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    Shipwreck -

    My little company Brushfire Games released our first title "Shipwreck" today. It's a top down adventure game inspired by classic Zelda titles.   It's available on Windows via the Humble widget and Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Indie Games. You can find the trailer and buy it via the Humble widget on our site: http://brushfiregames.com/shipwreck/. There's also a link below the widget if you want to buy it on Xbox 360.  
  2. I've used the GameTime passed to Draw for visual effects that don't need synchronizing with the main game. For example, I want a sine-wave based pulsing glow around some object. If I wanted to track time for that in the Update method, I'd need another variable somewhere. Or I can just use GameTime.TotalGameTime and be done with it.   You certainly don't want to mix in critical gameplay-impacting rendering this way, but for any visuals that need some long running time variable, it's a free way to have that handed to your drawing code.
  3. Notice in that thread they're using the width in both the x and y calculations whereas you swapped in the height. I believe that could be causing you issues.
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