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  1. Hi I have designed a GUI with Expression Blend. I'm using an external XML file which contains datas (array of objects). 'Blend' allow data binding for reading, but i want to add an object to my xml array from c#. How to do it ? in xaml : <XmlDataProvider d:IsDataSource="True" Source="d:\Documents\WPF\AdressBook\contacts.xml" x:Key="contactsDS"/> How to get a pointer to this XmlDataProvider in c# ? thanks
  2. encom

    SVG integration

    I spend the morning on google ! thanks for the RTFM [oh] forum powa
  3. encom

    SVG integration

    I dont know what to use.... that is the goal of this topic !
  4. encom

    SVG integration

    I know batik but it's for Java :'(
  5. encom

    SVG integration

    SVG (as Flash lite) is widely used as a rendering engine for GUI on embedded framework. This is powerfull for some reasons : - Because of the "clean" separation of GUI (designer) and Core application (developper) ; that can't be done easily with GTK or other c/c++ widget libs. - Because of animations and scalable contents who are now required on mobile phone and handed devices. That's why im interessted in SVG <-> C++ interactions.
  6. Hi all :) I would like to make a c++ program with a SVG GUI (animations, funny things..). But does anyone know how to send and event from C++ to SVG and handle SVG events in C++ ? I know how to do it in flash with ActiveX, but not in SVG
  7. Hi I have to read in a file the following lines : first name#last name#email#phone aaaa#bbbb#ee@rr.ff#5465434 using scanf, easy : fscanf(file, "%s#%s#%s#%s", fname, lname, ...); how to do the same with ofstream ? Thanks
  8. encom

    Flash UI integration

    Resolved :) #### c++ to flash calls: TRY { CString ret = m_FlashPlayer.CallFunction("<invoke name=\"FlashFunction\" returntype=\"xml\"><arguments><string> empty ?</string></arguments></invoke>"); //AfxMessageBox(ret); } CATCH(COleDispatchException, ex) { TCHAR szCause[255]; CString strFormatted; ex->GetErrorMessage(szCause, 255); strFormatted = "The program exited because of this error: "; strFormatted += szCause; AfxMessageBox(strFormatted); } END_CATCH in ActionScript now : import flash.external.*; ExternalInterface.addCallback("FlashFunction", this, InternalFlashFunction); function InternalFlashFunction(str: String): String { play(); return "You can return a string..."; } #### flash to c++ calls: BEGIN_EVENTSINK_MAP(CFlashPlayerDlg, CDialog) //{{AFX_EVENTSINK_MAP(CFlashPlayerDlg) ON_EVENT(CFlashPlayerDlg, IDC_SHOCKWAVEFLASH1, 150 /* FSCommand */, OnFSCommand, VTS_BSTR VTS_BSTR) ON_EVENT(CFlashPlayerDlg, IDC_SHOCKWAVEFLASH1, 197 /* FlashCall */, OnFlashCall, VTS_BSTR) //}}AFX_EVENTSINK_MAP END_EVENTSINK_MAP() void CFlashPlayerDlg::OnFSCommand(LPCTSTR command, LPCTSTR args) { AfxMessageBox(command); } void CFlashPlayerDlg::OnFlashCall(LPCTSTR request) { AfxMessageBox(request); } in ActionScript : fscommand("ChangeText", textInput_txt.text); // for fscommand // or"GetContacts"); // flash call
  9. encom

    Flash UI integration

    Hi, I have found this website too ;) Do you know how to use the function CShockwaveFlash.CallFunction() ? Does it call a ActionScript function ?
  10. Hi, I would like to integrate a flash UI in a c++ program. I use flash.ocx component in vc++ 6, but where can I find doc/references on CShockwaveFlash class (autogenerated) ? My goal is to call from c++ a ActionScript function, and from ActionScript call a c++ function. Thanks :)
  11. encom

    Qt GUI

    Hi Does it exists classe (Qt or/and Java) who loads GUI from a XML file. The goal is to dont write the gui in the code but in a xml file. thanks :)
  12. encom

    rDNS with VBScript

    this is not VBScript, it doesnt compile !
  13. Hi Does anybody know how to get a dns name from an ip adress using VBS ?
  14. encom

    XP Boot script

    This script must run once. It's a configuration script for the first boot. Taskman doenst do it.
  15. Hi I have made a vbs script. I want it to be launched with the Windows XP start even nobody is logged. Could a script start like a service ? thanks
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