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  1. sanch3x


    Sorry I mixed up the two parameters, I meant (Md - Pd) % 4 which will give you the same results as adding +4 to negative numbers and leave the positive ones unchanged. [s]Player Monster Pd-Md%4 0 0 0 0 1 3 0 2 2 0 3 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 2 3 1 3 2 2 0 2 2 1 1 2 2 0 2 3 3 3 0 3 3 1 2 3 2 1 3 3 0[/s] Looks like the editor doesn't like me pasting from excel, but the math is good (or am I really that tired? )[s] [/s]
  2. sanch3x


    (Md - Pd) % 4 if you want to avoid the extra check.
  3. sanch3x

    What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    I like the site overall but I find the menu really annoying. Why do I have to click on the arrow to popup the menu let it be just an onHover instead (not only is it more intuitive but you don't have to use javascript to do it. CSS menus FTW).
  4. sanch3x

    Block Building Game-Ideas?

    In most of the building games I can play I like to make forts. I also like to see how my fort can withstand against certain disasters. Most of the time these are waves of monsters or in the Sim City they are actual natural disasters. It would be fun to build creations and put them under different kinds of stress to see how they'd deal with those situation.
  5. [font="Arial"]So I find myself at a standstill. I'm working on a RPG that is extremely influenced by the Dragonquest and Mother series (the latter having a bigger impact on the style). That being said the game borrows a lot of retro or old school game elements to try and invoke nostalgia but I am also trying to move forward and add my own flare to the genre. Some of these game elements were used cleverly to mask limitations of the systems they were designed for which wouldn't be necessary today. I have been doing a lot of googling about the silent protagonist because I'm just not sure if I should have one in my game. For one, most of my favourite RPGs have protagonists that don't utter a word and it has never bothered me, yet it seems to be hated by quite a lot of people (I don't how common it is, maybe it's just a case of the louder complainers getting a better Google index). On the plus side I see people who enjoy it because it makes them feel more attached the to the character while others feel like the character never makes his or her own decisions. That being said, if I'm trying to go for a more retro feel with 16x16 pixel sprites, 16 bit sound effects, and turn based combat would it be appropriate to have the main character be silent or should I scrap the idea entirely because it'll hurt the narrative of my game? So should this little guy talk or what? [/font][font="Arial"][/font]
  6. sanch3x

    Cut that out

    How are you liking the Nexus One? I wanted one but I couldn't justify buying the phone outside of a contract. I ended up with the HTC Legend. I have yet to program anything for it though :) Will you be releasing the level editor with the game? Will I be able to change sprites/textures? God I should probably redownload Glow and finish it again.
  7. sanch3x

    The peasant

    Glad to see this getting along. You're the only journal I check (well I used to check Ravuya's but I think he exploded). I *love* the new sprite! I can't wait to try this out! I'm overly excited about this, maybe it's because I thought you had disappeared too but then you pop out of nowhere with some good progress under your belt :P
  8. sanch3x

    More on transitions

    I want this! :O
  9. sanch3x


    If only I had an iphone! I'm sure to pick this up as I'm planning on getting one once the 4th gen hits the market :)
  10. sanch3x

    Playing in Pro Motion

    That looks fantastic. I can't wait to see how this moves along. I've wanted to make a Zelda-inspired action adventure game but I always lose myself in the scope of the project and end up never finishing it :) How is the nimrod project coming along? I don't peruse this site as often as I used to so I kind of lost track.
  11. sanch3x

    Whats on your desk at work?

    Quote:Original post by Zipster Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ This is on my desk at work. Holy crap I have that same desk at home! It's like they manufactured more than one! They made more than two 'cause I have an identical desk! :/ Edit: Except I only have 2 22" monitors, my coffee mug, scattered papers of various DB schemas and a bunch of toys (powerpuff girls, wall-e, mario)
  12. sanch3x

    GunGirl 2 released!

    I vaguely remember Gun Girl 1 last night and thought I'd download it and play it. But then I remembered that you were working on Gun Girl 2 so I thought "hell I'll DL that instead, it must be out now!" Loe and behold, the release day was today, the day after. What a coincidence :) Unfortunately I can't seem to setup my gamepad. It doesn't detect any of my keys (I double checked my gamepad in another app and it works).
  13. sanch3x

    Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Discussion

    I have to admit I'm pretty bored with it. I'm about 6 hours in and so far the game has had me walking in a straight line. I don't think I ever made a decision on anything. Sure I made a few custom paradigms but it just feels like everything has been dumbed down. I mean they have icons on the mini map telling you everything before it happens, I know I'll have a button to press around the corner and that after this mob fight there will be a cut scene... come on... The only thing really keeping me going is that I like the story.
  14. sanch3x

    Mass Effect 2 - Your thoughts

    Quote:Original post by Antheus (...)This is why I feel that there are simply too many squad members in ME2. It's just a bunch of faces, and forced loyalty missions means you're obliged to split time evenly among all of them. And in ME1 it was also a no-win situation. Without knowing, there was nothing to do when it happened. In ME2 it's just walking around with a checklist. I have to disagree with this. I loved every single character in ME2 where I was actually torn when I had to choose between them. In ME1 I always took the same ones because I thought they were the coolest, but in ME2 I actually role played, I took the characters that made the most sense to the mission. Going on a geth ship? Alright well looks like Tali is coming, I should probably bring Garrus along too since we fought the geth together against Saren and he should know what he's doing.
  15. sanch3x

    Do MP3s degrade over time?

    Make sure to keep your mp3s in a dry environment and out of direct sunlight.
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