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  1. Ancient Spirit

    A general lang question

    But if I want DirectX the C#'s DirectX is easier no? And does java support OpenGL?
  2. Hey... I was wondering is it a good idea to write games under .NET langs, OpenGL or DirectX no matter, I mean, does it matters? I have the options of C#, C\C++, Java... About Java... I don't know... But what about the others? Is it better to write C# then C++?
  3. Ancient Spirit

    A question about .NET

    I know basic Java, and now i also know basic C# (wich is about the same) It wasnt a question of me trying to choose a lang, I just wanted to know, btw you said that the java code isnt interprated anymore? how so? i mean it does not make an executable file and stuff... no?
  4. Ancient Spirit

    operator overloading....

    Thanks, i think i got it :)
  5. Ancient Spirit

    operator overloading....

    I come from a world of C++ and im used to override operators just by writing the regular thing... But the thing is that i just dont understand why it has to be static, i mean static is a way to call methods without insitiating the class right? why do we need it then? And i actually like the idea of .NET....
  6. Ancient Spirit

    winapi - reading files names

    well... you can always use the good and old C function #include <stdio.h> #include <windows.h> void main() { FILE* fp = fopen("some_path", "authorize(diff stuff)"); if(fp != NULL) { char[256] text; fscanf(fp, "%s", text); MessageBox(NULL, text, "Test", MB_OK); } if(fp != null) fclose(fp); } that should do the trick, read about the functions they are easy... Good luck.
  7. Hello, What is the difference between .NET and the JVM? Isn't it just another interprator? If so then isnt it better to write on non .net langs? Thanks, Spirit.
  8. Hello, can you please tell me why do the overloaded operators in C# has to be static? Thanks, Spirit
  9. Ancient Spirit

    Quick java tutorials....

    Quote:Original post by GDKnight How about say the command to import your own files like say Card.java? I know its import something but I can't remeber the specifics. If the java file is in the same package or project no import is needed all is there, you can always make a package and then import it like he said :)
  10. Ancient Spirit

    Strange Warnings

    Shouldn't the SDK already come with the MSVS? If so then you don't need to redefine anything all the settings will be ok when youu install...
  11. Ancient Spirit

    Basic C# Window Question...

    private void InitializeComponent() { // // Other Code, buttons and stuff, this method is called by the constructure // this.AutoScaleBaseSize = new System.Drawing.Size(5, 13); this.ClientSize = new System.Drawing.Size(292, 22); this.Controls.Add(this.calculateButton); this.Controls.Add(this.outputLabel); this.Name = "Form1"; this.Text = "Calculations Thing"; this.Load += new System.EventHandler(this.Form1_Load); this.ResumeLayout(false); } private void Form1_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { for(double i=1.0; i>=0.0; i-=0.0005) this.Opacity = i; }
  12. Hey, I used the new Window Application wizard to get a project started. I add a method onLoad, so everytime that the window is loaded I want it to fade in using the opacity attribute, the thing is that the fade in causes the window to be black and then get to his normal view, thou fade out works fine, can anyone help? Thanks, Spirit.
  13. Ancient Spirit

    C# vs. Visual C++\MFC

    Well, I gave Visual C++ .NET a chance and C# a chance, I think that there is no difference, I'm learning C# now, it kind of reminds me of Java so the basics go easy... And same for Visual C++ .NET, I actually starting to like the .NET framework... Combining code from different .NET langs sounds so cool and usefull. So basically it doesn't matter what .NET lang I learn, they are all one eventually... I liked the forms aswell, it's like VB but with a syntex that I can live with :) Thanks for your help, Spirit.
  14. Ancient Spirit

    Is to return a member data good?

    first of all i think you can make the method a const one so you cant access it... second, you can return a reference, which if im not wrong uses the copy constructure of the class B when you return it and then u use a different copy which is deleted if you dont save it somewhere... EDIT: haha that wasnt here when i posted... boy im slow : if i got it ok, then it will expose a copy of B not B itself...
  15. Ancient Spirit

    Quick java tutorials....

    The thing is that you dont need the GUI part right? You need I\O and the basic if else and stuff. I remember the 2.0 Java, you write classes you use the main and write methods basically the same way... You have a new class called the Scanner, with it you can do basic Input instead of System.in import java.util.Scanner class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in); System.out.print("Enter a num: "); int num = scan.nextInt(); } } if, else and other stuff are the same, there is a thing about the for loop which uses a cool iteration system but i dont know it and i dont really care about it... I prefer the normal style... Becides this i dont know... Of course you have some classes for Vectors and Stack if im not mistaking and other usefull things aswell... I dont remember it all for im only learning intro to CS with Java... :) EDIT: Scanner class is not only for input it can be applied to strings aswell if im not mistaking, but again, i suggest you check it out... Anyway good luck! Spirit.
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