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  1. 20   I have answered similar questions to these a couple of times during the last 10 years and I arrive at roughly the same answer every time. I have not taken any medication or seeked help in any way, I have only received a diagnoses from a doctor. I am not bi polar, do not have schizophrenia or suffer from any other mental illness as far as I am aware. I just feel like this all the time. I am very concerned that I am going to begin going completely off the rails in the future.   I answered the questions literally. For example: I do not want to kill myself, but I enjoy the thought of not being alive.   60 hours a week coding. It's my job and hobby, and just about the only subject I think about.   I am surprised so many people here score so low on these tests, I assumed everyone felt at least somewhat like me.
  2. Thanks for the help, I'm not sure how I overlooked this. However, I'm now currently stuck with the problem of having an awkward looking name of a device. eg: \\?\HID#VID_0D8C&PID_0102&MI_03#7&2caa9a5d&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030} How can I convert from this GUID(?) and some other stuff to a name that is more coherent to a user?
  3. I am trying to enumerate the present mice and keyboards on a system so I can listen to them individually. Using RAW input I get a unique device handle, which is useful, however, I want to enumerate all the possible mice and keyboards at application startup, which can then be linked with the handles received in the WM_INPUT message. I've examined the SetupDi functions and haven't found anything that can get a device handle, Is there another set of functions which can enumerate devices and link them with handles.
  4. Solved thanks, the view matrix was incorrect. Thanks!
  5. [code] int CD3D9Camera::ResetViewMatrix() { CVector Z = (m_Forward - m_Position); Z.Normalise(); CVector X = m_Up.CrossProduct(Z); X.Normalise(); CVector Y = Z.CrossProduct(X); m_View.m_f11 = X.m_fX; m_View.m_f12 = Y.m_fX; m_View.m_f13 = Z.m_fX; m_View.m_f14 = 0.0f; m_View.m_f21 = X.m_fY; m_View.m_f22 = Y.m_fY; m_View.m_f23 = Z.m_fY; m_View.m_f24 = 0.0f; m_View.m_f31 = X.m_fZ; m_View.m_f32 = Y.m_fZ; m_View.m_f33 = Z.m_fZ; m_View.m_f34 = 0.0f; m_View.m_f41 = -X.DotProduct(m_Position); m_View.m_f42 = -Y.DotProduct(m_Position); m_View.m_f43 = -Z.DotProduct(m_Position); m_View.m_f44 = 1.0f; return 0; }[/code] This method appears to have been working fine for a couple weeks, I'm not sure how it could be causing problems. I've been working on this all this evening too and I'm still getting nowhere. I'm not far off making a quaternion camera just to overcome this.
  6. For this method I simplified the rotation around an arbitrary axis matrix with one that simply rotated around the Y axis; believing I would get a different result. However, the result of the wavey camera remained. I am still unsure where to go from here except to take a completely different direction, either using quaternions or storing the yaw/pitch/roll individually.
  7. [code]int CD3D9Camera::RotateY(float p_fAngle) { float x = m_Right.m_fX; m_Right.m_fX = cos(p_fAngle) * m_Right.m_fX - sin(p_fAngle) * m_Right.m_fZ; m_Right.m_fZ = cos(p_fAngle) * m_Right.m_fZ + sin(p_fAngle) * x; x = m_Forward.m_fX; m_Forward.m_fX = cos(p_fAngle) * m_Forward.m_fX - sin(p_fAngle) * m_Forward.m_fZ; m_Forward.m_fZ = cos(p_fAngle) * m_Forward.m_fZ + sin(p_fAngle) * x; ResetViewMatrix(); return 0; }[/code] I want this method to rotate the right and forward vectors around the Y axis by an angle. I have been trying for a few evenings to get this working but all I end up with is camera movement that swings back and forth if I continuously rotate by the same angle. I understand the basic mathematics behind what I am doing, in so far as a rotation matrix is required and that is multiplied by the vector and these are the vector values that are changing when rotating around the Y axis. If anyone can point me in the right direction or can offer a hand that would be great. I've been studying lots of articles but I'm failing to see where I am going wrong.
  8. Mispelt Blacksmith with Blackshit yesterday, the keys aren't even near eachother.
  9. Very nice picture, worthy to be my wallpaper. I am going to Portugal in a few weeks, I will be taking pictures of my own and I would be happy if they are tenth as good as that.
  10. I saw an advert on the way home a few days ago and UKOnline were offering 512kb unlimited for 9 pounds 99 pence(no pound symbol on this keyboard and cba looking for it's code) a month. Not sure if it is totaly legit, but it might be worth checking it out(they may well have about 50 people per line or something silly) I'm going to upgrade to something fast when I can get a decent upload for a decent price. ATM in the UK it is pretty much locked to 256k up for domestic users which is quite terrible, the UK phone infrastructure is terrible. A Swedish friend of mine said you can get 100Mbit SDSL for approxtimately 30 pounds per month in Sweden.
  11. ChangeDisplaySettings(NULL, 0); This line should default the current settings to default.
  12. I think it is needed in the vtable.
  13. Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper Quote:Original post by CJWard I studied Scottish Advanced Highers in 2002, which were much harder than A-levels at the time. When I went back to my old school I looked at the past papers from 2004 and I have already noticed a significant drop in the difficulty. I've definitely noticed that myself. Some of the heads of department at my school had genuine difficulty with some of the exams from 5 years ago when they looked over them. Whereas the papers have plummeted in difficulty, I would agree. I forgot to mention when I asked the teachers about it when I went back to school to meet them they told me the standards have significantly dropped. From all the evidence shown I think it is difficult to put an arguement forward suggesting exams are equaly as difficult as they work 20 or so years ago.
  14. I studied Scottish Advanced Highers in 2002, which were much harder than A-levels at the time. When I went back to my old school I looked at the past papers from 2004 and I have already noticed a significant drop in the difficulty. They have even dropped an entire maths module and not introduced another(geomtory). The people I knew at my university in England all believed A-levels have been getting easier for a very long time. My Father who studied the equivelent about 35 years ago says without a doubt they have been getting easier. Checking the papers my father did all those years ago it seems obvious to me they have been getting easier.
  15. Quote:Original post by skittleo Were you following a tutorial or just bashing away at keys screaming "Die Die Die!" as you read the documentation? That's like me when I'm writing documentation.