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  1. Heroes of Eterna

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  7. RT @alysonpizza: Hulk Hogan drops n-bomb, removed from Hall Of Fame. Jimmy Snuka murders woman, still in Hall Of Fame.
  8. Unity Resource cache for game engine

    I use XML data definitions for a lot of the content in my project.   In effect, my data didn't specifically represent game object instances, but rather Meta classes to represent the definition of the object (keys to determine spritesheet or sfx, initial values for different member variables and the like). At the start I load in all my data, which is pretty light. I store these meta objects in a manager class which can, on request, take the data and give me back an instance of the specific object.   The actual instance objects are much lighter and keep only the mutable data and any logic needed (Position, Color, HP, Rotation, that sort of thing). They may also reference the content object that it was sourced from to reduce data duplication.   It appears you're going a similar path but without the separation between instance object and data representation. Don't know if my way is The Best™ or even really better or good, but it seems to work pretty well.
  9. RT @MildlyAmused: According to conservatives, nothing says “tyrannical dictator” like amnesty for the poverty-stricken disadvantaged
  10. RT @marsrader: Antarctica from space. You don't see it a lot because you have to be in a specific polar orbit to get this view. http://t.co…
  11. RT @ShaunKing: Once and for all, let's expose this lie the STL police have told to protect Darren Wilson. http://t.co/cCk73wW35t http://t.c…
  12. So something like a year ago, a friend got me an Axiom Air Mini 32 midi controller, and with it came some info on how to obtain it's associated music creation tool, AIR Ignite: http://www.airmusictech.com/product/ignite#.VG115vnF-ao   I'd never heard of it, and it was free, so I checked it out.   Right from the start, it was unlike anything I'd used prior. The UI is kinda janky and a bit buggy, but the workflow is actually kinda neat. at the root of it, you pick an instrument, and record a track with creates a little box that you can drag around in the workspace, you can stack them into clips and again into songs. It also has some pretty sharp sounding voices.   Sadly, it's missing a few features that just, don't make sense to not have (like the ability to manually set or clear a pitch bend without a wheel, or any sort of automation or VST support), but it does have a DAW export where it will dump your tracks out to individual wave files that you could master in something else.   Anyway, thought it was a neat tool, but I've not heard of anyone else using it and thought I'd check here.   As a side note, I created this track using it a few weeks back, I think it turned out pretty good.   https://soundcloud.com/alturos/justice-dragoon    
  13. RT @mrsairey: .@justinbieber found guilty of driving people to drink and drag.
  14. RT @Wolfire: Candy Kane Saga, the game that will prove once and for all that video games are the Highest form of Art.