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  1. Squad-Based Asteroids - Will it work?

    OK here's my idea. A few controls is all you need. For example: Key "1" : Wingmen evade and attack asteroids at will Key "2" : Wingmen stay close and attack closest thing towards you. You could even spice it up and make it so if a farther asteroid is moving fast enough to get closer than other quicker, the game will calculate that and the wingmen will destroy the farther, but faster moving asteroid. Key "3" : Say your moving with WSAD and shooting with the spacebar (the commands are numbers obviously). Well, pressing "3" would activate a red dot or something to spawn in the middle of the screen. With your right hand use the arrow keys to guide it then press ctrl or something. This will create a trasparent circle/area where the wingmen will go to and then attack/evade in that certain area. Like telling your Rainbow Six guys where to go. If you put the dot right on you, they wingmen would actually join up right next to you and you would essentially become one controllable unit with insane fire power. That could also be a seperate key all together. So basically you'll have aggressive, defend, etc. Actual squad commands.
  2. It doesn't matter if any of these guys sees your game as realistic or not. In my assumption, you are making this for hobby not huge retail. Well, since you are making it and it's for your own sake, then do it. There are plenty of ideas for hiding violence underneath suitable content. Examples: Animal Farm- Good book and movie is .... odd but it portrays the communistic threat of Russia to America as farm animals. Granted, there are some violent scenes but this idea can be slightly altered. Mario - Fighting bad guys, saving the princess, going up against a giant foe who basically runs a syndicate (bowser + koopas), yet it's the most popular nintendo series out there and nintendo stands for games that can appeal to everyone. Dora the explorer - Warding off swiper the fox. To a young teen / adult it seems stupid to tell a thief to go away and they will, however to a kid, it shows the point that stealing is bad since the good guys (dora and boots) ward swiper off every time. Heres an example of what you could do. The yakuza look like mii characters from the nintendo wii for instance. They don't need voices just grunts or squeaks or something. They can push your character around and steal stuff like candy or a bike. The goal could be to try and talk it out with them (after finding them) and if that doesnt work find an adult to put them in time out and give your stuff back. Then you can receive a reward. However, if you are aiming this at 10 + then you should not be even questioning making it under a T rating since it would'nt appeal to someone that age anyway. My sister played GTA since she was 9 but she didnt turn out a psycho. She's # 1 in her 8th grade class, a member of National Honor Society, and a great person in general. So just remember your age groups and what kind of content they should have. I'm not saying all pre teens should play violent games but remember they wont want to play something as kiddy as dora the explorer. Bump it up a bit in a mario type fashion. Hope that helped (sorry I kinda ranted a bit) !! Shdwmarth *If you have anymore questions or want help with ideas or anything, or just want to ask my opinion on your ideas, send me a pm or an email at Good luck!
  3. Which gun should I add??

    Here's some ideas: Shuriken Spray paint/mace/any long distance spraying chemical or gas A FISH!!!!! to slap with! rocks and/or sticks sword a toy mallet ice skates on your hands! something macgyver would an exploding rocket pen or something lol
  4. Can't piece together my ideas

    Thanks for the input Sulphix. I'll be sure to ask you for help if I need it. Also I don't mind all the usual elements (fire, wind, water, etc.) but I like how I broke down wind into different types of using it. Maybe what I'll do is use the elements but each is represented by a group of people each with their own special way of controlling the element. Ex: wind - 4 mages fire - 4 mages water - 3 mages etc...... Also I like the idea of the agent thing and maybe each elemental group could control a realm (not neccesarily those ones), and you could be an agent trying to send them to the void/nightmare. Finally, I know it seems fantasy, but it's more like shadowrun. Fantasy with magic, but everything looks futuristic or modern. Not the typical looking fantasy settings.
  5. This is a game idea I've had for awhile and I've been extending it and altering it with a friend. I'm going to show the basics of the idea and I just want some feedback both story wise and the seperate ideas. I need help piecing together these ideas and actually coming up with what the story is about. All kinds are appreciated. Wind Mage - Beast Game (No official name yet) Beasts (think Shadow of the Colossus): Roaming Beast - Heshengo Equivalent Beast - Serriusa Tormented Beast - Daigon Monument Beast - Kenshadow Magma Golem - Retsuigen Swift Demon - Rensuigen *The beasts are a big factor in the idea, but I'm just now sure how yet. The Roaming beast is a huge 4-legged bull type monster that wanders his habitat for whatever reason. The Equivalent Beast is a giant dragon that lives in a "rip (not sure how to describe it)" in space. Essentially a seperate demension where he is the guardian of all the realms and the invisible energy flows that bind them together. The Tormented beast is merely a kid (like wrath in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist) that lives in the Void (I'm not sure why yet). He uses chains that are attached to his body as weapons. The Monument Beast Kenshadow is another 4-legged giant that lives in a valley somewhere and has a local village that prays and worships him since they think it is a god. The Magma Golem Retsuigen is a giant sword-weilding rock structure (like an early boss in Shadow of the Colossus) that was once a human but for whatever reason is now a beast. His core is made out of liquid magma that never hardens and is his fuel or life source. As a human he had a brother (not sure how far apart ages are) and he became the swift demon Rensuigen. Quick, silent, and deadly with a katana. Looks like a human but will need to be different somehow. Wind Monks/Mages: Scar Backlash Gust Tunnel *Each mage will control wind in a way that corresponds with their name. Backlash is the leader of the group and she looks like Kikyo from the anime Inuyasha (link:Kikyo) and she has a sword that looks like a giant buster sword much like Cloud from FF7 . Her main power is essentially the Bakuryūha or "Backlash Wave." Scar is muscular, tall, and just tough in general. His power is to create circulating wind around his right arm and use it as an extension of his body like a blade or whip. Gust is a monk that simply uses the movement of wind for his powers and is an essential ally in battle since he is the only member of this group that can create wind. The others can only manipulate. Last is Tunnel. I'm not sure how he looks except he looks like he's been in hell his entire life and is slightly crazy. Boney, sunken-in eyes, scars all over him, etc. He's like this because he can form tunnels of wind around his arms (basically mini tornadoes). The thing is, every time he uses the power they slowly consume his soul for whatever reason, yet he cannot stop since he has so much power. Therefore he is sent to the Void Demension at some point for all eternity where he befriends the Tormented Beast Daigon. Dimensions: Heaven Life Hell Void Oblivion Mind Nightmare *I'm not sure about keeping all of these but this is what I have so far. Oblivion is a place of complete whiteness and emptiness. The Mind is the center of all the realms and the home of the mages. The Nightmare is the size of a room with a light seemingly coming out of nowhere about 10 ft in diameter. In the center is a hole and a creature that looks like Necrid from Soul Calibur II that guards it. The hole is the Void, a place where the insane are kept for all eternity in endless darkness and it gives you the feeling of being alone and overcrowded at the same time. This is where I need some help. I can't think of a solid beginning. If I can get a base idea on how the story/game should start or work, I can expand very easily. Pretty much all I know is I need the mages and beasts somehow connected (maybe the mages want to control them) and I need to make a hero for the game and decide what his purpose is. Thanks for the help and like I said anything from helping with the story to creating whole new elements would be great. I was thinking of a general style of Legend of Zelda/ God of War/ Shadow of the Colossus. Thanks for the help.
  6. New take on massive enemies

    Well what could happen is each element is taken control by some kind of evil entity and a "god or beast" is manifested out of each one. For instance with fire you might have to go to a volcano and a lava pool begins to churn rapidly and rise up into the air taking the shape of a giant like in shadow of the colossus. Your job in the game would be to defeat each element, and calming the earth back to its original state. Now to combat each element think of a unique way to fight against it. Say each element you beat you gain its power also. So wind for instance, you could attack with thousands of wood splinters, now it's this giant human like figure made of wind and rapidly circulating wood. Then use molten lava from your hands on his feet. After a minute or two he will absorb it and become a tornado of fire. Finally extinguish him with a tsunami of water and the rapidly created steam will counter his wind speed, slow down the cycling of air, and you can collect his essence or soul or w/e. Endless possibilities, but cool idea keep going with it.
  7. Game Dev Hardware?

    I'm planning on going to college next year for game development for four years. Therefore I wont be doing any high end development but i wouldnt rule out going as far as modding half life 2 in my spare time. What would you guys reccomend for a laptop setup to be able to efficiently go through game development in college? If laptops are too insufficient, could you give me an example of a good desktop?
  8. I'm currently designing a horror game that I hope to make into a game within the next couple of months. While I am designing, I have a lot of cool multiplayer ideas, but I'm lacking in my single player ideas. I know it's a hard subject to tackle in a game, but I really want to incorporate emotion. (Please don't flame) My dream is to be part of a great development team someday and even own my own company/team. I hope to be able to overcome the problem of not being able to evoke emotions into a gamer whether anyone thinks this is feasible or not. My question is, what would/does make you cry, become scared and insecure, angered, etc? I want to make a game that will make you feel for the characters and what you actually do in the game. Thanks for all the help. The more people the better! shdwmarth
  9. Game programming game

    It's called GameBiz and as far as I know there are two of them. It's not just programming though it's a game company sim pretty much.
  10. Genocide-My scifi story

    This is my first science fiction story that I would like to turn into a game idea/script someday. I need some help on how to fix up the story in any way or possibly continue it or make a backstory. All criticism is welcomed and thank you for reading. Genocide It is the year 2050. The world’s nations have finally made peace with one another in an effort to keep the human race united. However, certain groups are against this movement and are bent against tearing apart the peace. One specific group, the Dark Saviors, are aiming towards exterminating the human race. They, however, are not exactly humans themselves. The members were bio-genetically engineered to compliment each of their unique skills. These members are… “Shinobi”- An elite ninja and tactitionist who specializes in the art of shurikenjutsu and the commanding of soldiers. He wields various forms of shurikens and sometimes has a mech or two by his side. He has a scanner on his left eye which scans an opponents make-up to help him strike vital points for easy kills. Shinobi also has an adamantium right arm for when he lost his original arm in a medical accident. His back has mutated as a result from various chemicals being added to his body to improve his genetic traits. This makes his back an extreme weak point, but it is covered with armor plating to ensure his safety. (No more villains will be introduced due to the short story format.) A special organization in the U.S., called Xion, is trying to stop the Dark Savior’s plans. One of their members, known as “X”, is the most promising soldier in the world to stop this evil force. He carries two desert eagles (or deagles), a retractable iron/steel staff, and a special magnetic glove that can only attract light objects. X is exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is very athletic. (Excerpt from bigger story.) It’s midnight in the big city of Lythan. A gentle snow fall is in the air and the sound of a battle chopper can be heard in the far night. The chopper is Xion Corp. property and is on rendezvous to a skyscraper. X is going to be part of the next fight against the Dark Saviors. On the approach to the top of the skyscraper, X straps on his parachute and jumps. X spirals towards the tower and opens his ’chute. As he’s gliding closer and closer a figure comes into view. He lands on one knee and takes off his pack, throwing it off the ledge. X slowly stands up and looks toward the figure, The beings back is turned. It is holding a shuriken between two fingers over the left shoulder. “So, you’ve come to fight me have you?”, said the figure. “Who are you?”, asked X. “I am an elite ninja part of the Dark Savior group. My name is of no importance to you but you can call me Shinobi. However, you won’t need to know that for long…”, explained Shinobi. At that time, Shinobi turned around to reveal himself. Fear flooded X’s face. Shinobi was a force to be reckoned with. X’s eyes trembled wildly, he couldn’t blink. However, he knew that this would be a fun fight. X grinned and put on his glove… Shinobi jumped into the air and threw a shuriken at X. X back-flipped away from the attack. He took out a deagle and fired off three rounds towards Shinobi’s chest. Shinobi just blocked them with his arm. Then he ran at X and went to punch his face. X ducked and upper-cutted the ninja’s stomach. He was unaffected by the attack and just smirked. “Your formidable opponent.”, said Shinobi. “I’m better.”, said X with a grin. X jumped back and took out his staff. Shinobi threw another shuriken at X. X caught the shuriken with his staff with the projectile still spinning. X rotated his staff and launched the shuriken back at the ninja. Shinobi, caught off guard, took the weapon in the eye, destroying the scanner. “That’s it, your dead!”, yelled Shinobi. The fire in his eyes grew. This was no longer a game, Shinobi wanted blood, and he was going to do his best to get it. He lunged at X. X jousted his staff, but when it met the adamantium fist, it shattered into dust. Shinobi, with an angry look on his face said, “This is just getting started…”
  11. Mastering Unreal Technology CD

    I just got this book and the cd that comes with it has maya 5 ple on the cd. When I go to install it though it asks for a cd key and i can't find it. So i click on register to get a key code and the only thing you can do at the site is download maya 7 ple since its now autodesk instead of alias which was the link on the cd. My question is does anyone know where to get a cd key for may 5 ple or will I have to use maya 7 ple now?
  12. Level design software question

    I am interested in learning level design. I have the Unreal Editor that came with UT2004. Is that good to begin learning on?
  13. I am interested in homebrewing games for the ds. I was wondering, in a general explanation, how do you program for the touch screen?
  14. C++ books

    I'm just starting to learn c++. Should I get a book (I heard that teach yourself c++ in 21 days and C++ primer were good books but any suggestions would be great) or are there tutorials on the internet that are better (link possibly?)? I am using DevC++. thanks for the help
  15. Simple C++ question

    Hey, could anyone explain to me how Asrai's code works? I'm just starting and I want to know what the commands in this code mean/stand for. (Heres the code) #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Hello World!\n"; cin.get(); return 0; }