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  1. ordered_disorder

    Weirdest bug ever

    Quote: On my last comment, what I mean is programmers these days are getting Lazy. They blindly rely on their tools and choose to do no investigations into how their tools or hardware function. Really, blanket statements like that aren't going to help your rating.[/quote] You took what I said out of context, the rest my quote is: Quote:Evidence being statements like "You cannot beat the compiler. Period." Lol. I love this shit. fuck you. I am done with this community. Enjoy conforming viewpoints and be an average programmer forever.
  2. ordered_disorder

    Weirdest bug ever

    Thanks for all the down ratings. (sarcasm/)I too think discussion is lame, and we should just all push big buttons with a special shade of red that gives us a feeling of great power when someone comes in and tells us our amazing all knowing compilers can be wrong. Burn the witch! Let ignorance reign!
  3. ordered_disorder

    Weirdest bug ever

    Quote:Original post by Deyja ordered_disorder's advice remains foolish. You can't debug as effectivly in release mode anyway; he should use debug mode for what it's for - debugging, and let release mode optimize all it wants. What are you talking about Deyja? I was giving some good trivia on what to do if DON'T want your compiler to butcher your variables, modify and or remove your code in it's optmization zeal. As somebody already mentioned it's very dangerous and wrong to tell people, especially beginners: Quote: Deyja You cannot beat the compiler. Period. This is utterly false and a completely untenable argument. You yourself disprove your own argument with: Quote: Deyja Compiler's don't do macro optimizations. It should be noted that the compiler can fail in more cases then just macro optimizations. Another example would be Systems programming, where compiler can disrupt and cause failure and undefined behaivor on all levels from the driver to low level userland coding. If a programmer is forced to abandon compiler optimizations, it is a fact that it would be a disservice to their clients to code in an unoptimized, or as I colloqually said, "crappy" style. The compiler is a great tool, but if you believe it's all you need to be a good programmer, please don't program in any mission critical sectors, or program my favorite games. I am tired of waiting for patches to fix bugs that should have never been, or having to buy 800$ video card hardware because you think the lastest in 3d technology is best programmed in c#. *** On my last comment, what I mean is programmers these days are getting Lazy. They blindly rely on their tools and choose to do no investigations into how their tools or hardware function. Evidence being statements like "You cannot beat the compiler. Period." I don't think programmers should take a year off and study optimization theory, but I do think they should become knowledgable in in all aspects that is related to their field, and especially become knowledgable in whatever their specification is. For example I would expect all 3d engine programmers who work on cutting edge technology to have or be on the path to mastering processor and memory optimization, and be extremely knowledable in the way video cards, processors, memory, and the motherboard all work together. I wouldn't expect this of a network programmer, but I would expect them to have low level knowledge of network protocals though.. [Edited by - ordered_disorder on September 10, 2006 9:02:29 AM]
  4. ordered_disorder

    Weirdest bug ever

    When I do systems programming with a lot of SMC, I build in release mode with all optimizations off. This keeps the executables small without all that debugging stuff written to your program and prevents the compiler from removing and ordisplacing your code. Granted your code will run a bit smaller, and at this point it does benefit writing in an optimized style that doesn't rely on the compiler to fix up crappy coding.
  5. ordered_disorder

    Help Me Name My Cat

    muffin muffin cutems dinkle boob... That's just one name btw.
  6. ordered_disorder

    What version of assert should I use, and CPPUNIT

    Quote:Original post by hh10k #define assert(X) if (X) {} else __asm int 3 so that it acts like a simple breakpoint, but sometimes something more complicated is required if you're trying to debug a full screen 3D game. Beautiful...
  7. ordered_disorder

    What version of assert should I use, and CPPUNIT

    Thanks for the Info Sneftel.
  8. AFAIK there is no std::assert. Should I just use MSDN's version that came with my compiler? Or is there a better verseion out there? Also, has anyone here ever used cppunit?. I think I am good programmer in most areas, except that of bug testing! I am trying to become better, thus I am researching many methods.
  9. ordered_disorder

    Enumerating Desktop Windows

    What do you mean by open programs? Are you looking for windows of your programs that aren't minimized? Are you just looking for any windows of your programs? Or do you just want to get handles to ALL processes on your computer?
  10. ordered_disorder

    Creating Flash Tutorials

    I want to create some tutorials of me playing my game, for my game's website. What's the best tool out there for this? My idea is to create some low frame rate/quality vidos of me using the gui, and moving around in a level a little bit. This tool records what I do, and saves it to a flash file for easy webpage upload.
  11. ordered_disorder

    Too Old?

    Quote: Tuesdays Gone i dont think you can criticize him for asking the question, its perfectly valid imho. if you dont know how important something is its in your best interest to find out. Sure I can, especially if I am coming from an angle of good will, and wanting an individual to think critically. Which is the point of good criticisms. Quote:Original post by maxpenguin I understand what you are saying ordered_disorder. I was actually just thinking that. I guess I have always been too eager to get into things, and that is how I have ended up here. Thanks for your point of view. It would be plain stupid of me not to go to college now. No matter what, I will just be older - when I do decide. And I don't really want to just go work at McDonalds or something. Thanks again! There's an old irish saying(paraphrased). "As long as you have breath in your body, it doesn't matter how far you go down a road, you can always turn back.". You already know it, but i am going to say it :] Create for yourself the skills that will give you a good life, whether that be through school or some other medium, and in the end, damned what other people think. Good Luck with your life maxpenguin.
  12. ordered_disorder

    Too Old?

    LOL at the people saying 20+ is too old to go for a degree. Sshould they work at mc donalds? Should they just kill themselves because there will be someone younger who has a higher level of education? Why even ask this question, in the end it's about skills and attitude, not your age. I would look deeply within if your asking these types of questions. It should be very obvious age isn't a factor.
  13. ordered_disorder

    static const double PI = 3.1415

    Quote:Original post by daerid well, you could try this: *** Source Snippet Removed *** Although, PI is already defined in <cmath> I suck at c++. What are you trying to accomplish with that const struct?
  14. ordered_disorder

    Who here likes fast and powerful solo piano?

    I can't believe how fast the guys fingers were flailing in Prokofiev Toccata in D minor Op.11. It's some amazing music, but at my level of audio hearing skill, the dissonance is a bit much. I really liked Cziffra playing Liszt's Grand Galop Chromatique, and Chopin of coures roxors. Quote:Original post by Doggan Does anyone have any good piano compilation CDs they can link to? Pretty much the only 'pure piano' music I have are the Final Fantasy tracks. The OP link was very good, but I'm looking for some CDs to buy. check out uber einaudi..
  15. ordered_disorder

    ASM, NASM, MASM....ARG!!!!

    Quote:Original post by Anon Mike The big issue, as for as x86 and osdev'ing go, is that there are two major x86 assembly syntaxes - Intel and AT&T. gcc wants AT&T. Most of the rest of the world uses Intel. This is a much more fundamental issue than the relatively trivial differences between (e.g.) MASM and NASM. It's a huge pain in the backside. What the heck is up with at&t? Seem like a lot more typing! I don't know why anyone would prefer that syntax over intel, unless they learned it first. AFAIK there are some gcc extentions/command line that allow you to use intel syntax.
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