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    I just want to thank everyone for all the heart felt emails I recieved in regards to our recent loss. Lots of people don't understand how a animal can effect your life, but NeHe and I don't have children and our animals are our kids, so loosing 2 in 2 months was almost unbarable for me. Thanks again. And to Doug Dickinson you words meant alot, thanks :)
  2. NeHe_Lover

    Merry Merry

    Hope everyone has a SAFE and Festive Holiday season.
  3. NeHe_Lover

    Is Jeff dead ?

    NeHe is just fine ... just really really BUSY :) But NeHe LIVES!!
  4. NeHe_Lover

    NeHe contest theme?

    I like the Demo Hall of Fame idea :)
  5. NeHe_Lover

    NeHe contest theme?

    BTW : I don't like the retro Games theme idea (sorry) I don't like old games ... but NeHe loves them .. we have a Vectrex for petsake :) so he might like this idea.
  6. NeHe_Lover

    NeHe contest theme?

    If you guys want this contest to happen you better come to an agreement about what you want. There's what 2 pages to this post full of idea's for the contest - lets make a decision:) I love to see your guy's demo's. So lets get a move on (j/k)
  7. NeHe_Lover

    NeHe contest theme?

    hmmmmm - ya really why does there need to be a theme. I'll run that by NeHe :)
  8. NeHe_Lover

    Disappointed by a recent game.

    what's the name of the game your talking about?
  9. NeHe_Lover

    NeHe contest theme?

    LMAO Aliens :) Never hurts to ask Etus.
  10. NeHe_Lover

    NeHe contest theme?

    How about DREAM'S for the theme??? just an idea
  11. NeHe_Lover

    NeHe contest theme?

    I like the Hallowen idea :)
  12. NeHe_Lover

    Stupid dream I guess...

    Everyone has got their own opinion - nice thing about "Freedom of Speech"
  13. NeHe_Lover

    Stupid dream I guess...

    LMFAO thats just about the funniest thing I have heard (NeHe a SheHe lmao) I will have to tell him to read this post :) he will get a kick out of it - believe me he (NeHe) has the most MESSED dreams. I can only ever remember little bits of my dreams but don't you hate it when you are awaken from a dream and want sooooo bad to continue it but can't (that sucks)most times those are the "strange sexual fantasy dreams" you were talking about lmao :)
  14. NeHe_Lover

    Totally Off Topic

    I posted it here because my boyfriend (NeHe) made 2 maps for Realm Wars and I thought maybe some of the people that frequent this forum might like to see what he made:) Forgive me I guess I was wrong.
  15. NeHe_Lover

    Totally Off Topic

    And your point is ?
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