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  1. This looks promising! Count me in.
  2. kmccusker

    MMORPG Construction Sets (research)

    Providing a construction set for a MMO is a wonderful idea, but it brings up a lot of issues (twinking, powerleveling, bloated economy, etc). There would have to be a dedicated team just for verifying player made content, and then approving it for the game world. The MMOs I played, it didn't take long to get tired of the content. I enjoyed exploring and doing the quests....the first time around. The second, third, fourth, etc times around (with new characters) it became a grind. The whole "new" feeling was gone. No surprises. No thrill of exploration. Introducing a construction/tool set into the MMO community would greatly increase the replay value of a MMO. The game would literally have new content available for download everyday (new items, new quests, new areas, new NPCs). An idea like this isn't too far fetched. As with everything else, careful planning and testing would be needed before implementing something like this. I'd like to see a MMO take a chance and try it out. As far as existing construction sets for MMOs, I haven't heard of any that are available to the public, but I haven't bothered to look either. :)
  3. kmccusker

    [.net] Drawing using GDI+

    You can draw inside the MouseDown event the same way you would inside the paint method. You declare a graphics object, instantiate any pens or brushes, draw your shape(s), then do any cleaning up you desire. Using just your code, this is what I came up with. //Paint event of the pictureBox private void pictureBox2_Paint(object sender, System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs e) { //empty } //MouseDown event of the pictureBox, this is where our drawing takes place //Whenever the left mouse button is clicked inside the pictureBox, a new image //is drawn at the point the mouse was clicked private void pictureBox2_MouseDown(object sender,System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs e) { switch (e.Button) { case MouseButtons.Left: { X = e.X; Y = e.Y; //You can create a graphics object directly from the control Graphics g = pictureBox2.CreateGraphics(); tBrush = new TextureBrush(theImage,new Rectangle(0,0,theImage.Width,theImage.Height)); tPen = new Pen(tBrush,20); g.DrawImageUnscaled(theImage, X, Y); this.pictureBox1.Update(); break; } default: break; } } What this does is, paints the image at the position I clicked with the mouse. I hope this helps.
  4. kmccusker

    [.net] Drawing using GDI+

    If you want to draw after the mouse has been clicked (inside the picturebox) try handling the drawing inside the mouse_down event of the picturebox.
  5. kmccusker

    Beginner games

  6. kmccusker

    If the string is all numbers

    If you are using the .NET framework, there is a Char.IsDigit() method available. Otherwise you could convert characters in a string to their ASCII value and then check to see if the string contains the 0-9 number's ASCII values. I am guessing there are more ways to do this.
  7. kmccusker

    idea book

    Keeping an idea book is an excellent idea. There have been many times I've come up with something, and told myself, "Ah, I'll remember that, no need to write it down." Needless to say, I forgot :( If you are familiar with mind mapping, that might be an excellent way to jot down your ideas. Mind mapping allows you to write down words or pictures without following any type of format. Dedicate a notebook just for your ideas. Wiki Mind Map
  8. kmccusker

    Need to make decision on what program to use

    Both programs have their ups and downs, it shouldn't matter which one you choose, because the skills you learn carry over to the other program.
  9. kmccusker

    What to do? Newb needs help.

    You can start by going here.
  10. kmccusker

    Icon ideas

    How about a wireframe cube with one of the planes shaded a light color?
  11. Since this is a relatively short camp, I highly recommend doing something easy, so they can walk away with a completed project. I've done similar camps here in AZ, working with foster kids, and my biggest challenge was keeping them interested. If they didn't understand it, and didn't see results right away, they were ready to do something else. Will the students be working in groups? Or going solo? Quote:Right now I am thinking of making a basic “action” game in Flash, and then teach the students how to make their own game assets and import them into my template. This is an excellent idea. Maybe try to create a single screen shooter (shooting nerf balls or something), or a simple puzzle game. You could divide the class up into halves; the first half could be an instructor led tutorial, then you could turn them loose to create their own game, under your supervision of course. Whatever you decide, good luck with the workshop! Working with kids is great. :)
  12. How about creating a form that displays the instructions to the user? Something as simple as a listBox with some buttons. To access the individual members of an ArrayList, you'll have to index into the ArrayList using the Item property. Another possibility for storing your data would be to create a custom collection class designed to hold only strings. In this class you could override the ToString() method and have it return all the instructions.
  13. kmccusker

    [.net] VB .NET Listbox

    When you add data to a listbox, you are calling that data's ToString() method. To correct this, override your class's ToString() method. Overrides Function ToString() as String Return "Whatever you want here" End Function
  14. kmccusker

    D3DXFont - Text coming out as blocks of colour

    Try setting the first value in the DrawText function to NULL. That was the only change I made and it worked perfectly. Otherwise I am not very familiar with handling text sprites.
  15. I like your version better. It looks like it will be very easy to navigate. Old site had too much clutter, and things weren't aligned with each other. Your site is simple and the areas align with each other (pleasing to the eyes). Old site stuff is spread out too far. Your site compiles everything the user will need in a small area, right on top of the web page. Looks good!
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