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  1. e-u-l-o-g-y

    about 3d rendering tools

    The directX SDK contains .X exporters for maya and 3ds max in the Utilities folder..
  2. e-u-l-o-g-y

    PlayStation 3: Untapped Potential?

    Quote:Original post by Moe Quote:Original post by e-u-l-o-g-y ...or what about the 360? According to the inquirer, all the first generation 360 games used only a single core ... I call bullcrap. I really, really, really wouldn't trust that news article. Heck, with all the crap I have seen on the Inquirer, I wouldn't take anything they say without a grain (or pound) of salt. I take it with a grain of salt (that's why I wrote "according to"). I didn't know they had a credibility problem, but I'll take it into account - I've seen them quoted all over the net, but that's perhaps saying more about the net than their credibility ;)
  3. Thank's for the reply! I'll certainly look into the .fbx format! I haven't looked into these things in a while, so I actually forgot the fact that you can just make different bone animations for the different parts of the body and combine them with different weights ;) (btw I'm not looking for inverse kinematics since I know the angle in which the character aims)
  4. e-u-l-o-g-y

    PlayStation 3: Untapped Potential?

    Like a lot of people have pointed out earlier in the thread, there's always much unused potential in the first generations of games for a given platform. Just look at how good shadow of the colossus, god of war and okami looks compared to earlier ps2 games - or what about the 360? According to the inquirer, all the first generation 360 games used only a single core which shows that there's a lot of unused potential there as well. My guess is that there's even more unused potential in the ps3 since it's considered by many developers to be a complex piece of hardware to program. The same goes for controllers. It takes time to get used to and develop common, good ways to handle user input. In a lot of early games, both for the wiimote and the sixaxis, the motion controls seems tacked on at the last moment, but I'm guessing that this will get much better with time.
  5. Hi! I'm thinking about using bones/vertex skinning for my game models, but I need the upper part of the character to be able to rotate independent of the bottom part (without introducing gaps) so a model can walk in one direction while aiming in another direction. Is this possible/suitable to use the .X format for this? If not - are there any open formats you'd recommend for this? Do you have any links to a tutorial/source code examples on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance!
  6. e-u-l-o-g-y

    Operating Systems - Tutorial?

    I'd love that! We've got a couple of OS programming courses at the university where I live, but I've never had the time to take anyone of them!
  7. e-u-l-o-g-y

    .NET/C# Bitmap using colour

    I guess this isn't the problem, but the alpha should be 255 and not 0 if you want anything to show up. Also make sure the pixel format of the Bitmap is right (not 2 bit black/white) - for instance PixelFormat.Format32bppRgb.
  8. e-u-l-o-g-y

    Easy Algorithms Anyone? Help Needed!

    Here's how it works in dnd.
  9. e-u-l-o-g-y

    C# LinkedList

    int sum = 0; foreach (int i in list) sum += i;
  10. e-u-l-o-g-y

    movie screenshot

    I would guess that this would be next to impossible since video overlay is done in hardware - so there's no software access to the pixel information (or am I missing somethig here?). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_overlay
  11. e-u-l-o-g-y

    DOS Mode 13h Palette

    One solution I used in the "good old days" was to create a lut for color index and brightness (no support for colored lights unless you created one lut for each light). You could either create a full custom palette or just reserve the colors needed for textures and generate the others based on which brightness/color index pair was most needed. This actually worked quite well as long as the palette didn't contain alot of different colors (which would result in horrible banding effects). You would interpolate the brightness and tu/tv over the poly, sample the point at tu/tv in the texture and look up brightnessLut[colorIndex + (brightness << 8)];
  12. e-u-l-o-g-y

    The Top Ten reasons NOT to create a MMO.

    I would say you've got some valid points even though your personal taste in games interfer with the objectivity a bit here ;) (but who doesn't?). Quote:Original post by Iron Will In this we are presented with a special problem. Players come to MMOs based on the RPG concept, expecting to feel unique, and be the best; to save the world, and become rich, famous, etc, etc. I beg to differ. You're not talking about the RPG concept, but the CRPG Cliché. One thing that MMORPGs bring to the table is the fact that there are other sentient beings in the world. In a pnp RPG those sentient beings are being played by the gamemaster, in the MMORPGs they're played by other players. You are NOT unique and you must think before you do something stupid - you can't rely on the crappy AI. One of the things that actually irritates me when it comes to CRPGS is that in almost all of them you're an omnipotent being which doesn't have to answer to anyone (at least after a couple of level advancements). Not that I don't enjoy playing those games, but they're not really RPGs to me - they're hack and slash levelling games. I believe that MMORPGs might actually be able to bring the RP back into RPG. I know that there are many hack and slash MMORPGs out there but I've got the impression that there are also some games which add the RPG feeling into them - where you have to play a role, not only kill everything that moves or transport an item from one location to another.
  13. e-u-l-o-g-y

    Multiple versions of the DirectX SDK

    Thanks for the help! I think I'll copy the needed libraries and headers into the project folder like suggested - I've had too many problems with missing libraries and newer versions of libraries ;)
  14. e-u-l-o-g-y

    Drawing Energy Beams

    This should do the trick. Texture to the left and triangles to the right in the picture ;)
  15. I tried to find out how to have multiple versions of the directX SDK installed at the same time, and found this thread. According to the replies there one shouldn't install multiple sdk's at the same time. This brings me to wonder - I'm currently reading up on how to create plugins for a program I'm using but it requires an earlier version of the d3dx9.lib library than I've currenly got installed. How should I handle this without removing my current version of the DX SDK?
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