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  1. Hi Guys, long time i didn't visit this site since i stopped game development, but now am planning to come back to this world again. i have few questions hope you can answer it: 1- i used to work with DirectX 9.0, i am planning to do games for X-Box, is there any tutorials that can help me with that ?? and is there big difference between them ?? 2- in Dx9 i used to use .X files for my games, is it also supported in X-Box games ?? 3- i used to develop games using Visual studio .net 2005, what is the XNA studio ?? is it the 1 i need to make games for X-Box or i can continue with VS.net ??? Thanks //Jad
  2. jad_salloum

    .3ds export to .x

    google for panda exporter
  3. jad_salloum

    .X triangulation

    thats right , u need to do it through 3d max or maya or whatever software u r using for modeling 1000000000000000 THANKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  4. jad_salloum

    Advanced C# tutorials

    thanks guys for replying Am using MDX and PaulCesar a good effects is a combination of everything good coding, texturing and lighting what i am asking for is a sample that has all these stuff and for sure lots of the ppl here has their own effects and own collision detection and responce engins. am asking for this good quality samples
  5. Hi guys, i have found lots of tutorial sites for managed C# but they are all biggenner stuff, and even the lil ones advanced they r not good enough !!! why there is no tutorials or open source game that shows you how to create smoke, fire ,fog with good textures ?? why there is no games with full collision detection and responce approuch !! all what i can find is peices of code and it is soo hard to combine them. is there any purpose from not pubishing these advanced stuff ?? and why there is no section here in GameDev.Net that allows ppl to share code samples !!! Thanks alot guys,
  6. hi Racky1275 i looked at the device u said about it, well actully this is what i am using now and what i said about now as (ScanConvertor) but you know as u have faced this problem before its configuration is very hard sometimes and the qraphics quality is less than SDI and some TV stations have OLD convertors which kill ur program. i have made till now more than 20 TV programs using this machine but i am trying to update my work alittle to get the best results... i think that there is a solution somewhere coz am sure of 1 thing "IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE" Thanks guys,
  7. Hi ray, i am still working on it but nothing till now and am managing myself by using a ScanConvertor to convert to SDI output but i know it is not the grtest solution. Quote: Something like the Quadro FX 5500 SDI or 4500 SDI will do the job thanks darrenmarklines i will try to look in depth for this 2 card to c if it will work Quote: I know that is possible to clone the default output to the SDI channel. There are other options but for this you need special programming and I am not sure if this works together with your application. u r right , really but it is hard to do coz i am working with C# i tried alittle with direct show and i was able to push the rendered frame through an SDI output (Black Magic) but i stoped it since i found it very hard i used direct show samples for that and if anyone wants the sample i made let me know i will send it n hope u will share it with me when u make it work Quote: I quite often have to create SDI content, usually to be used as an overlay on top of a live broadcast feed. we will appreciate it very much Racky1275 if u share with us a sample or anything coz really i have been facing this problem from long hope we can get benifit from your long experience. Thanks Guys,
  8. thanks Nypyren for your reply i will check this link tonight, and according to ur question : "Why are you trying to write a game that specifically uses that as output? I'm guessing that nobody other than you would use that output method." it is a game that runs on the TV for TV stations, and as everybody knows it should run with the highest Graphics Resolution :D which this output provides Thanks,
  9. hi guys thanks for your reply and i apprechiate any help. The SDI output comes with some video cards and it generates a high quality image as an output. it is mainly used in TV Stations to get the highest resolution image for broadcasting. i need to take an out put from my computer to an external device , i tried to use the normal screen output but then i need to connect it to scanConverter to take SDI output which (the scanConverter) makes the image loose quality. is there any way or if not with SDI Output but gives a good graphics quality. Check this image for the SDI output , this is an input card so don't care for it just see the shape of pin thanks,
  10. hi guys, am creating a game that needs to have an output on an SDI card but i don't know if it is possible to do that ! i tried alot and tried to work with direct show for c# but with no luck. i use c# for programming, there should be a way to push the rendered image of the scene to a graphical hardware attached to the system but can't figure it out how!!!! anybody has a solutions for that and if u know any tutorial or sample that could help me would be gr8. is it possible to use a specific hardware to do the job for me ?? plzz need ur recommends Thanks alot
  11. jad_salloum

    Normal Mapping

    hi guys, i started working with HLSL and i noticed that i need normal map texture to pass it in my effect to get the good lighting results, my questions are : 1- how do i create these normal maps ?? 2- if i have an object with 5 textures do i need to have 5 normal maps or what ?? thanks alot for any help, Cheers,
  12. jad_salloum


    Hi Admins, I would appreciate it very much if you can add RSS to the forms, it will be so helpfull for all of us and will increase the participation in replying to posts. Cheers,
  13. hi guys am trying for long time to play multiple videos in directX but with no luck , i have my game and i need a main loop for my game (Render function) and later in my game i need to play about 4 different videos together or less. i tried to work with the rendertotarget video sample in the SDK but it is not working well. is there a way to play them without affecting the performance of my game ?? Please give this post the right attention Thanks
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