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  1. Android free game vs trademarks

    That sucks, I just wanted to make a simple game for non profit. Oh well. Thanks for the advice guys I appreciate it :)
  2. Android free game vs trademarks

    What about videos on youtube and fanfictions are those covered by a different type of law?
  3. I don't know where else to post so I'll try here. I've looked around the internet and googles development sites and other places but can't find my answer. If I was to make a game for the android system that used trademarked material from doctor who or other tv shows would that infringe on the trademark? The app would be free so I didn't know if since I was making it for free would that make it ok since I'm not making profit?
  4. Object taking an object

    I'm trying to wrap my head around OOP and I was trying to create a simple program out of OOP. What I'm creating is a simple recipe box program. I have split it up into three objects as follows: Recipe Box: contains recipes files, can sort them by fields. Recipe Card: contains recipe itself and information Food List: takes text fields and orders them in sets to print out to paper My problem is that recipe box needs to take a recipe object or at the very abstract a card object. Am I planing this out wrong? should one class depend on another, I didn't think it should but I don't see a way around this yet? Any help or advice would be very great.
  5. Thank you i was able to solve this one on my own. I was screwing around with the refresh propertie on the picturebox and tried it out on the racetrack picturebox and not the dog one. When i did this it updated and wiped out the multiple copies of dogs. Sweet.
  6. Im having trouble with a race dog tutorial. Its asking me to have picturebox containers run across the screen in a race. Ive got every thing up and running except ther is a problem with the drawing of the picturebox. Instead of moving across the board smoothly it copys it self over and over again till the end then once the winners declared it will clean up the other duplicate copys in the final redraw. Does any one have any idea why this would happen? The link takes you to a screen shot of the problem in action and below is code that makes them run. http://members.gamedev.net/Varible_Games/racetrack.JPG [source lang=c#] public bool Run() { //Grabs current location from the pixture box in question Point currentLocation = MyPictureBox.Location; //Sets a random speed for the turn Random rand = new Random(); int speed; speed = rand.Next(50); currentLocation.X += speed; MyPictureBox.Location = currentLocation; //Test to see if pix box has passed finshe line. if (currentLocation.X >= FinLine) { return (true); } return (false); }
  7. Form and Style C

    Im planing on making that check alot more commands so Should I instead try switching to a case statement or do the if then/else as you suggested?
  8. Brodcast Flag and Other issues

    So over the past few days Ive gotten back to normal after getting our new puppy and ive got back to work on my application. I've got the cycle for new users and loging in to the application started and it Works! :) After that I quickly decied that a broadcast flag would make the world easier so that no one can see the others passwords in the chat :D Anyways thats all taken care of and i'm making some good progress. Ok i'll post more later.
  9. I haven't made it to classes for c or anything else for that matter and I just wanted to make sure I was on the right track with the style and form I'm using in C. Now my app works and is doing what I want it to do. And it should be said that the app I'm working on right now is not finished in the slightest. I've got some test phrases in there and some data types that might not be used. But I just want people to check and see if there are things that you know should be done a different way or established style and technique that I'm missing. So in that vein I stuck the main.c and my sockOperations h and c file up in the past bin and Wanted to see if people could give it a glance and comment on how it looks. Most of the meat is in the sockOperations.c file at the bottom of the paste. Please take a look if you feel inclined and post some criticism of my code as that is what i'm looking for. Thanks http://gamedev.pastebin.com/m5d5e8d6f
  10. Puppy

    New puppy so i haven't had time to program the past two nights hopefully get somestuff done tomorrow. Pups always take your energy :/
  11. Ok so thanks to every one here I was able to redesign my console network apps server side to be very light on the cpu cycles. Basicly i went from while(1) { select(socket1,0seconds) select(socket2,0seconds) select(socket3,0seconds) } to while(1) { select(allsockets,hold till select sees something) } Now im trying to see how to do this on my client side? but i do a while(!_kbhit()) { select(connectedsocket,0seconds) } So i dont see how i can have a select thats not going to expire. Will I always have to have the continuse poll issue on the client side? Any help is always apperciated.
  12. Non blocking to blocking

    After reviewing how my app was working I went ahead for performance shake and kicked my server over from a 0 second select loop non blocking server to a blocking server. One select to rule them out. It took me about an hour or two to understand how to work every part of select but I think I got it down and am looking foward to seeing how it will work out properly once every things put back together. Kinda feel like im moving my room around with this function in the corner and another on the bed all jumbled out because of this change. Oh well i'll be working into the night to get it fixed and then we'll see how the change went. On another note, I think GTA is a great series I love it but I dont see how every vendor for reviews can say its the 10/10 perfect game. I mean like I said I like it but I dont think its perfect. Any one else agree or should I just shut up :P?
  13. CPU performance

    Ok, if i pass all to the select() function then how do I know which one was the reason for the unblock? just do a loop and check the open sockets or is there a way to see which sockets unblocked select()? And round robin fashion is exactly how i have it set up its basicly like while(forever) { select(checkSocket[lineNumber],notimeout); lineNumber++; } for a simplistic approch to what im doing.
  14. UserInfo File

    Sweet I got my laptop up and running at full speed and I got back to work tonight. So after finshing up some more commenting I started work on the userinfo file. This file is going to save the users data so that we can validate an inputed password even after the user logs off and back on. Also this will save there state and other things so that i can make sure that there not a new user amongst other things. I got the function in place. Put in the function to open a file and create one if theres not one there. Also got it to close. But alast it has been a long night and im going to call it here. So tomorrow I'll be working on the loop to read in the structured objects of the users saved data and get the function squared away.
  15. CPU performance

    the later, im polling all sockets connected which are no more then 5. All the while im passing a time of 0 secs to select so that it does it with out stopping. Is there a better way, because that seems the only way to get my users a seamless chat experience with out using threads.