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  1. Where can I go about designing video games?

    If you are skilled enough and you do the work (a decent design document, etc), you MIGHT be able to recruit yourself a team of hobbyists. After that begins the real work of actually making the game and I can say from experience that running a team of beginners/non-professionals without being able to pay them a dime is not an easy task.   If you want to get your game realized by going through the corporate ladder, you should be aware that it will take many years to work your way up a lead designer post. Even if that would happen, it's still no guarantee that you'll get to work on a project of your own choosing.   Good luck!
  2. That kind of depends if you are going to have an initiative score tied with your timeunits. In the old X-COM (UFO: Enemy Unknown), the two character's initiative score was compared to each other when it was triggered. Then again, UFO had problems with the slow pace of the combat and this might be something that you want to avoid.
  3. Mmm. Meatpies. Breakfast of the champions.
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