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  1. Here's the link of my new tutorial: http://vandaengine.org/essential-concepts-of-sound-that-every-game-developer-would-need/
  2. Hi, After reading several books about game design, I thought some of them are worth mentioning. I summarized them here: http://vandaengine.org/game-development-tips-tricks/ If you have any suggestions, please reply and lets discuss :)  
  3. Hello there, We have published several step by step tutorials about game development: Game Development Tips And Tricks Essential concepts of sound that every game developer would need Converting Stereo MP3 File to Ogg Vorbis Mono File With Audacity Maya And OpenCollada Exporter Tutorials 3ds Max And OpenCollada Exporter Tutorials Blender And Collada Exporter Tutorials How To Remove White Pixels That Appear Around The Visible Blocks Of Your Texture Using batch processing to change the file format of images in Photoshop Hope these tutorials come in handy
  4. Hi there, We have published a series of tutorials about Maya, 3ds Max, Blender and COLLADA exporters:   http://vandaengine.org/tutorials/   As you know, COLLADA is an interchange file format for interactive 3D applications and many game developers use this format to export the scenes to their favorite game engine.  
  5. Vanda Products, Inc have released the Vanda Engine RTI – a new development platform to deliver solutions for specific requirements including urban planning, architecture, designing, planning and game development. Featuring a technology called VScenes, the engine allows anyone to begin building by constructing over many layers or as they call VScenes. Technically, a VScene is a collection of objects, external scenes in COLLADA format, a PhysX XML scene or built in physics elements, rendering effects, extra textures and other such elements that form the blocks of a real time interative scene. Check out more information on how VScene works here. Consider following them on Facebook to be informed about what they’re doing. Check out their gallery to see how Vanda Engine is getting work done. Currently, the RTI Basic version the free 30-days trial of RTI Pro version is available for download. Download page link: http://vandaengine.com/download-vanda-engine/
  6. Vanda Products, Inc released Vanda Engine RTI. It's free for commercial and personal use. Vanda Engine RTI lets you present all kinds of property, from simulating cultural and leisure destinations for promoting tourism to visualizing product design and architectural design for E-learning or marketing. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VandaEngine Download Link: http://vandaengine.com/download-vanda-engine/ An Overview to RTI: http://vandaengine.com/an-overview-to-vanda-engine-rti/ How does Vanda Engine work: http://vandaengine.com/an-overview-to-vanda-engine/ FAQ: http://vandaengine.com/faq/ Tutorials: http://vandaengine.com/tutorials/
  7. Let me briefly explain the functionality of Vanda Engine 1: Well, You are an artist and you have made your animations in 3d applications such as 3ds Max or Maya. COLLADA and PhysX importers of Vanda Engine 1 allow you to convert your scenes made in 3ds Max and Maya to interactive scenes with a few clicks! Export your whole scene including animations, cameras, textures, meshes, etc all together and import it to Vanda and enjoy your interactive scene! In the future, you'll see many of the animations that are converted to interactive scenes with Vanda Engine 1.
  8. I'm pleased to announce that Vanda Engine 1.0.0 Beta is available for download:http://www.vandaengine.com I worked for 2 years to develop this game engine. The idea was that developers should be able to convert their scenes made in 3ds Max and Maya to interactive scenes in a simple way. COLLADA importer of Vanda Engine imports your scenes made in 3ds Max and Maya in a simple way. PhysX importer of Vanda Engine 1 lets you import the PhysX static and dynamic rigid bodies made in 3ds Max and Maya in a simple way. Works in progress: My colleagues are developing the Vanda Engine 1 demo and I’ll publish it for free in COLLADA (dae) format. I’m going to create training videos for Vanda Engine 1, COLLADA, OpenCOLLADA, and NVidia PhysX.  
  9. I'm implementing octrees which will contain a list of triangles. What is a good algorithm to test whether a triangle intersects an axis aligned cube? I've done quite a lot of googling, but every resource skips over this part! In the following image, all the vertices of the triangle lie outside the cube. However, some parts of the triangle lie within the cube. How to solve this case? [img]https://blufiles.storage.live.com/y1p6qTT9PWGj1Nc-TiywtFAZlGZCYCFyPpkKp5bK9aDvF4KvpLXhE0vCY6etFiphq4qun4YBAJVuQo/intersect.JPG?psid=1[/img]
  10. I'm implementing octrees which will contain a list of triangles. What is a good algorithm to test whether a triangle is inside a cube? I've done quite a lot of googling, but every resource skips over this part! EDIT: I moved this topic to the math and physics forum.
  11. [quote]Just hold the blend factor at 0.5 (or whatever ratio you want for the animations).[/quote] Thank you. And what about 3 or more animations?
  12. So if I want to blend 2 animations continually , I should use a blend factor of 1/2 = 0.5? well, [url="http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3456/animation_blending_achieving_.php?page=2"]this page[/url] has explained 3 types of blending. If you're familiar with Cal3D, it has 2 functions called blendCycle() and ClearCycle(). Now I want to implement the same functionality in my game engine. [code] bool CalMixer::blendCycle ( int id, float weight, float delay ) Interpolates the weight of an animation cycle. This function interpolates the weight of an animation cycle to a new value in a given amount of time. If the specified animation cycle is not active yet, it is activated. [/code] So I don't know how to interpolate this animation with other animations. "How to start from weight 0 to the final weight?" Thanks -Ehsan-
  13. Thank you. I guess the previous algorithm explains the cross fade and we can use the following diagram for it: [img]http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20030704/diagram_05.jpg[/img] Am I correct? Now I need to blend multiple animations. For the sake of simplicity, I want to blend animation 2 with animation 1.Here's the diagram: [img]http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20030704/diagram_06.jpg[/img] So what algorithm should I use to get the appropriate result? Regards -Ehsan-
  14. Hi there I have successfully loaded and animated multiple animation clips for a given mesh using COLLADA DOM. Now I want to blend from an animation to another animation. What equation should I use? Are there any useful articles on the internet about this topic? Regards -Ehsan-
  15. Hi there I'm currently one of the developers of Cal3D and Collada DOM projects. Unfortunatelly, Collada format has not a good specification for skeletal animations. Also Cal3D project is old and is no longer active. I need another skeletal animation library that has a good exporter for maya and is powerfull and easy to use. We have searched and found hunmanIK. But it's not free. We need something like HumanIK that is free. Any suggestions? Regards -Ehsan