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  1. trying to get opengl started on vc++

    You need the Platform SDK, express edition doesn't come with it(my guess is they thought too much more to download) Since all of those functions are WinAPI functions.
  2. Window not showing

    Another way to show the window without using ::ShowWindow(...) would be to have WS_VISIBLE flag in your ::CreateWindow(...) or ::CreateWindowEx(...)
  3. microsoft vs. bloodshed

    If you;re doing any DirectX(specifically Direct3D) MSVS is the way to go, on 2003(don't know about 2005) it has special debuggers for Direct3D. And the compiler is alot more specific when doing Windows programming. It comes with a bunch of tools too. The integrated help system is a great feature, I come to find myself using it all the time. I've never liked Dev-C++, I don't know why. Another free one that I use from time to time is Code::Blocks.
  4. 3D

    You can get Maya 7 Personal Learning Edition for free. Its basically the same thing as Maya but has a watermark in the render, thats just a formality cinsidering the app costs ~$3000 You can alos get a 30 day free trial of 3D Studio Max. Full working version, no watermark or anything too.
  5. how you got started

    I first started getting into HTML and otherweb stuff, but after a little time I didn't really enjoy it too much. After HTML I got into Visual Basic, but it was just too easy for me I wanted a challenge. I started learning C but after reading some things on C vs C++ I decided to move straight to C++. Once I got basics of C++ down I was eager to get out of the console so I started learning Win32 API and developing Windows apps. Now I'm learning Direct3D.
  6. 70s/80s music.......no flaming please

    Quote:Original post by Davian_ ... Boston ... How could I have forgotten about Boston. I'm so ashamed of myself. Boston isa great band.
  7. 70s/80s music.......no flaming please

    Edgar Winter Group Lynyrd Skynyrd(if you like the souther kind of rock) Jimi Hendrix Experience Aerosmith Creedence Clearwater Revival Joe Walsh(he was in a couple bands but can't think if the names) Rush Steppenwolf Blue Oyster Cult Queen Steve Miller Band The Doors Foghat Golden Earring Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Tons of great bands from that era.
  8. Anybody want to get together and learn some Japanese?

    I would love to learn Japanese. I've wanted to for a long time.
  9. Windows Programming

    I'm with the group that says stay away from MFC, all it really is is just a big wrapper for WinAPI. WinAPI isn't all that hard. The best compiler would be Microsoft Visual C++. Alot of people have recommended Programming Windows by Charles Petzold. I have not read this but its on my list of books to pick up. You can check out.
  10. Do you use soap in the shower?

    Yea, I don't thinks theres much point taking a shower if you're not using soap or ither cleansing product. I use soap, but sometimes I'll use the body gel stuff, because I like the smell.
  11. First Bladders Grown in Lab Transplanted

    I saw a story about this on TV this morning, really cool stuff. Didn't they grow the bladder from the undamaged bladder cells the patient had?(I don't have too much time to skim through the article atm) Quote:you know if the world was more worried about progressing this type of research and not on nukes... the world would be a much better place. I totally agree. If the world would focus on trying to make lives longer and not make them shorter, it would be a great world.
  12. Quote:My wife and I just bought a house built in 1880 in an old railroad town in PA. It's a beautiful house with all modern upgrades but the cool part is it has a dungeon!! Notice the original stacked field stone from the 1800s on the right ;) Just remember, just because its a dungeon, that doesn't give you the right to trap people in there [lol]
  13. Where to begin

    I don't know if this will help, I've never really done too much with Java but you can have a look at From Java To C++
  14. c++ compilers

    I use Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 and Code::Blocks. I would say go with Visual C++ Express if you want to do alot of Windows programming, because its a great compiler for Windows. And no, it is not hard to set up unmanaged C++ projects in it. Between Dev C++ and Code::Blocks, I much prefer Code::Blocks, I cannot stand Dev C++, I think COde::Blocks is a much better IDE. But thats just my opinion. Try them both out, they're free.

    LPCWSTR is a wide null terminated string. So you must pass a string to it.
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