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  1. Bliz23

    Terrain engine

    Wow, this is really amazing. Like some others, I have been watching this for a long time. In fact this is what keeps me coming back on this website ;). I first started reading when you first did procedural textures and I remember thinking that you should stick with actual textures because it looked crappy. Haha, was I wrong, you sure made everything look amazing.
  2. Bliz23

    D3D10 and XP. Again.

    What's so bad about swimming across the atlantic ocean? I swim it everyday after my morning tea with sasquatch.
  3. Bliz23

    Silverbow and space rain..

    Even though its only a spaceship and rain drops shown on screen, it looks very well polished. The only thing that really gets me is how do you have rain in outer space??? [edit] My bad, I was to amazed by the pictures to read that you we're gonna keep the space rain.
  4. Bliz23

    On HDRI, OpenGL and stuff..

    screw openGL, direct3D is where its at!!!
  5. Bliz23

    Nebulaes, part II

    i was bored, so i decided to do a little photshop work: hope you don't mind if I used your pictures and made that. i'm not going to sell it or anything. but if it really bothers you, i can delete all copies on my computer.
  6. Bliz23


    That picture with the statue and fire reminds me of jedi knight outcast and academy. ahhh, i love those games. but it looks really good though, keep up the good work.
  7. Bliz23

    It's coming.. !

    if you squint enough you can almost make out a ship...
  8. Bliz23

    Solid Start

    soooo. is that memory manager going to come out soon???? i was looking forward to seeing yours to give me some ideas for mine, but im not seeing anything.
  9. Bliz23

    Solid Start

    yeah, i saw an update on time and i thought ace_lovegrove updated. its soo sad
  10. Bliz23

    Minas Tirith release 10

    looks really awesome, i just wished i had a better graphics card to run it, stupid nvidia geforce 4 mx. Well the videos great anyways, keep up the great work, one day i want to be as good as you lol.
  11. Bliz23

    Planet engine integration (cont.)

    pretty sweet looking picture you got there, keep up the good work
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