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  1. You don't need an XServer to run Irrlicht on OSX. There is a native OSX device which should be used automatically if you start Irrlicht by opening the XCode project in the examples dir.
  2. Check out Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus by Andre LaMothe, it covers writing a full software rasterizer in baby steps and also comes with a CD which includes source code.
  3. Also what size are your textures? Lookups may be slow on non power of two (NPoT) textures, make sure they're a power of two in each dimension - ie 512x256
  4. bitplane

    Texturing a cube

    Stick- glTexCoord2f(x, y); in your draw loop before sending the vertices. You'll also have to create a texture, bind it to some data, set the filtering mode and all that stuff too.
  5. bitplane

    C++ pixel collision

    If you aren't scaling anything then rather than read the pixels one at a time, use masks and shift them into place. Your masks are 1-bit bitmaps, if you need more info than "collidable or not collidable" then use other (bit)planes to store this info. Using 8-bit bytes for ease of illustration, a bullet may look like this- 00000000 00000000 00001111 11110000 00001111 11110000 00000000 00000000 // ie: u8 bitmask[8] = { 0,0, 15,240, 15,240, 0,0 }; now say we want to check for a collision with a mask that starts with 11100111, at x=3, y=2.. we get the byte at position- ( y*(width/8) + x/8) == bitmask[4+0] == '00001111' then we shift the data 3 (x % 8) to the left- 00001111 << 3 == 01111000 get the next horizontal byte (if it exists) and shift it 5 (8-3) to the right- 11110000 >> 5 == 00000111 and 'or' them together: 01111000 | 00000111 == 01111111 now we have a byte to compare.. so we compare it with binary 'and' 01111111 & 11100111 == 01100111 Which isn't zero, so we know there's a collision and don't need to carry on checking. If there wasn't a collision then we'd keep looping through bytes until we find one.
  6. Calling Irrlicht game developers! We're currently hosting a short contest over the xmas break with a $200 prize. The objective is to create a demo that demonstrates creative use of motion; character animation, shaders, particle effects, physics, or something related to motion that we haven't considered! Details can be found over at the Irrlicht forum- http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=31538
  7. bitplane

    4E5 Technology

    Language(s): C++ Dimenions: 3 Genre: TBS / RPG / Action (moonstone based-ish) Rendering: Irrlicht Sound: Probably Audiere UI: homebrew
  8. bitplane

    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    For the main map, my rather crappy looking map generator (with some changes, it'll probably be set inland and look a lot nicer) we'll be going with a custom GUI in the style of one of those old RPG books (turn to page 128). stealing this idea is punishable by death for plant life i'll be using my grass-map and Klasker's trees- and everything else rests heavily on the artist's shoulders :D
  9. bitplane

    [4E5] Roll call!

    count me in.. I'll also be making an RPG :)
  10. bitplane

    [4e5]Discuss: Emotion

    does this have to be one emotion or can it be several? I was thinking opposing factions each set round an emotion which governs how they can act.
  11. bitplane


    Less than 2 hours left... I can hardly contain my excitement :D
  12. bitplane

    single + multiplayer game

    just put a wrapper round all your input functions, so there's like an emulated network server built into 1 player mode. the kind of structure you'd use for recording and playing back demos, redefining inputs etc
  13. bitplane


    thanks for the words of encouragement guys :) here's the latest stuff, now using a lightmap for colour-
  14. bitplane


    been making some grass
  15. bitplane

    Growing plants

    Had a good idea recently, I don't know how well it will work, but the idea is a SQL database that holds information on millions of items like bits of gravel, plants etc... Procedurally generated stuff is probably much more efficient and nicer, but I want my plants to grow! Here's a screenie- and on the game front, these new turrets are giving me jib. I hadn't counted on joining separate baddies together, so a bit of a rework is in order. I reckon the turrets are worth it though-
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