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  1. I am currently working around the clock to learn opengl. Now I just got a new laptop. It is a acer aspire 3004WCLi and I am having issues with it. Well this problem started right out of the box actually. When I turned on the laptop the acer logo doesn't come on, I hear windows start up, and I see the backlight. But no display from the monitor itself. So I sent it in to those aliens at "CUSTOMER SERVICE". they replaced the main board and did a fresh re-install. Now when I get it back I turn it on, and it works. But, I restarted it after installing my compiler. I run into the same problem again, I get a backlight, and a windows startup, and no display. Well to my luck the vga works, but its quite unfortunate I need a moniotr to use my laptop. So if anyone has any solutions on how to fix this, and by "solutions I mean anything but customer service", please respond to this. Thanks in advance, Forestlaw89
  2. Okay recently my graphics card has been acting up. When I start up the FPS engine from the book OpenGL Game Programming my desktop pixelates and the colors become dark. At first I though it was just the engine, but this also happens when I run unreal tournament 2004, and I get a pop-up "Low Color Depth Test" when I start up Quake 3. Can someone please tell me what could possibly be wrong.
  3. A message box popped up after I updated to the latest version of sdl 1.24, and compiled and ran my DevC++ project. The name of the app is SDL.exe. on the caption of the message box it says: "SDL.exe - Entry Point Not Found" and in the main part of the message box it says: "The procedue entry point SDL_LoadObject could not be located in the dynamic link library SDL.dll" I have no idea what this error is and when I look on google, I only find this error for non related items. So if anyone knows what this error means please help.
  4. forestlaw89

    SDL mixer wont play

    I have done everything I can to figure this problem out but unfortunately no luck. SDL mixer wont play and I dont understand it. My IDE (DEVC++) is set up perfectly. Irecieve no errors in when compiling the code. so here is the source hopefully you fellow game programmers can help. #include "SDL.h" #include "SDL_mixer.h" #include <string> #include "SDL_image.h" #include "SDL_ttf.h" #include "game_time.h" //window settings and functions const int SCREEN_WIDTH= 640; const int SCREEN_HEIGHT= 480; const int SCREEN_BPP= 32; bool init(); bool clean_up(); //music variables Mix_Music *music = NULL; //frame rate time, variables //The frames per second const int FRAMES_PER_SECOND = 20; Timer fps; bool cap = true; int frame = 0; //font colors and text type variables and functions TTF_Font *font; SDL_Color textColor = { 255, 55, 20 };// color of text //surfaces that will be used SDL_Surface *player1= NULL; SDL_Surface *background= NULL; SDL_Surface *screen= NULL; SDL_Surface *message= NULL; //event handler variables SDL_Event event; //Image Loading functions SDL_Surface *load_image(std::string filename); //Image optimization fuctions void apply_surface(int x, int y, SDL_Surface * source, SDL_Surface* destination); int main( int argc, char* args[] ) { //app startup check if(init()==false) { return 1; } //loop control variable bool go_on=true; //screen images player1= load_image("adv2as2.bmp"); background= load_image("bg1.bmp"); //apply images to screen apply_surface(0,0,background,screen); apply_surface(180,140,player1,screen); //update sdl screen if(SDL_Flip(screen)==-1) { return 1; } //loop while(go_on) { while(SDL_PollEvent(&event)) { //If a key was pressed if( event.type == SDL_KEYDOWN ) { //If enter was pressed if( event.key.keysym.sym == SDLK_RETURN ) { //if enter was pressed cap frame rate !cap; } if( event.key.keysym.sym == SDLK_9 ) { if((Mix_PlayMusic( music, -1)==-1) {return 1;} } } else if(event.type==SDL_QUIT) { go_on=false; } } apply_surface(0,0,background,screen); apply_surface(180,140,player1,screen); } clean_up(); return 0; } bool init() { if( SDL_Init( SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING )==-1) { return false; } screen= SDL_SetVideoMode(SCREEN_WIDTH,SCREEN_HEIGHT,SCREEN_BPP,SDL_SWSURFACE); if(TTF_Init()==-1) { return false; } else { //if ttf check is good initialize font format font=TTF_OpenFont( "abberancy.TTF", 50 ); if(font==NULL) return false; } //Initialize SDL_mixer if( Mix_OpenAudio( 22050, MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT, 2, 4096 ) == -1 ) { return false; } else // if everything is fine load music { music=Mix_LoadMUS( "dev.wav" ); } if(screen == NULL) { return false; } //window caption SDL_WM_SetCaption("BattleField",NULL); return true; } SDL_Surface *load_image(std::string filename) { //temporary image loader SDL_Surface *loadedImage= NULL; //the optimized image tgat will be used SDL_Surface *optimizedImage= NULL; //Load Image loadedImage= IMG_Load(filename.c_str()); //if nothng is wrong with the file if(loadedImage!=NULL) { //Create an optimized image optimizedImage= SDL_DisplayFormat(loadedImage); //Free the old Image SDL_FreeSurface(loadedImage); } //color key new optimized image if(optimizedImage!=NULL) { //clear black from behind image Uint32 colorkey = SDL_MapRGB( optimizedImage->format, 0, 0, 0); SDL_SetColorKey( optimizedImage, SDL_RLEACCEL | SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, colorkey ); } //return new image return optimizedImage; } void apply_surface(int x, int y, SDL_Surface * source, SDL_Surface* destination) { //Make a temporary rectangle to hold the offsets SDL_Rect offset; //Dive the offsets of the triangle offset.x=x; offset.y=y; //Blit surface SDL_BlitSurface(source, NULL, destination, &offset); } bool clean_up() { //Free all used surfaces memory SDL_FreeSurface(player1); SDL_FreeSurface(background); SDL_FreeSurface(message); //Free the sound effects Mix_FreeMusic( music ); TTF_CloseFont( font ); SDL_Quit(); TTF_Quit(); } Furthermore this is from mostly from lazyfoo's tutorial.
  5. forestlaw89

    I need to loop my game backround

    sorry but thats not it. Thanks very much though. I was asking to have the backround reset itself so it starts over. So the end of the bitmap touches the front of the bitmap and keeps looping. Sorry for the terrible explanation my english is very bad.
  6. Yes I have just finished learning sdl and need some help. I have created the image for my background but dont have any ideas to keep looping the image until the player destroys a certain amount of enemies. The game I am creating is a side scroller shooter. So I need the background to move and keep looping. If you have any ideas on how to do this please tell and an example would be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance, forestlaw89
  7. forestlaw89

    How do you make a resource file?

    OK I got the prgram built but I keep getting an error stating I don't have that existing file in that directory. I know I should check and I have. But what is weird is i only get the error for one of the icons and not both. By the way i am using DevC++. Can someone tell me the reason why I am getting this error or should I use more than one resource file?
  8. I have the book sams: Teach your self game programming in 24 hours and it is great so far but I don't understand how to make an .rc file with devC and its bothering me because I won't be able to load sprites from files I have created. So if anyone can tell me step by step how to make one and implement it in code (wether I should use headers, functions, classes, etc.) I would be very grateful. [Edited by - forestlaw89 on January 25, 2006 9:59:25 PM]
  9. forestlaw89

    beginner allegro question

    Hi! I JUST started allegro and i am having trouble loading a bitmap. the program in the tutorial crashes when I run it so here is the source and cold someone help me. major thanx in advance, in addition here is the link to the tutorial http://www.cppgameprogramming.com/cgi/nav.cgi?page=allegfiles. [source:] #include <allegro.h> BITMAP *xSprite; BITMAP *oSprite; int main(){ allegro_init(); install_keyboard(); set_color_depth(16); set_gfx_mode( GFX_AUTODETECT, 640, 480, 0, 0); xSprite = load_bitmap( "x.bmp", NULL); oSprite = load_bitmap( "o.bmp", NULL); acquire_screen(); line( screen, 200, 0, 200, 480, makecol( 255, 255, 255)); line( screen, 400, 0, 400, 480, makecol( 255, 255, 255)); line( screen, 0, 150, 680, 150, makecol( 255, 255, 255)); line( screen, 0, 300, 680, 300, makecol( 255, 255, 255)); draw_sprite( screen, xSprite, 0, 0); draw_sprite( screen, oSprite, 200, 0); draw_sprite( screen, xSprite, 400, 0); draw_sprite( screen, oSprite, 0, 150); draw_sprite( screen, xSprite, 200, 150); draw_sprite( screen, oSprite, 400, 150); draw_sprite( screen, oSprite, 0, 300); draw_sprite( screen, xSprite, 200, 300); draw_sprite( screen, oSprite, 400, 300); release_screen(); readkey(); return 0; } END_OF_MAIN();
  10. forestlaw89

    book help

    Well if you want a book on almost everything in C and C(plus plus) I suggest BigC(plus plus). Its a book thats around 2000 pages but nearly everything about programming in Cplusplus is in there. You should check it out
  11. Sorry for such a stupid post but I went to microsoft and could'nt find a copy of visual C++ 6.0 that worked. I downloaded a install file from windows and every time I run it says visual C++ was not correctly installed. So can someone out there give me a link or some type of instructions on where I can get visualC++ 6.0 because I am trying to learn DirectX. Also don't give me links to visual C++ 2005, I don't really like that version and the book I have on directX suggest using VisualC++ 6.0.
  12. I just purchased the book "programming role-playing games with direct x" and I am confused on how to set up the directX libraries, includes, and multithreading libraries because the book only shows you how to do it in Visual C++, and VisualStudio.Net. So if anyone out their has purchased this same book can you please tell me how to set these files in a DevC++ compiler. I would really like to get started learning ASAP. Thanx to anyone who replies.
  13. Well, I have just finished with the book "Beginning C(plus plus) Game Programming" by Michael Dawson. I really understand the concepts in the book and now I wan't to get started with learning a Graphics language. I have heard of many like Allegro, SDL, DirectX, and openGL. But, unfortunately I don't know which one to start with. Every forum I go to there is a different suggestion for a beginner level Graphics language. So, my friends I ask for your help to point me into the right direction. Please let me know what is your suggestion for a Graphics language, with an explanation of course. Also it would be appreciated if you gave me a link to a tutorial for that language with your responses. Thanx major in advance.
  14. forestlaw89

    Help need 3dsmax super newb tutorial

    thanx Dog_City I needed that tutorial now the real, problem is learning fast enough but anyway thanx.
  15. forestlaw89

    The Nerv Of People

    I really didn't mean to be off topic or anything I was only sick people making fun of the kids are pretty much carrying the schools reputation (we get the best grades in our school.) So anyone who feels I am overeacting or whatever and I have learned to live with it. So thanx for your responses("positive and negative"). Bye
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