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  1. jason_pine

    synth software for linux

    what is some good free software that supports midi imput of a a keyboard (music keyboard)
  2. jason_pine

    allegro and G++

    can anyone help me
  3. jason_pine

    allegro and G++

    well i kdevelop i used the links it told me to use -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/X11R5/lib -lalleg -lpthread -lXxf86dga -lXxf86vm -ldl coudl it be the version of allegro i installed liballegro4.1 liballegro4a
  4. jason_pine

    Check this "Guess the Number" give me input

    what does \t do i know \n is new line
  5. jason_pine

    allegro and G++

    I have Linux and i want to use allegro so how can i get allegro to work with G++ i have tried it with Kdevelop and followed a books instructions that i have (game progrmaing all in one) and it did not work so how can i get it to work with G++?
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