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  1. OH sorry i forgot to put the question int he forum. Where can i learn to program, design games, animate etc.
  2. I'm at 15 years old and have an interest in animation but have nearly no experience at all at programming. I bought these books: Game Programming for Teens Game Art for Teens All from Thomson Course Technology please pst me or email kywee925@sbcglobal.net
  3. Zghal

    How should i start?

    By the way could you please PM me or send me an email to xelementsmnx@yahoo.com
  4. Well i'm a 14 year old freshman in high school and I want to get a good feel about programming and designing games. How should i go about this... like what tools/software/hardware should i use? What type of programming should i start getting into? any good books or CD's i should check out?
  5. Zghal

    Software for Games.....

    pleaste try to only send things to me through PM's
  6. Is it possible to use different software for making a game? Like if I tried I could use Bryce and Caligari Together to create one finished product?
  7. please message me to answer my questions... Or email them to me at kywee925@sbcglobal.net or i can be instant messaged on AIM at Z2lil or Zachee145 I've always wanted enter the gaming industry. I'm still in 8th grade and am graduating this year. I was wondering if anybody can send me lists of programs and extracurricular activities you think I could use. And maybe even some great hardware. Maybe suggestions on some books. Thanks, I really appreciate it.
  8. I want to know where to start off. Do you have any programs i can try out??? Please pm me or talk to me on aim. I am Z2lil. Well yeah Thanks to those who are taking time with me ^.^
  9. Unfortnately I don't have a scanner to bring into my ideas. Well i think i do. But i think i lost the program. I have a bounty of ideas. Also you can post some nice paintshop programs?
  10. You can also post some good software or even email me some types of devices or software.
  11. Please give me urls to things to download for free. I saw a few, most with the drag and drop type of approach. But i'm still trying to find one that is almost as good as a program that you buy from the store. Please send in to my email if possible. If not send me a message on game dev.
  12. I've been trying to use maya 5.0 that I Got from a book called. Game Art For Teens. I went to the website and tried to register. I did register. And yet i got no email of the cd key that you have to use in order to tryout this program. Can you suggest another program or send me a link to what Is good for begginers?
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