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    Pong help.

    Well, I've just recently started using Visual Basic 2005 (I used to use Python, but I started doing a class that uses visual basic) and I was wondering how I... a) Make the ball respond to the boundaries of the form. Right now I have the resolution set to 1280 * 1024 and so simply had a line like 'If ball.top = 1024 then timer1.enabled = false timer2.enabled = true' The timers both contain 'ball.top = ball.top +/- 10' This is an overly complex way of doing things, and causes some errors... so I think I need to find a new way to do this. b) Make the paddle respond to keyboard presses (WASD for 'paddle1' and the directional pad for 'paddle2'). Right now only one paddle works and it responds to the movement of my mouse.
  2. I'd appreciate it if you refrained from continuing such a pointless discussion. Whether I've played those games or not is unimportant. I'm simply looking for input in relation to my idea, not suggestions on what to play.
  3. Me having experiences with bad melee in video games is a means to an idea, not a means to start some trivial argument. Please, don't post in my topics if you're going to go off on such a ridiculous tangent.
  4. Almost every game I've played has really badly designed melee. Whether its hack and slash (Gunz, Diablo, Counter Strike) or stunlock (Mortal Kombat, Soul Caliber). The stunlock games tend to be based solely around melee, which is discouraging seeing as the system they rely on most for enjoyment is essentially unenjoyable. I was trying to figure out a good melee system until I saw my nephew playing guitar hero. A thought passed through my head for a brief second (reflex testing 'push these buttons faster than your opponent' type system) but dismissed it as an unenjoyable way to play (I, personally, hate DDR with a controller). Even though I knew it was a pretty stupid idea, it lingered in my mind, and I eventually formed a small game. Imagine a 'Super Smash' brothers type game with like 14 players and a larger area. Now that you have that in your head, imagine all the characters floating around, searching for a fight amongst the map they're playing, eventually they come across an opponent and the process goes something like this. 1. Players right click on the opponent 2. Players are given three options 3. Engage: Charges the opponent, this begins a 'DD Revolution' style melee combat, where whoever presses the correct buttons fastest ends up making the next move. 3.1. Winner goes back to 2, best out of three melee engagements is the victor. 4. Knockdown: Charges the opponent and knocks them downward 4.1 If there is no platform for the opponent to land on, the opponent dies 4.2 If there is ground the player that knocked his opponent down has X seconds (depending on the hero that has just been knocked down, bulkier heroes take longer to get back up) to push a sequence of buttons. If he manages to push the sequence of buttons he performs a special move which causes the platform beneath his opponent to break. 4.2.1 If there is a platform beneath that one, go to 3. (IE, the opponent gets up and is either engaged or engages the offender) 5. Uppercut: Thrusts the opponent up into the air bringing us back to 2 (this move would be used in case there are allies of the opponent nearby) Players could always retreat at stage 2 by left clicking to move (or, however I decide movement works.) This is just harmless theory right now, I don't have it in me to produce a game like this (maybe one day).
  5. Timus

    RPG Help (Visual Basic 2005)

    Thanks. I guess I'm lucky I asked this when someone was online, eh?
  6. Timus

    advice for a beginner?

    I was in the same position as you, however, I'm trying to take my ideas to a more tangible level. First of all: Try your luck at making a non computer game system. I started out designing gurps RPG's that were extremely popular (and I mean outside my small group of nerdy friends). I started with games like 'The Thing' (slightly based off the movie) where a crew of Astronauts crash lands on a desolate planet and has to fix their ship, but while looking for parts one of them becomes infected. Designing pen and paper games may seem stupid, and unrelated to 'real' game design but you face the same issues. You have to overcome problems (such as the problem of not revealing the thing to the other players. I had them write down their moves on a piece of card and hand it to me each turn). After you've written down a system that can be played outside of the computer, design a StarCraft or WarCraft map around it. Yes, you heard me. StarCraft and WarCraft both have easy to follow world editors that are also extremely flexible. After you've actually got something tangent, try learning a code. Learn your code by designing small minigames, this way you get an idea of how the game design process works while learning basic features of whatever code you're learning.
  7. Timus

    RPG Help (Visual Basic 2005)

    "Parameter is not valid." I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong, I have 'map1.jpg' in the same folder as the sln file.
  8. Timus

    RPG Help (Visual Basic 2005)

    Thanks a lot. I'll just test this now.
  9. Hey, I'm kind of new to the whole programming thing (it's been six months since I made my first game: Naughts and crosses) and to start with I've been using Visual Basic (since I heard it was like... the easiest). Anyway, I managed to make a very large text based RPG, and then a very small graphical one (like, three 200*200 maps). Anyway, so far the only way I've been able to do it is by having a line of code that goes something like this 'If player.top = 0 Then Image1.visible = false Image2.visible = true player.top = 200' Or alternatively 'Button1_click.... player.top = player.top + 10 image.top = image.top + 10' I was wondering, before I start on a new (hopefully more succesful) project if there was a better way to do this, is there a sort of 'image variable' or is there a way to do something to the effect of 'picture1.image = map1.jpg' (that line of code doesn't work.)
  10. Timus

    Small topic: New RPG Stat

    Well if you want to get technical than yes, it is a useless stat. But that could be said for all stats except the basic three (Strength, Intelligent, Agility). The point of the stat is to add to immersion and character building, in my opinion, the more sub stats there are the better. Complexity is seldom an issue, like I said, this might just be a stat effected by how much vitality one has. This adds largely to the character building aspect in that 1 vitality can all of a sudden become more valuable than 10 strength (assuming that you are 1 vitality off having 1 hardiness level).
  11. Timus

    Small topic: New RPG Stat

    Quote:Original post by Inmate2993 It sounds like what you're looking for is a way to cap damage totals. Instead of saying "Oh, 5 hits" for your hardiness of 5, I'd say move from arbitrary damage caps of how many digits reach the display, to a damage cap set at the max HP divided by the hardiness. That way, for an enemy with 250 mHP and a hardiness of 5, the damage cap would be 50 for any attack. Unfortunately, this will have the side effect of pushing players down into spells that do the least amount of damage but still hits around the cap (as a MP saving measure). That is, of course, unless you have an associated status effect that reduces the hardiness. Thats exactly what it would do. What did you think I meant? Have someone take you down to 1hp then staying there for 5 hits?
  12. Timus

    computer wiz?

    Quote:Original post by pointer Quote:Original post by Timus Oh, and the last thing you'll need is a Mac. No offense to the Mac users (hell, I have a mac... I just use my PC more) but Mac is a layman's computer. I disagree. I'm a Mac user and developer, and I find it's a perfect combination: * Xcode suits me better than Visual Studio. Hell, it's even free! * You already have those unix-tools you wish you had in Windows. * The OS. Windows XP is a major pain in the ***. I'd say the only reason you want Windows for developing is when you're using .NET or DirectX. To the OP: Use whatever you want, Windows can be used, Macs can be used, even Linux can be used. Just have patience [smile] Hmm Well, I'm running OS 10.2 and I've never found the flexibility on my Mac that I have on my PC. I guess it's just a matter of perception and preference.
  13. Timus

    computer wiz?

    Game development is easy if you're a) Literate and b) Patient. It's just a lot of time and reading, your comprehension skills don't even need to be that up to scratch because a lot of books these days tend to speak to you like you're in primary school. However you have to start from scratch (this is where patience comes in) if you're unwilling to go from Naughts and crosses, Ro sham bo, then pong you'll never make it. Back when I started here I made the mistake of thinking I could go from idea to fully playable RPG, it's been 2 years since I wanted to get into game design and I've only JUST started making a very simple RPG. However, if the indy game design field doesn't interest you then yes, there is a 'code illiterate' section of most professional gaming companies. There's a plethora of people who don't code in contemporary games. Script writer and concept artist just to name two. I'm pretty sure there's even a position called 'Game designer' where you don't need any scripting knowledge. However, you would need to be pretty articulate and be a pretty good writer to crack into a position like that. Oh, and the last thing you'll need is a Mac. No offense to the Mac users (hell, I have a mac... I just use my PC more) but Mac is a layman's computer.
  14. Timus

    Small topic: New RPG Stat

    Love the input. As for maxing out hardiness, I think if someone had 100 hardiness they'd probably do 1 damage and hit 30% of the time. Call me old fashioned, but I really don't like imposing limits on character building. When I used to play RuneScape (I know, so sue me) I made a level 50 character who (using various character building tricks) hit Max damage and could one or two shot people (which sounds hypocritical, but RuneScape wasn't a fun combat game, the only fun thing about it was character building). They changed the system so that the best build was spreading all your points evenly over defence attack and strength, which to me seems kind of pointless (why not assign points automatically).
  15. I was playing Diablo 2 the other night on my level 50 druid (multiplayer, hardcore) and realized I was one or two shotting most players <50 with maul. This makes for some pretty lack-luster battles. So I thought up a stat (that may have been used somewhere else, I don't play too many RPG's) 'Hardiness'. The Hardiness stat would replace stamina (vitality), or be improved alongside it (IE, your hardiness is calculated based on your stamina) essentially, the hardiness stat would be the minimum amount of hits you can be killed in. So if you have a hardiness of 5 it takes at least five shots to kill you. This would not only ad to the character building element (as all new stats do) but it would make the glass cannons (mages, dragoons) think twice about putting all their stats towards spell damage.
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