless i am including windows.h 10x in advance BlackRyder
  3. BlackRyder

    Loading animation from 3ds

    Quote:Original post by llvllatrix I was wrong, it seems to store some sort of keyframe information: http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/mxr/gfx/3d/3DS.spec Hope that helps, - llvllatrix thanks it was very helpful but , it lacks something there it describes the bone animation and i dont know it i should use some of the code that was written in lib3ds and figure it out...
  4. BlackRyder

    Loading animation from 3ds

    Some one here knows where i can learn about loading a key frame based animation from a 3ds file? i hvae know how to load the mesh information and material information... 10x in advance
  5. BlackRyder

    Lua 4.0

    originally my project used lua 4.0 and it worked fine with VS 2003 now we moved to VS 2005 and it doesnt Link with the old lib file i dont know how the changes may affect the whole project.. if i must i will use LUA 5.0 is there any major changes between LUA 4.0 and LUA 5.0 when using it with C? the linking error is : lualib.lib(liolib.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _errno referenced in function _pushresult [Edited by - BlackRyder on March 27, 2006 1:14:24 AM]
  6. BlackRyder

    Lua 4.0

    Some1 here knows how can i use LUA Ver 4.0.1 in my project when working with Visual studio 2005?
  7. BlackRyder


    Some1 here has succeed in building log4cpp under visual studio 2005? and can help me out. 10x in advance
  8. BlackRyder

    c++ and .NET framework

    some1 here knows if i can use STL and .NET framework togther and if i can what is the type of project in VS 2003 can do it? i have a working engine in c++ and i want to use it and to improve it with .NET
  9. BlackRyder

    AVI Library

    the problem with the lesson that it uses textures... and it does not play sounds and the quallity isnt good ... i dont need the AVI to be played in the scene but rather by itself no rendering of objects needed... only playing AVI ... like begining of a game
  10. BlackRyder

    AVI Library

    any one have a good library for displaying AVI files and is there a problem to use it with openGL windows.. (i am talking about not just displaying the film but also playing the audio stream) [Edited by - BlackRyder on September 29, 2005 7:56:42 AM]
  11. BlackRyder

    FMOD Problem

    i have am getting acess violation exception when i am trying to use FSOUND_Sample_Free . any suggestion why the handle is a valid pointer.
  12. BlackRyder

    3DS and normals

    as i figured it out it doesnt save 2 instances of the same vertex... and i also got some great results from the 2 methods that i wrote...
  13. BlackRyder

    Need Help Substituting TGA for Glaux

    try this class for image loading it is very very easy to use http://www.codeproject.com/info/error500.asp?500;http://www.codeproject.com/bitmap/cximage.asp
  14. BlackRyder

    Bones and Animation

    i suggest your read there is a good explanation on bone animation in the books game engine design / david h. eberly Advanced Animation and rendering techniques - theory and practice / Alan Watt, Mark Watt 3D Games - real-time rendering and softwre technology / alan watt, fabio polcarpo Regards, BlackRyder
  15. BlackRyder

    Special Projection (math help)

    if i recall from my Computer Graphics learning the w parameter is usally set to 1 but then agian maybe i am wrong
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